Minecraft 1.20.5 Snapshot 24w06a adds the Wind Charge for Minecraft 1.21. This new item is a projectile attack item dropped by The Breeze. You’ll get 4-6 of them after defeating a Breeze in the Trail chamber. Just as the name suggests, the wind charge item will function similarly to Breeze’s wind charge attack. It’s a projectile you can fire by right-clicking. Once it collides with something, the wind charge will emit a small area of effect that will knock back entities. The player using the wind charge will be granted 10% higher knockback than the Breeze’s, but it the affected area is far smaller. The wind charge weapon will also deal a little bit of damage on directly colliding with an entity. This item will get used up, so you will need to continue hunting Breezes if you want more of them. Unfortunately, you cannot constantly use the wind charge, since it has half a second cooldown. This will impact every wind charge item in your inventory.


Wind Charge:

  • Become the Breeze! Using a Wind Charge will fire off a wind charge projectile similar to the Breeze’s
  • A Wind Charge fired by a player will grant 10% more knockback than a Breeze’s, but have a much smaller area of impact
  • Just like the projectile fired by the Breeze, Wind Charges fired by the player also deal damage if they hit an entity directly
  • The Breeze drops between 4-6 Wind Charges when killed
  • There is a half-second cooldown after each use
  • Wind Charges can be fired from a dispenser
  • Players that launch themselves with a wind charge only accumulate fall damage below the y-level of where they collided with the wind burst

Other Features:

  • The vault’s texture got tweaked a bit so it’s more easily distinguishable from the trial spawner.
  • Armadillo now looks different when rolled up, as it will hide its head and feet in its shell. Moreover, when it’s damaged, armadillo will not panic but roll up for longer amount of time than if it just got spooked.
  • Tamed wolves now have 20 hearts instead of 10. They also won’t take half a heart of damage from many environmental sources. Feeding your wolf will replenish twice as many health points than before.


How to install:

Minecraft 1.20.5 Snapshot 24w06a Download Links

Client: Download from Server 1

Server: Download from Server 1

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