Naruto ShinobiCraft Mod (1.12.2) is a mod based on the popular anime Naruto, which adds over 100 custom jutsu, 30+ cosmetics, and many more. You will become ninja on an island and destroyed the entire place.


Nature Release:

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  • Fire: You can obtain this nature release by using any fire scrolls Great fire ball great fire annihilation etc
  • Skills of Fire: Great fireball jutsu:summons a Fireball that gets bigger the more you charge it
  • Great fire annihilation: Makes you breath out of fire with a slight delay in where you are looking Putting things on fire in the process Gets stronger the more you charge it
  • Great fire:A Faster version of great fire annihilation But with less damage
  • Those are all of the fire jutsus i know for now
  • Lightining:You can obtain this by finding any lightining scrolls

Skills of lightining:

  • False darkness:Blinds the opponent while damaging them gets stronger the more you charge it
  • Chidori/Lightining spear:Chidori makes the player charge in one direction while giving them tunnel vision without the sharingan When left or right clicking it chidori changes into lightining spear which is a ranged attack that shoots lightining
  • Lightining mode: Speeds up the user and gives him jump boost untill the user runs out of chakra while giving them a lightining aura Know that this speed can sometimes be Hard to control while pared with any modes


  • Vacuum sphere: shoots balls of air Shoots more balls the more you charge it
  • RasenShuriken: Shoots a shuriken infused with a rasengan that gets stronger the more you charge it and causes a small explosion that gets bigger the more you charge it [Know that theese are the skills i know there are alot more skills and i am just a person recovering parts of it]


  • Water prison: encases the opponent in water and stuns them gets stronger the more you charge it
  • Water shark bomb: summons a shark that explodes on touching anything gets bigger and stronger the more you use it
  • Water bullets: shoots out bullets made out of water shoots more bullets and more damage the more you charge it
  • Water shockwave: engulfs the user in water that lets the user fly and gets bigger the more you charge it


  • Multisize jutsu: makes the user as big as a wood golem with more damage
  • Adamantite sealing chains: Binds you and the opponent in chains and know that this is a neccassery skill for tailed beast sealing
  • 4 Symbols sealing jutsu: summons a bed with 4 circles near it and to use it you need to build a 16×16 platform With the same blocks and 1 diffrent block in the middle And then sorround it in torches in a way like this I I But in a more circular form

Kekkei Genkai:

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Kekkei genkai can be naturally obtained after 300 ninja xp has been reached. At which point a timer which cannot be influenced or seen by the player will begin and every second there will be a 0.01% chance for the player to unlock their kekkei genkai. The kekki genkai that is unlocked is dependant on the releases currently in the inventory of the user.

certain methods exist to obtain more than one such as certain tailed beasts and zetsu flesh to obtain wood

Below is a list of current Kekkei genkai and dojutsu that can be rolled :

  • Boil release
  • Bone release
  • Byakugan
  • Dust release
  • Explosion release
  • Ice release
  • Lava release
  • Magnet release
  • Scorch release
  • Sharingan
  • Storm release
  • Wood release

Tailed beasts unlock their respective kekkei genkai upon being sealed into a player, below is the list of what kekkei genkai is unlocked from each beast

Shukaku (1 tail) : Magnet

Son Goku (4 tail) : Lava + will allow player to learn the lava cloak jutsu

Kokuo (5 tail) : Boil


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Dojutsu are described as special Kekkei genkai that only members of a certain clan such as the Uchiha or Hyuga are capable of using. Dojutsu can be

unlocked after 300 ninja xp in place of a regular Kekkei genkai and can be evolved to become stronger if certain requirements are met.

as of writing this the current version is .11 and all dojutsus are equipped in the helmet slot to receive their benefits and use their special jutsus, if you equip someone elses eyes they will lose 3x the durability and drain 2x more chakra compared to if they were your own. If you lose your natural eyes then respawning will grant you a new pair at the base level (meaning you will need to evolve it again)

if you do not have the advancement required for the eyes then you will not be able to evolve them and all eyes with the exception of the Tenseigan and Rinnegan can be stolen by killing a person with them in their inventory


  • The Sharingan is one of two currently naturally rolled jutsu in game, upon obtaining the Sharingan the player will receive the advancement for awakening it and receive the item in their inventory. these eyes are then bound to the player. The user also obtains the genjutsu in their Yin Release item. The eyes when equipped grant the user +50 armor and + 5 armor toughness
  • If the user whilst wearing the Sharingan is hit by an entity then that entity will be debuffed for a few seconds. the eyes also grant the user a 50% chance to dodge attacks and take no damage from said attack. It currently has no other abilities or uses apart from being evolved into the Mangekyo Sharingan(MS).

