On this February 14th, Minecraft 1.21, 1.20.5 Snapshot 24w07a is now available in your launcher. It includes bug fixes and introduces a new skeleton variant as an experimental feature in version 1.21.

It’s officially Valentine’s Day, and love is in the arrow. Minecraft, however, has decided that “love” really translates to “poison” in the language of the Villagers. Mojang Studios has dropped a surprise bombshell on the Minecraft community today with the announcement of a brand-new hostile mob coming to everyone’s favorite survival-crafting game in the future Minecraft 1.21 content update.


  • Say hello to the Bogged, a new moss-encrusted variant of the iconic Skeleton announced on Minecraft.net. Yes, it still fires arrows, but these projectiles are tipped in a deadly poison that is insistent on prematurely ending your Minecraft runs. The Bogged will be coming to Minecraft in a huge update later this year alongside other new mobs like the Armadillo and Breeze, but you don’t have to wait to play with this new deadly bundle of bones.
  • The Bogged isn’t completely identical to its non-poisonous cousins, though. It has a little less health, fires a little slower, and has a chance to drop Arrows of Poison if killed (figures). It’s also still susceptible to the burning rays of the square Minecraft sun, so you can find it chilling in the shade or remaining deep underground in the safety (for them) of the Trial Chambers.


How to install:

Minecraft 1.21, 1.20.5 Snapshot 24w07a Download Links

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