JoJo’s Bizarre Survival Mod (1.15.2) is based on the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure manga and anime series by Hirohiko Araki (荒木 飛呂彦). This mod is also heavily inspired by Steve’s Bizarre Survival Mod. This mod aims to add as much from the franchise as possible to Minecraft, the mod is currently only comprised of Stand abilities. There are currently 26 different Stands in the mod if you don’t count acts as different Stands (31 if you do).


King Crimson

  • Abilities
  • King Crimson has the ability to “skip 10 seconds of time”. This can make entities’ actions meaningless and allow for King Crimson to perform surprise attacks and ambushes.
  • Time skip
  • Creates an afterimage of the user with all of the user’s equipment and even it’s name while making King Crimson’s user invisible. The afterimage will avoid all hostile mobs and players, all mobs that were previously targeting King Crimson’s user will attack the afterimage instead. At the end of the time skip the afterimage will disappear and the user will reappear, allowing for a surprise attack.
  • Punches
  • As in the show, King Crimson’s punches are devastating, dealing massive damage to anyone who dares oppose them.


  • Dodging
  • Epitaph when used makes it’s user automatically dodge oncoming attacks and teleport behind entities that attack him. If you’ve played Dragon Ball FighterZ, this effect is a lot like Ultra Instinct Goku’s 6H.

D4C – Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

  • Abilities
  • Dimension hop
  • Brings D4C’s user into a parallel world that mirrors the dimension it’s used in. This ability can also send entities and players within 2 blocks of D4C into these “alternate worlds”. To use this ability D4C’s user must be between two blocks.
  • D4C’s punches are potent, but nowhere near some of the other Stands in the mod, just like in the manga.

Gold Experience

  • Abilities
  • Life giver
  • Gold Experience possesses the ability to give life to non-living objects, this ability allows the user to turn blocks into creatures and heal entities by making new body parts for them. When a living creature is hit by Gold Experience, their consciousness goes berserk making their mind go faster then their body, ingame this is portrayed with a variety of negative effects.
  • Gold Experience’s punches are fairly strong given their life giver ability, but lack in actual destructive power portrayed with a C rating in the anime.

Made in Heaven

  • Abilities
  • Time acceleration
  • Made in Heaven possesses the ability to accelerate the passage of time for non living creatures making days go by in an instant. Made in Heaven’s user is able to harness this ability for themselves and travel and ludicrous speeds that may look like teleportation to normal entities.
    Singularity point
  • After 4 minutes of using Made in Heaven’s ability you will arrive at the singularity point, resetting the universe as we know it. This ability “resets” the world to how it was when it was first created and destroys every player’s items.
  • Switch
  • Made in Heaven users can freely switch to Whitesnake and and C-Moon depending on their needs, use the Stand that’s best for the job!
  • Punches
  • Made in Heaven’s possesses punches faster than those of any other Stand, allowing it easily destroy any and all that get in it’s way.

Gold Experience Requiem

  • Abilities
  • Gold Experience Requiem is undoubtedly the strongest Stand boasting some of the strongest abilities ever seen in a Stand.
    Return to zero
  • Gold Experience Requiem’s ultimate ability is to revert any and all actions back to zero, preventing them from becoming “real”. Ingame this manifests in many forms, most notably:
  • Reverting the damage of attacks to 0.
    Reverting the user’s position to 0 if they fall into the void.
    Nullifying all potion effects the user gets, even positive ones.
    Allowing the user to be immune to the effects of many Stands abilities, in some cases reflecting them at the Stand’s user.
  • Death loop
  • A part of “return to zero”, prevents GER’s enemies from reaching the truth behind their death, portrayed ingame by having Creepers spawned infinitely on any player that dares attack GER or it’s user.
  • GER’s punches are the strongest in the mod, being the only attack that can kill Sheer Heart Attack, they can even break bedrock!


  • Abilities
  • Aerosmith is a fast, remote controlled Stand of minuscule power.
  • Remote control
  • Upon Aerosmith being summoned the camera will start following him. Normal movement controls apply to this mode.
  • Carbon dioxide radar
  • Aerosmith possess a radar that can detect the presence of carbon dioxide (CO2). This allows him to track entities that breath, undead entities do not breath.
  • Bomb
  • Aerosmith can shoot a block of primed TNT towards his target. The explosion is unaltered from a regular TNT explosion. This ability has a small cooldown.
  • Bullets
  • Aerosmith’s bullets deal minuscule damage, but they can set objects on fire and instantly detonate TNT.