Mangekyo Sharingan

  • The Mangekyo Sharingan is the evolved form of the Sharingan, obtained when a natural Sharingan user has their Sharingan equipped and a team member dies within 10 blocks while the user has over 1k ninja xp, upon awakening their Mangekyo Sharingan the owner will be awarded the Mangekyo Sharingan advancement. When equipped the MS will give the user +100 armor and +5 armor toughness
  • upon evolving their eyes they will be given one of two types, the Amaterasu or Kamui eyes, both of which have a different design but keep the debuff effect after you are hit alongside the dodge chance and provide more armor to the wearer compared to the normal Sharingan
  • The Amaterasu eyes allow the user to use the Amaterasu black flames as well as auto-extinguish any black flames on themselves, it also allows the user to extinguish areas of black flame by sneaking and tapping the move.
  • The Kamui eyes allow the user to go intangible, passing through blocks and not taking damage for as long as it is held. they also gain access to the Kamui dimension, they can take other mobs to this dimension by tapping the key whilst looking at the mob and holding it for mobs with more hp (tapping on large hp mobs will deal damage) or take themselves by looking straight down as they tap the move.
  • Both Mangekyo eyes also have access to the Susanoo and all stages can be accessed as long as the ninja xp requirments are met with the amatersu eyes being able to use a Kagutsuchi sword that applies the black flames on hit and can shoot out 3 fireballs when right clicked, and the Kamui eyes being able to use the Kamui shurikens that can deal large amounts of damage. Both eyes can at second stage and above use a shuriken (as it fires a unique shuriken that deals extra damage) and holding the chokuto sword allows your Susanoo to deal extra melee damage
  • Both eyes also have limited durability and over using these eyes will cause the user to go blind and be unable to use the eyes more. This can be avoided by evolving the eyes into the eternal Mangekyo Sharingan(EMS)

Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan

  • The Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan can be obtained once the user has collected the Mangekyo Sharingan of another player or from the Itachi boss, they need a medical ninja to then combine the eyes in a medical scroll which will grant a singular pair of eternal Mangekyo eyes. It will also grant the owner of the eyes the eternal Mangekyo advancement.
  • The eternal Mangekyo Sharingan has all of the benefits of both the Kamui and Amaterasu eyes without the drawback of their use being limited by durability. This means that it can access all special jutsus from both as well as their respective exclusive Susanoo weapons (the Kamui shuriken and Amaterasu sword). It also maintains debuff after an entity hits you alongside the 50% dodge chance but dont provide more protection than the regular Mangekyo Sharingan.
  • The eternal Mangekyo Sharingan can be once again evolved into the Rinnegan, evolving the ems allows you to keep it as a seperate item to the Rinnegan so you can switch as needed.


