Lost Eclipse Mod 1.11.2 is an immersive, challenging adventure mod focused on bringing a unique adventure into Minecraft, accompanied with many unique and new features. Professionally built from the ground up, Lost Eclipse will add tons of content for you to explore, such as: challenging monsters and bosses, tons of amazing loot, powerful and unique weapons, a complex structure/dungeon generating system, new game mechanics such as character leveling and mana, and many more unique features. Lost Eclipse is more than just a bunch of content packaged together like most adventure mods – it is filled with quality and meaningful content, creating one of the most immersive adventure mods ever created.

Lost Eclipse Mod


  • Gameplay Mechanics – Lost Eclipse adds in several new gameplay mechanics that provide more depth to the mod. As of right now, Lost Eclipse has implemented a mana system in which is used by magical items and weapons. For instance, staffs require mana to use. There is also an item rarity system in which gives each item in Lost Eclipse a certain rarity. The higher the rarity, the more valuable and powerful the specific item is. Keep a look out for some epic loot! A character leveling system and skill tree is also being developed, in which can be used to make your character more powerful along with being able to buy certain skills to improve certain aspects of the mod and Minecraft.
  • Weapons and Armor – Lost Eclipse adds in many new weapons, along with different types of unique weaponry. Mainly, Lost Eclipse adds in different kinds of melee weapons: daggers and maces. Daggers swing faster, have more durability, but don’t deal as much damage as swords or maces. Maces on the other hand swing slower, have a lower durability, but deal great amounts of damage. All weapons in Lost Eclipse inherit the Levels leveling system, allowing you to level up your weapons gaining unique abilities.
  • Structure Generation – Another key feature in Lost Eclipse is exploration and loot. Structures will spawn throughout the Overworld, Nether, and End, possibly giving you the chance of gaining some unique loot. Structures will also have different “rarities”, essentially meaning rarer structures will typically spawn better loot than more common structures.
  • Dungeons – Dungeons will spawn randomly underground. However, these aren’t like ordinary dungeons. Lost Eclipse adds in a unique, procedurally generated dungeon system that can potentially produce massive underground dungeons. Dungeons are completely randomized with different rooms and hallways, so all dungeons will be completely unique. Dungeon rooms also have different “rarities”, meaning rarer rooms will typically spawn better loot, just like Structures.
  • Monsters and Bosses – Lost Eclipse will add in many new challenging monsters in which you will have to defeat in different situations. Monsters are meant to be very difficult and will also come with the Levels enemy leveling system. Monsters will also drop different types of loot, meaning rarer and more difficult monsters have the chance at dropping more epic loot.
  • Unique Weaponry – Outside of traditional melee weapons, Lost Eclipse will add in many new forms of weaponry. One of the more notable types of weapons are Staffs, which are mana using ranged weapons.
  • Jewelry – Lost Eclipse uses Baubles in order to have many different kinds of wearables. Jewelry will typically have many different kinds of bonuses, such as increasing the max health or giving you damage boosts.



Lost Eclipse Mod 1

Procedural Dungeon

Lost Eclipse Mod 2


Lost Eclipse Mod 3

Blocks and Ores

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Items and Weapons

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Lost Eclipse Mod 1.11.2 Download Links

For Minecraft 1.11.2

(Lost Eclipse is only in a pre-alpha stage – these builds are meant for testing purposes only. If you are interested in testing out the mod and providing feedback about it, go for it! Just note: the game might crash unexpectedly and many textures are still missing.)

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