Weather Report

  • Abilities
  • Weather Report is a mid-ranged, ability focused Stand relying on accumulating damage rather than strong attacks.
    Weather manipulation
  • Weather Report is able to manipulate weather around itself. This ability is instantaneous and can switch between the 3 weather options in Minecraft.
  • Oxygen poisoning
  • Weather Report is able to utilize the deadliest poison in proximity to every creature, oxygen. Oxygen poisoning applies the Oxygen poisoning effect to entities. The effect is applied to all entities within 10 blocks of Weather Report, but is more potent from a direct hit.
  • Heavy weather
  • Yet to be added, will most likely turn mobs into bees.
  • Punches
  • Weather Report’s punches aren’t very damaging, but they apply a high level of the Oxygen poisoning effect to the entity that it hits.
  • Oxygen poisoning
  • The Oxygen poisoning effect can quickly kill even the strongest of entities, it has 3 effects on entities,
  • It decreases their movement speed, much like slowness.
  • It impedes their vision, like the Crimson effect.
  • It damages them. Oxygen poisoning’s damage depends on a couple of factors, the exact formula can be found below, (entityLivingBaseIn.getMaxHealth() / entityLivingBaseIn.getHealth() – 0.4f) * (amplifier / 5.0f)

Killer Queen

  • Abilities
  • Killer Queen is a fairly slow, ability focused Stand with little punching power.
  • First bomb
  • Killer Queen’s first bomb allows it to make entities “explode”, the entity must first be touched by Killer Queen for this ability to work. For balancing reasons, it does not instantly kill players, but severely damages them.
  • Second bomb – Sheer Heart Attack
  • Sheer Heart Attack acts as a “second stand” for Killer Queen. It follows Killer Queen’s current target mercilessly until it kills them. Sheer Heart Attack is indestructible and cannot be called by normal means, it’s explosion is 3 times bigger than that of a Creeper, increasing to 100 times as strong if it’s struck by lightning. It’s explosion is enough to kill a player with diamond armor, with protection IV and a shield. In my opinion, it’s Killer Queen’s strongest bomb.
  • Third bomb – Bites the Dust
  • Not implemented yet, will most likely rewind time one day and teleport the user to their bed.
  • Punches
  • Killer Queen’s punches are laughably week, their only real purpose is to turn entities into “bombs”.

Crazy Diamond

  • Abilities
  • Crazy Diamond is a close range power type Stand, excelling in close range, but lacking in ranged attacks.
  • Restoration
  • Crazy Diamond garners the unique ability to restore objects to a previous state. This ability allows him to heal entities and restore broken blocks. This ability has a chance to fail and restore things incorrectly.
  • Punches
  • Crazy Diamond’s punches are very strong, rivaling those of Star Platinum. In the anime this is portrayed with an A rank.

Purple Haze

  • Abilities
  • Purple Haze is very powerful Stand, capable of killing most creatures with ease.
  • Killer virus
  • Purple Haze possesses capsules containing a killer virus on it’s fists. This virus rapidly destroys any living creature it comes in contact with and easily spreads. Even it’s user isn’t immune to the virus.
  • Punches
  • Purple Haze’s punches are a force to be reckoned with. Odds are, if you’re hit, you’re dead.
  • Effects
  • Haze effect
  • The Haze effect damages entities rapidly, killing most entities in a few seconds. The exact formula it uses for damage is (entityLivingBaseIn.getMaxHealth() / entityLivingBaseIn.getHealth()) * 1.25f.

The Emperor

  • Abilities
  • The Emperor is a mid-range, high power Stand that can kill most entities in one hit.
  • The Emperor is simply a gun, it shoots bullets. The bullets deal massive damage to entities, killing Iron Golems in one hit. The Emperor’s bullets are blazing fast, instantly reaching most targets.


  • Abilities
  • Whitesnake is a mid to high range Stand with average power and a strong abilty.
  • Disc creation
  • Whitesnake possesses the ability to take a “disc” from a person’s mind. This “disc” contains their Stand ability. This ability is only effective if the target has half of it’s max health.
  • Punches
  • Whitesnake’s punches are very average, they’re good at destroying blocks, but they’re nothing compared to those of stronger Stands.


  • Abilities
  • C-Moon is a fast, high power Stand with unique abilities.
  • Gravity manipulation
  • C-Moon possesses the ability to manipulate gravity for himself and others. This allows him to fly and flip entities upside down.
  • Time acceleration
  • C-Moon possesses an early form of Made in Heaven’s time acceleration, this effect happens rarely when C-Moon punches.
  • Switch
  • C-Moon users can switch to using Whitesnake.
  • Punches
  • C-Moon’s punches are very strong, boasting above average speed and power they can easily take care of most mobs.

