Minecraft 1.21, 1.20.5 Snapshot 24w13a introduces ominous potions, three mace enchantments, ominous trials, ominous keys, new vaults, new chambers, and fixes bugs. Mojang have confirmed a new Enchantments for the Macee weapon, these will be added to the Minecraft 1.21 Update.


  • Changes to the Mace
  • Tweaks to the Breeze and Wind Charges
  • Redesigned Bad Omen
  • Added Ominous Bottle
  • Added 6 new mob effects
  • Added Ominous Trial Spawner
  • Added Ominous Vault
  • Added Ominous Trial Key


  • Added a new explosive particle effect when executing a smash attack with the Mace to really show the player’s power
  • Increased the power and range of the knockback effect from a smash attack
  • Introduced an even stronger knockback when falling for more than 5 blocks before attacking
  • When successfully striking a target, all vertical momentum will be reset in addition to negating any accumulated fall distance
  • The baseline additional damage dealt by the Mace smash attack has been slightly reduced to 3 (1.5 hearts) per fallen block
  • These existing enchantments can now be applied to the Mace:
    • Mending
    • Unbreaking
    • Smite
    • Bane of Arthropods
    • Fire Aspect
    • Curse of Vanishing
  • Three new enchantments have been introduced that are unique to the Mace:
    • Density:
      • Common Enchantment, accessible in the Enchanting Table and on Enchanted Books in loot
      • Has 5 levels
      • Maces enchanted with Density do more damage per fallen block per Density level
      • Damage dealt per fallen block is increased by 1 per level of Density
    • Breach:
      • Rare Enchantment, accessible in the Enchanting Table and on Enchanted Books in loot
      • Has 4 levels
      • Maces enchanted with Breach reduce the effectiveness of armor on the target
      • The effectiveness of the armor is reduced by 15% per Breach level
    • Wind Burst:
      • Unique enchantment which can only be found in Ominous Vaults
      • Has 3 levels
      • Maces enchanted with Wind Burst will emit a Wind Burst upon hitting an enemy, launching the attacker upward and enabling the linking of smash attacks one after the other
      • Each level will bounce the attacker higher up in the air

Breeze & Wind Charges

  • The Breeze now avoids jumping into dangerous blocks or air
  • Wind Charges no longer collide with End Crystals

Ominous Events

  • Bad Omen has been expanded to give access to an optional experience in Trial Chambers
  • These optional experiences accessed through Bad Omen are now known as Ominous Events
    • They are more challenging than usual, and are designed to shake up the experience in unique ways
    • Illager Raids are an example of an existing Ominous Event
  • Bad Omen is getting some changes with this redesign:
    • It has a new, shadowy icon and a sound for being applied to the player
    • It no longer triggers a Raid directly when entering a village
      • Instead, it will transform into a Raid Omen variant with a duration of 30 seconds
      • Once the Raid Omen expires, a Raid will start at the location the player gained the Raid Omen
      • Like any other effect, players can drink a Bucket of Milk to clear the Raid Omen to prevent the Raid from starting
    • It is no longer given to players that defeat a Raid Captain outside a Raid
      • Instead, players can gain access to Bad Omen by consuming a new Ominous Bottle

Ominous Bottle

  • An item which can be consumed by players to receive the Bad Omen effect for 1 hour and 40 minutes
    • Comes in 5 variations, one for each Bad Omen level
    • The bottle breaks when consumed
    • Can be stacked to 64
  • Can be found uncommonly in any Vaults that are unlocked with Trial Keys, and is dropped by Raid Captains when defeated outside a Raid

Ominous Trials

  • A new Ominous Event that can be accessed by exploring a Trial Chamber with Bad Omen
  • This event will have players facing more powerful Trial Spawners if they dare!

