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Hatchery Mod 1.12.2, 1.11.2 adds new meaning to chicken farming in Minecraft. Hatchery adds in new Blocks, AI, and Items to aid payers in farming your own chickens. New blocks include a nest for hatching new born chicks, Nesting pens to harbor adult chickens to produce more eggs at a quicker rate. New Mating AI no longer creates a new chicken but rather a Chicken egg that has to be hatch. Different items allow you to customize your egg hatching to increase change the egg hatches, as well as increasing the speed of hatching.

Hatchery Mod


  • RF Power Generation with Methane Digester Engine.
  • Fertilizer Mixer block.
  • New Chicken Mating AI.
  • Roosters.
  • Nest for Hatching Eggs.
  • Chickens Mod Support.
  • Waila Support.
  • JEI Support .
  • Animal Net (Used to capture animal mobs).
  • Fertilized Dirt & Fertilized Farmland (Use hoe to till the soil).
  • Chicken Feeder (Increase baby chicken growth rate. And Chicken Drop rate free range).
  • Nesting pens collect chicken drops.
  • Nesting Pens will auto breed/Drop Eggs with adjacent pens on (N,S,E,W) sides.
  • Sprayer (Used to spray liquid fertilizer to convert large farmland to fertilized farmland).
  • Liquid Fertilizer.
  • Inventory Support for other mods.
  • Lucky Eggs, and Lucky Egg Machine.

Screenshots and Crafting Recipes:

Egg Nest

Hatchery Mod 1

  • Egg Nest are used to hatch eggs dropped from chickens.
  • Currently its a 100% chance to spawn chicken. But to add more realism there will be a survival chance that can be modified to increase it or speed.

Hatchery Mod 2

  • Adding a redstone lamp acts as a heat lamp above the eggs. It will currently increase the speed of the egg hatching
  • Standing on the nest will allow eggs to hatch faster.

Nesting Pen

Hatchery Mod 3

  • Nesting pen will hold chickens that can hold inventory of drops.
  • Drops feathers, manure & every so often Hatchery Eggs based of the parent.
  • Items can be piped/hoppered out of.
  • They will also capture drops from the chickens now.
  • Nesting Pens look in (N,W,S,E) for other pens, and will breed with chickens dropping eggs 100% of the time every 7 mins.

Hatchery Mod Crafting Recipes 1

Chicken Feeder

Hatchery Mod Screenshots 1

  • Fill the feeder with seeds
  • Feeder has a visual representation on when its full.
  • The Feeder will increase the growth rate of baby chickens in a 4×4 block radius
  • The Feeder also increases slightly the drop rate of chickens
  • Feeders have inventory support and will accept inputs.
  • Feeders will eventually have a visual support for the amount of seeds inside the feeder.

Fertilized Soil

  • Fertilized Dirt.
  • Fertilized Farmland.
  • Cause random bonemeal updates.. increases growth time of crops and trees.

Hatchery Mod Crafting Recipes 2

Nursery Monitor

  • Used to sort babys from adults.
  • Can be used to go from an egg pen > baby pen > adult > your mouth.
  • One side has an Egg icon for Baby, other side is a feather for adult.

Adult Side:

Hatchery Mod Screenshots 2

Baby Side:

Hatchery Mod Screenshots 3

Hatchery Mod Crafting Recipes 3

Liquid Fertilizer

  • Combine a block of Manure with a bucket of water for liquid fertilizer.

Methane Digester Generator

  • Turns Liquid Fertilizer into RF. Buckets do not work yet. only pipes from other mods.
  • Methane Digester is the only block that currently has upgrades to increase the ticks per seconds.

Fertilizer Mixer

  • Add manure & Water ,and out comes Liquid Fertilizer. Buckets do work in the GUI but are currently buggy.
  • Mixer doesn’t need power to mix, but works very slow with out power.


  • Dropping feathers in or on this machine will shred the feathers into feather meal and feather fibers.
  • This block will eventually have (CraftTweaker/MineTweaker) support.

Lucky Egg Machine

  • Feeding the lucky egg machine plastic and eggs, than supplying it power will produce lucky eggs.
  • This new machine is likely to change slightly into a coin operated machine.. feeding it gold nuggets/ coins…
  • Lucky Eggs will give your prizes when you open them. (right clicking)

Hatchery Egg

  • Hatchery eggs are dropped from chickens when they are mated. No longer will mating give you an instance chicken.
  • Option in config.

Hatchery Mod Screenshots 4

Chicken Manure

  • Acts like bonemeal.
  • dropped by chickens in the nesting pen.
  • Used to craft Fertilized dirt.
  • Possibly use to make liquid fertilizer to turn dirt/farmland into fertilized dirt.

Hatchery Mod Crafting Recipes 5

Animal Net

  • Lets you grab passive mobs to move them to a new area.
  • Animal Nets are needed to add chickens into the nesting pens.
  • Now stack-able up to 16 when empty.

Hatchery Mod Crafting Recipes 6

Fertilizer Sprayer

  • Fill sprayer from a liquid tank, or fertilizer liquid placed in world, or new crafting recipe.
  • Sprayer will convert dirt/farmland to fertilized dirt/farmland.
  • Sprayer also will give bonemeal effects to plants (Works with Mystical Agriculture).

Hatchery Mod Crafting Recipes 7

Refill Recipe

Hatchery Mod Crafting Recipes 8


Minecraft Forge

Chickens Mod (Optional)

How to install:

    How To Download & Install Mods with Minecraft Forge
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Hatchery Mod 1.12.2, 1.11.2 Download Links

For Minecraft 1.10.2

Download from Server 1Download from Server 2

For Minecraft 1.11.2

Download from Server 1Download from Server 2

For Minecraft 1.12.2

Download from Server 1Download from Server 2

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