  • The Rinnegan can be obtained if someone who has the eternal Mangekyo Sharingan advancement wears a pair of eternal Mangekyo eyes (does not need to be their own) and eats zetsu flesh. it is a ~20% chance to awaken it with every white zetu flesh eaten. upon awakening their Rinnegan they will be given the Rinnegan advancement.
  • the Rinnegan is weaker in terms of armor compared to the Sharingan and loses the ability to debuff by being hit by an entity. However it makes up for this lack of physical defence by granting the user a wide range of skills from resurrection to summoning that allows for the user to adapt to the situation at hand. When equipped the Rinnegan grants the user +2 armor and +5 armor toughness. They will also receive an item in their inventory called the “Black Receiver” which does 11 damage and has an attack speed of 1.6, upon hitting a mob they will also take increased damage for each time they have been hit by the black receiver, taking +1 damage for every hit they have received from it, wearing off after a few second have passed. If a person has the black receiver in their inventory but no Rinnegan in their inventory or equipped then they will receive nausea 2. The user also receives resistance 3 and night vision whilst the eyes are equipped.
  • The Rinnegan has the following path abilities:
    • Outer path — when used a gedo statue will be summoned that will fight any mob that attacks the user. it can also be mounted and doing so will grant the user long reach and extra melee damage. The outer path requires 8100 ninja xp and 2k chakra to use. The user cannot control the movement of the gedo statue when it is mounted.
    • Deva path — The deva path has two abilites, the first being use when the user is not sneaking. Using the deva path whilst not sneaking will cause a black cube to rise into the sky before it begins to suck in near by entites and blocks, after some time has passed it will crash back to the ground and explode. during this the user gains the ability to fly. It has a 5 minute cooldown and takes 5000 chakra, upon the flight running out the user will be given feather fall for a short time to avoid fall damage. The alternative to this move can be used by holding sneak and will instantly summon a stone meteor where the user is looking where it will then crash and explode, the user gains flight for several seconds upon activating the move and feather falling for a few seconds after, this alternative move takes 5000 chakra to use.
    • Asura path — Upon switching to this path the user will instantly have torso armor equipped that grants the user +40 max health, +5 armor toughness and +1024 armor. The user will also have a canon placed in their off hand that when used will fire a rocket at no cost to the user, This canon will run out of durability after 50 uses. The user also receives several physical buffs such as faster movment speed, extra melee damage, jump hight, saturation and attack speed. However they also lose the ability to leap horizontally, limited the user to vertical movement from leaping.
    • Animal path — The animal path will allow the user to summon a giant dog at the cost of 200 chakra. The giant dog has 400 health points and will attack any mob that the player hits or is hit by. the player can also ride on the giant dog to avoid damage although they cannot control where it moves to. as of .11 The dog will lose half of its max health and allow for another to be summoned after some time has passed.
    • Preta path — The Preta path when active will absorb incoming damage and apply weakness to the entity that attempted to deal damage. Whilst the shield is active the user is able to able to absorb chakra from any entity that gets to close, it can also turn damage has been absorbed into chakra.
    • Naraka path — Upon using the naraka path the user will summon the king of hell, the king of hell takes 100 chakra to summon and will constantly drain 100 to maintain. upon right clicking the user will be placed inside and will rapidly heal until they are at full health. at which point they will be able to leave. if the user happens to die whilse the king of hell is active then they will be teleported to the king of hell with all their inventory and ninja xp remaining. The healing will be canceled if the user runs out of chakra or re uses the path skill to un sommon the king of hell.
  • The Rinnegan also contains two other abilities that can be used with the special jutsu 1 and 3 key, as well as 2 Special Ninjutsu and 1 Yang Release.
  • Almighty push — upon using this move the user will begin charging their almighty push, during the charge the player is given flight. as the charge increases the range, damage and knockback of the move will also increase. chakra taken at 10 charge: 112 chakra taken at 20 charge: 206 WARNING: this move launches dropped items very far when used, this can be usefull however to launch ender pearls very far if timed right.
    universal pull — upon using this move any entity the user is looking at will be brought in front of the player, during this time the entity cannot escape but can still hit the user, the user can launch this entity using almight push or release the move to simply drop the entity where they are. this move cannot attract dropped items. Holding shift allows you to lift up a platform of blocks that can then be launched at mobs using almighty push or dropped on entities using almighty pull and releasing when above. tapping this move allows you to raise multiple chunks of earth that can be pulled individually.


  • The Byakugan is the other current rolled dojutsu, upon rolling the user will be granted the Byakugan advancement alongside the item in their inventory which will become bound to them and when equipped will grant the wearer access to all the special jutsus as well night vision. When equipped the user will also receive +50 armor
  • the Byakugan has four abilities that can be unlocked and used as the user gains more ninja xp by pressing the correct special jutsu keys for the move. this information can be viewed by hovering over the item in the inventory.
  • The Byakugan’s first ability is called “activate” and upon using the move the users screen colors will be inverted and all mobs within range will be given glowing, even if the mob is invisible or obstructed from view via blocks. To use this the user does not need any ninja xp to use and will drain chakra as long as the move is active
    The Byakugan’s second ability is called “8-Trigrams Vacuum Palm” and upon using this move the user will launch a blast of air at the location they are aiming at. This move can be charged to increase the range that the projectile travels and requires 500 ninja xp to be able to use
    The Byakugan’s third ability is called “8-Trigrams 64 Palms” upon using this move the user will be placed in the middle of a circle on the ground and distant objects will be obscured, any entity caught inside the circle that is not the user will be afflicted with slowness 4 for the duration of the move. the user of the Byakugan also gains haste 4 and an increase in strength as the move progresses. at the start of the move the user will deal 26 hearts of damage with an empty fist and slowly increases to ~42 hearts of damage. This ability takes 1000 ninja xp to use.
    The Byakugans fourth and final ability is called “Hakkesho Keiten” upon being used the user will summon a barrier that is capable of absorbing damage in place of the user, this barrier will rapidly drain chakra from the user as well as deal 20 damage and knockback entities that get too close to the user. This ability takes 1500 ninja xp to use
  • The user can evolve their eyes into the Tenseigan by combining their eyes with the eyes of another player. as of .11 no bosses or mobs can drop a Byakugan so multiplayer is needed to evolve it into the Tenseigan.