Trial Omen

  • A variant that Bad Omen can transform into
    • This occurs when the player is within detection range of a Trial Spawner that is not Ominous
    • The Trial Omen has a duration of 15 minutes multiplied by the transformed Bad Omen’s level
  • Players that have Trial Omen are surrounded by ominous particles

Ominous Trial Spawner

  • A more powerful active phase of the Trial Spawner with unique challenges and rewards
    • Provides a more challenging experience that advanced players can opt into for better rewards
  • If a Trial Spawner detects a player that has the Trial Omen effect, the spawner will become Ominous if:
    • It is not in cooldown
    • Or, it is in cooldown but was not Ominous during its last activation
      • Making it Ominous this way will bypass the cooldown
  • While active, it will:
    • Glow blue instead of orange
    • Emit soul flames instead of normal flames
    • Very commonly spawns mobs with equipment if they can wear it
      • The equipment these mobs wear have armor trims applied from the Trial Chambers
      • Known issue: these mobs can currently drop their equipment on death, but they will not in the future
    • Periodically spawn potions and projectiles on top of unsuspecting players and mobs
      • Based on their location, spawners in an area will select a random set of projectiles to spawn
      • These projectiles will always include a single type of Lingering Potion from a set of possible effects
  • Becoming Ominous will despawn any existing mobs it spawned and reset its challenge
    • It will stay Ominous until it has been defeated and its cooldown has finished
  • When defeated, it will eject a different set of loot to normal Trial Spawners

Ominous Trial Key

  • A new variant of the Trial Key which can only be obtained by defeating an Ominous Trial Spawner
  • They can be used to unlock Ominous Vaults

Ominous Vault

  • A variant of Vaults that have a different texture and emit soul flames instead of normal flames
  • These can be found throughout the Trial Chambers in harder to find places and require an Ominous Trial Key to unlock
    • These Vaults hold a more valuable set of rewards than the standard Vaults unlocked by Trial Keys

Mob Effects

  • The following effects have been added:
    • Wind Charged
      • Affected entities will emit a wind burst upon death
      • Brewed with an Awkward Potion and a Breeze Rod
    • Weaving
      • Affected entities will spread Cobweb blocks upon death
      • Non-player entities with this effect can walk through Cobweb at normal speeds
      • Brewed with an Awkward Potion and a Cobweb block
    • Oozing
      • Affected entities will spawn two Slimes upon death
      • Brewed with an Awkward Potion and a Slime Block
    • Infested
      • Affected entities have a 5% chance to spawn 1-2 Silverfish when hurt
      • Brewed with an Awkward Potion and a Stone block
  • These effects can be encountered while taking on an Ominous Trial Spawner
  • Some mobs are immune to these effects
    • Slimes are immune to Oozing
    • Silverfish are immune to Infested

Trial Chambers Loot

  • The loot found within Trial Chamber Vaults has been adjusted
  • Standard Vaults will give slightly less items of high quality, but also include the following changes:
    • Ominous Bottle I – II can be found
    • Flow Banner Pattern, Flow Armor Trim Smithing Template, and Heavy Core can no longer be obtained
      • Guster Banner Pattern and Bolt Armor Trim Smithing Template remain exclusive to standard Vaults
      • In Heavy Core’s place, standard Vaults will instead have a very rare chance of providing a Trident
  • Ominous Vaults can provide some particularly valuable items, to mention a few:
    • Ominous Bottle III – V
    • Enchanted Golden Apple
    • Flow Banner Pattern and Flow Armor Trim Smithing Template
    • Wind Burst, Breach and Density Enchantments for the Mace
    • Heavy Core
  • The loot ejected from Trial Spawners have been adjusted
    • It now has a focus on providing higher quality food more often to make replenishing between fights more safe
  • Ominous Trial Keys have a 30% chance of ejecting from a defeated Ominous Trial Spawner, replacing the usual 50% chance to eject Trial Keys

Trial Spawner

  • All spawners now increase the amount of mobs present at once by 0.5 for each additional player, down from 2
  • Baby Zombie spawners now only have 2 mobs present at once for its baseline, down from 3 mobs
  • Can now only activate when a player is in line of sight

Trial Chambers

  • Remade chamber_5 with variations, and renamed it to eruption
  • Reduced amount of Trial Spawners in corridors
  • Updated layout and placements of Vaults
  • Placed Ominous Vaults in chambers, intersections, at the ends of corridors
  • Corridors will no longer generate endlessly
  • Added an atrium to the corridors
  • Made various layout changes in intersections and corridors




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