The World

  • Abilities
  • The World is a high power, low range Stand that excels at punching and has one of the strongest abilities of any Stand.
  • Time Stopping
  • The World possesses the ability to stop the passage of time for all except it’s user, freezing everything in place for up to 11 seconds.
  • Punches
  • The World’s punches are some of the strongest of any Stand, with their high speed and power they can kill most mobs in a few hits.

Star Platinum

  • Abilities
  • Star Platinum is a very high power, low range Stand with some of the strongest punches and abilities of any Stand.
  • Time Stopping
  • Star Platinum possesses the ability to stop the passage of time for all except it’s user, like The World, unlike The World, Star Platinum can only stop time for a maximum of 5 seconds.
  • Punches
  • Star Platinum’s punches are very strong, rivaling those of The World, their speed and power is enough to kill most entities with ease.

Silver Chariot

  • Abilities
  • Silver Chariot is a high power, high speed overall powerful Stand that excels at close range combat.
  • Armor ON/OFF
  • Silver Chariot possesses the ability to take off it’s armor, lowering it’s defense but also doubling it’s speed.
  • Sword
  • Silver Chariot’s sword deals formidable damage and knockback, and can kill even the toughest of mobs in a few swings, when Silver Chariot takes off it’s armor it’s sword’s range is increased considerably.

Magician’s Red

  • Abilities
  • Magician’s Red is a powerful Stand that excels in mid-range combat.
  • Crossfire Hurricane
  • Magician’s Red possesses the ability to create a very hot flame called the Crossfire Hurricane, this flame is tinted purple unlike his other flames and explodes on impact of a hard surface.
  • Flames
  • Magician’s Red’s normal flames, his Crossfire Hurricane Special, these flames are an orange-red color unlike the Crossfire Hurricane, they don’t explode on impact but they light anything they touch on fire.

The Hand

  • Abilities
  • The Hand is a slightly slow, very high power Stand that has the potential to destroy anything in the right hands.
  • Scrape
  • The Hand possess the ability to scrape anything away from existence, this ability is active in it’s right hand and is very versatile.
  • Scrape pull
  • The Hand can utilize it’s scraping ability to scrape away the space between itself and an entity, pulling it towards him.
  • Scrape teleport
  • The Hand can also use it’s scraping to scrape away space in front of it’s master, teleporting him forwards.
  • Punches
  • The Hand’s punches are either the strongest, or the weakest punches in-game depending on what hand The Hand uses, 50% of the time it’s his left and the other 50% it’s his right. The Hand’s punches are remarkably strong, but are very slow and easy to dodge, thus they are usually paired with scrape pull.

Hierophant Green

  • Abilities
  • Hierophant Green is a mid to close range Stand of above average power and speed, very effective against lower range Stands.
  • Possession
  • Hierophant possesses the ability to possess any entity and take control of it’s body, this ability even works on other players! Beware that entities are not prevented from moving themselves during possession, so you will be in a constant struggle with the entity while using this ability.
  • Emerald splash
  • The Emerald splash is Hierophant’s version of a rush attack, it’s a fast, mid-range attack that deals above average damage, in-game it even renders as an emerald!
  • Tail whip
  • Hierophant’s primary attack is it’s “tail” (it’s more of a tentacle but whatever), it’s a very high range attack with average damage, it’s also the way Hierophant attaches itself to entities to possess them.

Green Day

  • Abilities
  • Green Day is a long range ability focused Stand that can quickly demolish entities if not dealt with.
  • Mold infestation
  • Green Day’s main ability is to spread mold on descending entities, eating away at their flesh and damaging them. This ability has a very high range and does not have a time limit.
  • Punches
  • Green Day’s punches are very weak, another Stand user would barely be fazed if they were hit by them. Use them sparingly and only in desperate situations.

Twentieth Century Boy

  • Abilities
  • Twentieth Century Boy is a purely defensive Stand. It cannot punch, it can only absorb blows.
  • Absolute defense
  • Makes Twentieth Century Boy and it’s user invulnerable to all damage. Physical, burning, magic, all of it is nullified at the hands of Twentieth Century Boy. Entities or players that dare attack it’s user during this time will receive damage and knockback.

The Grateful Dead

  • Abilities
  • The Grateful Dead is a Stand that relies more on it’s strong ability rather than it’s physical strength. It can deal with mobs quickly and speed up mundane tasks.
  • The Grateful Dead possesses the ability to age entities at a rapid rate, slowing down their movement and attack speed, making their attacks weaker, reducing their follow range, etc. This ability can also make crops grow much faster.

