About Hawkeye Mod:

This mod adds a new bow and 8 different arrow types into the game

The eight new arrows are these:

  • Explosive Arrows
  • Fire Arrows
  • Thor’s Arrow
  • Spreadshot Arrows
  • Ender Arrows
  • Web Arrows
  • Torch Arrows
  • Mining Arrows

Hawkeye Mod Screenshots:

Hawkeye Mod Video:

Hawkeye Mod Recipes:

Throwing Knife:

X X = Cobblestone
S S = Stick

Their Effects:

  • Explode upon contact with your target
  • Set fire to your target or a 3×3 area on the ground
  • Summon Thor’s Lightning from the sky upon your target
  • Breaks into 5 arrows mid-shot to damage a large range of enemies
  • Instantly teleports you to your target
  • Slow your enemy or trips them up with cobwebs
  • Places a torch your surroundings wherever you shoot it
  • Mines a 3x3x3 area instantly
  • Always lands a critical, no matter your situation
  • Can throw for major damage, or attack like a sword for minimal

This mod is NOT multiplayer-compatible. Play cautiously with friends.

How to install:

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Hawkeye Mod Download Links

For Minecraft 1.6.4

For Minecraft 1.6.2

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