Inspired by various similar projects, Herobrine Awakens Mod (1.19.2, 1.18.2) adds a powerful new boss into the game. This version of Herobrine is perfect for those who prefer a more vanilla-like experience without the need to bother with complicated summoning mechanics and such. A mysterious observer is stalking you from the distance. Challenge it, if you dare.


  • The mod adds a new boss mob called Herobrine who restlessly intrudes into personal space of randomly chosen players. Rumor has it that he is allied with illagers to boot. Herobrine is completely neutral initially, but can be engaged in combat. Keep in mind though, that every action has consequences…
  • Only one Herobrine can exist in each world and will not come back once defeated without certain actions or use of commands. However, you should prepare for a really bad time as he will not go down in a fight that easily and is capable of escaping when things get unfavorable. Moreover, Herobrine grows angrier and upgrades his equipment every time he loses a battle.
  • Several new advancements are added to track your progress in the mod. Defeating Herobrine for good rewards the victor with a new consumable item that grants massive boost to health as long as the user remains alive. However, whether to fight Herobrine or to cooperate with him is up to you. Offering particularly rare items using Altars he sometimes builds may earn his favor, providing smaller, but more consistent benefits.

Challenge Him:

  • Herobrine is a fast and strong boss capable of teleportation. He is difficult to defeat alone without high-tier gear and consumables. His behavior can be divided into two stages: Observation and Combat. Herobrine becomes more challenging every time you win a battle against him, gaining better equipment and new abilities.
  • During Observation stage Herobrine teleports to a random player and warps away if either the players are too close or too far or enough time passes. This behavior changes once you sufficiently aggravate him. Be careful as provoking Herobrine too much will eventually make him curse all players.
  • Combat stage begins once Herobrine is provoked. The easiest way to do so is to attack him. Breaking an Altar without Silk Touch also counts as a provocation. Herobrine is initially unarmed and fights using bare fists. He is capable of dodging incoming attacks through teleportation. Inflicting wounds adds new moves to the list such as summoning reinforcements, placing TNT (can be disabled through “mobGriefing” game rule) and more. Herobrine will escape every time he takes enough damage (around 1/3 of his health). Keep in mind that he will instantly restore all health lost in last battle if you fail to make him escape. He also slowly regenerates health when away from players.
  • Defeating Herobrine for good rewards the victor with powerful consumable item that increases player health by 20. The buff stays until the player dies, in which case the item reappears and can be picked up once again.

Or Earn His Favor:

  • Herobrine may occasionally build Altars once he is done observing a player. Disturbing him or running away cancels the action. Said Altars can be used to make offerings to Herobrine. However, he is not interested in mere diamonds and other such resources. What Herobrine seeks are unique treasure items that can be found throughout the world. Uncommon items such as Heart of the Sea increase reputation by 2, rare items such as Music Disc increase reputation by 5, epic items such as Enchanted Golden Apple increase reputation by 10. The rarity of item is represented by the color of its name. Golden Apple, Enchanted Golden Apple and new soul items heal Herobrine (by 5%/20%/50% of max health depending on rarity). Because Golden Apple can be crafted easily, it counts as an uncommon offering instead of a rare one. Reputation initially starts at 0 and can go between -30 and 30. The value is shared by all players in the world and affects Herobrine behavior. Certain reputation changes are announced through chat. For example, “you feel alarmed” message means that reputation went below 0.
  • Once reputation reaches the highest value, Herobrine will begin bringing gifts such as Iron Ingots, Emeralds and Diamonds. Move close to Herobrine to claim the gift. However, Herobrine becomes increasingly more hostile as reputation decreases and forcing him to flee drains all positive reputation in one go. At -15 or lower reputation Herobrine starts attacking players who stay near him for too long or get too close. At -30 rep running away is no longer an option either. Once reputation reaches the the lowest value, Herobrine will also curse all players in the world. Hostile illagers spawn around players while the curse is active. Making an offering lifts the curse.

New Content to Discover:

  • New block – Altar: Altars are occasionally placed by Herobrine on even terrain. They can be used to make offerings. Breaking an Altar requires Diamond Pickaxe or better. In addition, the block itself drops only if the tool is enchanted with Silk Touch (Obsidian and Red Wool blocks are dropped otherwise). Altar self-destructs if an offering would increase reputation to the maximum without healing Herobrine, revealing a hidden Obsidian Dagger enchanted with Soul Rend. Herobrine will not build a new Altar if one already exists inside a 7×7 chunk square centered on his position or if said square is heavily populated (contains many block entities such as chests and furnaces).
  • New enchantment – Soul Rend: Soul Rend is a unique enchantment. It is not available by normal means and can only be found on Obsidian Daggers hidden inside Altars. Kill any mob with 10-150 max health for a chance to extract its soul. The chance is the same as for Rabbit Foot drop and can be increased with Looting. Killing a mob with more than 150 health is guaranteed to extract a special soul instead.
  • New enchantment: Storm Calling: Storm Calling is a unique enchantment. It is not available by normal means and can only be found on Herobrine’s prized Obsidian Sword. Use right click on a solid block to strike lightning on top of it at the cost of 50 durability. This can only be done in rainy weather and only on blocks that can see the sky.
  • New effect: Punishing Curse: Punishing Curse is automatically applied to all players once their reputation with Herobrine reaches the lowest value. This effect causes hostile illagers to spawn around players as long as spawning conditions are met (difficulty, game mode and “doMobSpawning” game rule). Making an offering removes the effect after a brief delay.
  • New weapon: Obsidian Dagger: Obsidian Dagger is an uncraftable weapon. It has low durability and damage, but is the only source of Soul Rend enchantment. It can be found by interacting with Altars. In addition, Obsidian Dagger can be used to craft a new Altar when combined with some Obsidian, Red Wool and Redstone.
  • New weapon: Obsidian Sword: Obsidian Sword is an uncraftable weapon. It has the same damage as Diamond Sword, but better durability. This sword enchanted with Storm Calling is a special weapon of Herobrine and he will not use it unless you offer him something truly blasphemous. Win a battle against Herobrine to claim it.
  • New item: Crystallized Soul: This soul can occasionally be extracted from mobs with 10-150 max health using a weapon enchanted with Soul Rend. It can be used to craft Flask of Souls and in place of Soul Sand and Soul Soil. It can also be offered on Altar as an uncommon item.
  • New item: Warped Soul: This special soul can be extracted from mobs with more than 150 max health using a weapon enchanted with Soul Rend. It can be used to craft Flask of Souls and in place of Soul Sand and Soul Soil. It can also be offered on Altar as an epic item. In addition, Warped Soul is powerful enough to revive Herobrine.
  • New potion item: Flask of Souls: This is your main reward for allying with Herobrine. Flask of Souls is a special reusable potion that restores 5 hearts of health over 3 seconds. Unlike regular potions, it is crafted from Glass Bottle and 3 Crystallized Souls (similarly to Honey Bottle). Adding additional Crystallized Souls fills the bottle further, allowing the latter to store up to 3 charges. Warped Soul can also be combined with empty Glass Bottle to craft a full Flask of Souls without extra steps. This potion only exists in regular bottle form (splash and lingering versions as well as tipped arrows are not obtainable).
  • New food item: Herobrine’s Heart: This is your main reward for defeating Herobrine. Consume it to gain +20 health. The item is dropped on death even after being consumed. Make sure to pick it up in time to regain the buff!
  • New advancement tab: There are 17 brand new advancements of various types that will guide you through the mod (including two hidden challenges). Can you get them all?



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For Minecraft 1.19.2

Forge version: Download from Server 1Download from Server 2

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