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Mithwood Forest Mod 1.10.2 adds a new biome, as well as a few mobs and some new armor and tool sets. Mithwood forests are magical woods growing over especially rich sources of mithril ore. They’re home to a wide variety of flora, including mithwood trees, which are notable for blue-tinted wood, magically bioluminescent leaves, and the occasional growth of golden apples.

Mithwood Forest Mod

The new mobs include mithwood guardians, zealous defenders of those woods, and a variety of big cats, unpredictable and mercurial in nature.

The new armor and tool sets are made from lapis, obsidian, emerald, prismarine, and of course mithril. Lapis items are exceptionally enchantable. Obsidian armor offers fire resistance. Emerald and prismarine are both slightly better than diamond, and prismarine armor imbues you with magical effects useful for underwater exploring. Finally, mithril is just wildly magical. Mithril axes can fell an entire tree in one chop, mithril pickaxes can mine an entire vein of ore with one swing, and each piece of mithril armor will imbue you with a different useful enchantment.


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Mithwood Forest Biome Options: Options for setting up the Mithwood Forest biome.

  • “Add Mithwood Forest”: Mithwood forests are magical woods growing over large concentrations of mithril. They’re home to a wide variety of flora, including mithwood trees, which are notable for blue-tinted wood, magically bioluminescent leaves, and the occasional growth of golden apples. Sadly, mithwood trees cannot be transplanted to other biomes. If you plant a sapling anywhere other than in a mithwood forest, it will die.
  • “Mithwood Forest Biome ID”: Biome ID for mithwood forests. Set this to something that doesn’t conflict with any other custom biomes you’re using (or of course with any vanilla biomes). (Range 1-256; Default 126.)
  • “Mithwood Forest Weight”: Biome weight for mithwood forests. By default, mithwood forests are rare, but if you want to make them easier to find, who am I to stop you? (Range 1-100; Default 5.)

New Mob Options: Options adding new mobs.

  • “Add Mithwood Guardians”: Allow mithwood guardians to patrol and defend mithwood forests. They are zealous protectors of their woods, attacking invaders on sight. They wear a wide variety of armor types up to and including emerald, and their swords and arrows are enchanted to produce a number of negative effects on their targets. If heavily injured, they’ll often retreat and use potions to heal or regenerate before returning to the fray. Oh, and for some reason, they all look exactly like me. I think it’s some sort of “Clone Wars” thing. (Range 0-100, indicating frequency of appearance; Default 25. Setting to 0 disables.)
  • “Also Add Big Cats”: Add a variety of big cats (leopards, lions, panthers, snow leopards and tigers) to the game. Cats are unpredictable. Some will ignore you, and some will run away from you, but others will attack you without provocation. And they’re also mercurial. A cat who’s been ignoring you for minutes, for example, may suddenly and without warning decide to pounce. If seriously injured, a cat will likely run away, and if allowed to escape, it’ll gradually recuperate. Cats do have nine lives, after all. Unlike their smaller cousins, big cats cannot be tamed. (Range 0-100, indicating frequency of appearance; Default 20. Setting to 0 disables. Setting above 75 will likely result in so many cats being generated in the world that no livestock survives their assaults.)

New Armor and Tool Sets: New sets of armor and tools, obviously.

  • “Emerald Armor and Tools”: Emerald tools and armor are slightly better than those made from diamond. Emerald pickaxes, unlike those made from diamond, are able to mine mithril.
  • “Lapis Armor and Tools”: Lapis items are slightly better than their iron counterparts, and are exceptionally enchantable.
  • “Mithril Armor and Tools”: Mithril armor and tools are the best available, and are imbued with magic, as well. Mithril axes can fell an entire tree in one chop, and mithril pickaxes can mine an entire vein of ore with one swing. Each piece of mithril armor will imbue you with an enchantment: haste (helmet), resistance (chestplate), speed (boots), or strength (leggings). Mithril is a rare ore that can be found under any forest or taiga, but is most likely to be encountered beneath Mithwood forests. It can only be mined with pickaxes better than diamond.
  • “Obsidian Armor and Tools”: Obsidian armor is fragile, but nearly as good as diamond, and imbues you with fire resistance. But unfortunately, you’ll have to do some exploring in the nether before you can get that fire resistance, since in order to be useful for armor and tools, obsidian has to be infused with quartz. (“Quartz-infused obsidian?” you ask. “That makes no sense!” “Of course not,” I reply. “But this is Minecraft. Deal with it!”) Creation of an obsidian chestplate also requires a single blaze rod.
  • “Prismarine Armor and Tools”: Prismarine tools and armor are comparable to those of emerald, and the armor is magical. A prismarine chestplate will imbue you with water breathing, and a prismarine helmet with night vision, making the armor useful for underwater exploration. Prismarine pickaxes, like their emerald counterparts, can mine mithril.
  • “Recipe – Armor to Ingots”: Armor pieces may be smelted back to raw materials. This applies both to new and to vanilla armor types.
  • “Recipe – Chainmail Armor”: You can craft chainmail armor items using iron ingots and leather.
  • “Tools – Paxels”: Paxels are multi-function tools, simultaneously filling the roles of axes, hoes, pickaxes and shovels. A paxel will free up room on your hotbar, but will have fewer total uses than the four tools that have to be combined to create it. Be aware that since shovels and hoes have different effects when right-clicking a grass block, paxels are a bit odd. If you right-click with a paxel on a grass block, it’ll act like a shovel, and convert the grass to a grass path. But if you right-click again, the paxel will act like a hoe, and convert the path to farmland.


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