Do you want to play Minecraft… but only breathing water? Now this is possible, Download Minecraft But You Breathe Water (1.19, 1.18) Add-on and try to survive! Try the 3 different modes that this Add-on includes: Like Vanilla (No Bubbles), With bubbles on the river, beach and oceans (Bubbles), or With bubbles in any part like blocks (All bubbles)!


Fisrt a little note:

It’s possible that when you appear you will die or start to lose hearts, it is because when the world is loading the time of game start to run, so, you start to lose air bubbles, so… it’s normal if you appear die or dying.

Now back to the game:

In this add-on you will breath water, so you can explore the sea quietly, but the problem is when you need obtain items of outside, when you need go out for wood, wool or something.

When you go out to the water you start to lose air bubbles, so even you will lose hearths, this add a new difficult to obtain basic items.

Fortunately, if you equip a helmet with breathing 1, 2 or 3 your capacity to breath out water increases, it facilitates the obtaining of the basic items.

The water breathing effect (earth breathing on this add-on) will help you to breath out water for a few minutes, but when the effect is ending… RUN AWAY!

New Features:

When you are out of water, you’ll lose air bubbles and life AND, now you’ll have mining fatigue for mining slower out water.

Also, when you are in the water or rain, you’ll have night vision and mining haste, this for mining faster under water… and the rain is water… but you won’t survive in the rain, as you can see on the picture below.


Now, the 4 different bubbles has 4 different textures, and now only exist the bubbles items, the 4 natural bubbles can be obtained with the bubble blocks and the bubbles that spawn on the water, also, you can craft their and the “Earth breathing” items, you can see their crafting recipe on the crafting table, on the section “nature” and “equipment”.

Bubble entities:

The bubbles are mobs that can appear in the rivers, beach and oceans, they are made for die, when they die, they can drop 1 bubble of diferent size, dependig on their size.

  • The small bubble will drop you 1 small bubble.
  • The normal (or medium) bubble will drop you 1 normal bubble.
  • The large bubble will drop you 1 big bubble, or 1 or 2 normal bubbles.

The bubble stone:

The bubble stone is a block that will give you “earth breathing” during 15 seconds every 3 seconds, having a probability of break itself every 3 seconds, this probability is less when the block is of a higher level, level with less probability of break itself is the 4 level, also, this blocks has a probability of droping bubbles, this probability is higher when the level is higher.

Also here are the “definitive” level of the stones, this level has minimum probabilities of break itself, but it can, and also, it can drop bubbles every 3 seconds, and has the same function.

Also the area of the effect of the stone is higher when the level is high, the 1st level can give you the effect in an area of 10 blocks, and the 4 and definitive level of the stones can give you the effect in an area of 50 blocks.

Crafting Recipes:

The bubble stone is a block that can be crafted with the next recipe:

After, to upgrade the block, you have to replace the small bubble for  the next level bubble (on this case the normal), and replace the cobblestone for the bubble stone of the previous level (on this case, the 1st level), like you can see on the images below:

Now, you can also craft the “Bubble deepslate”, and the first crafting recipe is the next:

And for upgrade the blocks is the same crafting recipe:

And for creating the “definitive” blocks, you have to use the next recipe, using the last level of the stones in the recipe:

New blocks:

You can find around the world the wet sand, wet dirt and wet grass, this 3 blocks can replace their normal (vanilla) version when they are naturally generated, you can find this 3 blocks on the rivers, oceans, beachs, shores and, only the wet dirt and grass, on cold biomes and plains.

Now there’s also a version of the “wet blocks” of the mud, the “wet mud”, this block can appear on the biomes of swamp where the mud can be generated (just the manglare for now), this block has more possibilities of appear than the other “wet blocks”.

Their function is give you bubbles for breathe out water when you dig them.

Also, you can find the bubble flower, this flower will generate naturally around the world in almost all the overworld, this flower will drop you 1 bubble small or normal when you dig it.

Configuration of the Add-on:

Now you can configure the Add-on for playing on the way that you like, you can choose any of the three modes that appear below (the warnings and features are on the description of the mode, appears on the images).


How to install:

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