Sticky Fingers

  • Abilities
  • Sticky Fingers is an all around great Stand. It has great abilities and physical strength, it’s one of the few Stands that is effective against a fellow Stand user.
  • Ground swim
  • Sticky Fingers places zippers on the ground rapidly, allowing it’s user to effectively “swim” through the ground. This ability lasts for 20 seconds and ejects the user out of the ground at a high speed when disabled.
  • Wall zip
  • Sticky Fingers places a zipper on a wall in front of it’s user and goes through it, effectively phasing through the wall.
  • Entity zip
  • Puts a zipper on an entity and hides inside of it. Sticky Fingers has no control over the entities movements, it can only hide inside of it.
  • Zip punch
  • Sticky Fingers unzips it’s arm and punches with it, dealing massive damage while still having amazing velocity and range.
  • Punches
  • Sticky Fingers’ standard punches are very above average, dealing massive damage to all entities.


Tusk is a Stand that undergoes evolution through time, becoming stronger and stronger, eventually becoming one of the strongest Stands in the mod.

Tusk Act 1

  • Abilities
  • Tusk Act 1 is a fairly simple Stand, it’s damage is above average but everything else it has is below average.
    Nail bullets
  • Tusk spins it’s user’s nails and fires them out like a bullet. This attack can be charged to deal a massive 15 damage.

Tusk Act 2

  • Abilities
  • Tusk Act 2 is a more refined version of Act 1, possessing a new ability and a higher damage output.
    Homing nails
  • Tusk Act 2’s nail bullets now home in on their target, they can also be charged further to a maximum of 26 damage, that’s more than double the damage of a Sharpness V diamond axe.

Tusk Act 3

  • Abilities
  • Tusk Act 3 is a more ability oriented version of it’s predecessors, it’s damage is lower, but it can be used more effectively thanks to it’s new ability.
  • Ground spin
  • Tusk shoots a nail bullet at the ground below itself, sucking it and it’s user into the rotation, effectively going into the ground.
  • Nail bullets
  • Tusk Act 3’s nail bullets are weaker than those of Act 2, dealing a maximum of only 15 damage.

Tusk Act 4

  • Abilities
  • Tusk Act 4 is widely regarded as one of the strongest Stands of all, this is because it’s damage output is infinite.
  • Infinite rotation
  • Using the power of a horse Tusk Act 4 can achieve an infinite rotational force in it’s nail bullets, making them deal up to 55 damage and rotating the entities it hits infinitely. These bonuses are only applied when Tusk’s user is riding a horse though.
  • Punches
  • At act 4 Tusk has grown enough to be able to throw punches, these punches are devastating and also apply the infinite rotation to entities.


Echoes is another evolutional Stand, it’s upgrades are less powerful than Tusk’s, but are still worth getting.

Echoes Act 1

  • Abilities
  • Echoes Act 1 is an ability focused Stand that focuses more on status effects than burst damage.
    Sound generation
  • Echoes is able to place sounds on entities, making sounds repeat in their ears damaging them over time. Hitting an entity multiple times will strengthen the effect of the sounds and make them deal more damage.

Echoes Act 2

  • Abilities
  • Echoes Act 2 is simply a stronger version of Act 1 with more creative abilities. Unlike in Tusk, this upgrade has no drawbacks.
  • Sound effect
  • Echoes is able to generate a sound effect and place it on the ground, entities that touch this sound effect will be effected in one of 4 ways:
  • Explode: Creates an explosion at the sound effect,
  • Sizzle: Burns the entity,
  • Bouncy: Bounces the entity up into the air, and
  • Void: Deals 5 hearts of void damage to the entity.

Echoes Act 3

  • Abilities
  • Echoes Act 3 is a less creative, but overall stronger Stand than it’s predecessors. It excels at mid ranges and can defeat even the strongest of Stands.
  • Three Freeze
  • Act 3 hits an entity, effecting it with Three Freeze. Entities under the effect of Three Freeze will become heavier and be pulled to the ground by gravity. This effect is stronger the closer you are to the entity under the effect.

Beach Boy

  • Abilities
  • Beach Boy is a mid to high range, damaging Stand that is also useful outside of combat that acts as a fishing rod.
  • Hook and Line
  • Beach Boy is able to act like a fishing rod, in game it has 3 modes:
  • Fishing rod: Acts as a normal fishing rod enchanted with Lure V and Luck of the Sea V, can also fish in lava and End portals.
  • Damage: Damages entities on reel, deals 5 hearts of damage on reel.
  • Homing: Homes in on targets and deals damage upon reel, damage is lower than Damage mode at only 2.5 hearts.



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