  • The Tenseigan is unique in its evolution as it requires the combination of Byakugan in a medical scroll by a medical ninja however, upon combining the eyes they will not instantly evolve but wil gain a timer that is visible when hovered over in the inventory that will slowly tick down when worn. the time left can be decreased by combining more Byakugan into it. When equipped the Tenseigan will give the user +50 armor
  • The Tenseigan is the Byakugan equivalant to the Rinnegan, it gives all of the same abilities of the Rinnegan however the Tenseigan gives the same armor value as the base Byakugan as well as granting the user the Tenseigan chakra cloak mode (which requires combining at least 4 additional byakugans from other owners) which also has 3 moves capable of dealing damage. this makes the Tenseigan an overall better option than the Rinnegan as it gives the user more defensive and offensive capabilities when compared to the Rinnegan,
  • The chakra cloak grants the following buffs / abilities:
  • flight , reach, chakra enhanced strength effect, extra speed when touching ground (hold sneak)
    torso : +100 armor
    leggings : +75 armor
  • Skills include :
  • Localised rebirth blast — This move when used will fire out a small orb that deals damage to all entites within range. max charge : 1 chakra taken : 10 Justu xp : 800
    Silver Wheel Rebirth Blast — This move when used will allow the user will charge up a beam that does not do direct damage, however can launch mobs high into the air causing them to take lots of fall damage. it can also launch blocks when used
    Golden Wheel Rebirth Blast — upon use this move will quickly fire a golden beam where the user is aiming, this move is very destructive to surrounding blocks and receives a range and damage increase as the move is charged.
  • drawbacks :
  • the cloak’s durability is low. if it breaks, chakra mode will be dispelled and go on a 2 minute cooldown.


  • The RinneSharingan is the evolution of the Tenseigan/Rinnegan that can be obtained when the 10 tails jinchuriki wears either. doing so will evolve it to the RinneSharingan variant of those eyes and will provide much better buffs such as infinite hunger, flight, health and a much greater amount of armor. it will also grant the user the Sage of Six Paths (SoSP) release item in their inventory and the SoSP staff which is capable of firing truth seeking orbs. even if the 10 tails is removed from the player they will keep the RinneSharingan variant of the eyes, and will evolve any Rinnegan or Tenseigan after that point that they receive into the RinneSharingan variant.
  • if the user has below 32400 ninja xp they will have a different appearance to those over 32400 ninja xp. this is known as Obito’s uncontrolled form and is purely visual as it does not change the buffs given by the RinneSharingan. after the 32400 ninja xp point the armor will instead change to Madara’s SoSP armor
  • Note : both the Rinnegan and Tenseigan variants are supposed to have the same stats, however in .11 this is not the case.
  • RinneSharingan body : +6 armor, +5 armor toughness
  • RinneSharingan leggings : +5 armor, +5 armor toughness
  • RinneSharingan eyes : +380 max health, +5 armor toughness, +2 armor

Kekkei Mora

  • The Kekkei Mora is currently a creative only item as a result of it being incredibly destructive and difficult to fight
  • it cannot be worn like other dojutsu and contains 4 abilities :
    • Eighty Gods Vacuum Fists — upon use the user will begin to fire out a barrage of fists with each fist doing ~250 hearts of damage. each fist only takes 10 chakra and the move requires 800 jutsu xp
    • Yomotsu Hirasaka — upon use the user will place down two portals, one at their current location and another at the location that they are aiming at, walking into either portal will instantly teleport the user to the other. This jutsu requires 10 chakra per use and requires 800 jutsu xp to unlock
    • Expansive truth seeking ball — Upon using this move the user will summon a truth seeking orb above them selves that will rapidly grow before it fires at the location that the user is looking at. this truth seeking orb destroys hundreds of blocks and causes incredible lag. damage is unkown, chakra taken to use : 10 jutsu xp needed:800
    • All-Killing Ash Bones — upon using this move the user will be given an item known as a All-Killing Ash Bone. upon hitting an entity with this move they will be frozen in place and begin to emit particles before they are instantly killed regardless of health. it can also be thrown using right click and will be instantly removed from the players inventory if they do not have the RinneSharingan equipped in survival. creative players can use it without the RinneSharingan. Chakra required to summon:10 Jutsu xp required : 800


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  • You can craft a kunai with three iron ingots and two strings, or train with tenten.
  • Attack speed: 1,6
  • Attack damage: 5,0


  • You can craft a shuriken with five iron ingots or trade with Tenten.
  • Attack damage: 3,0

The Anbu sword

  • You can craft the Anbu sword with black wool and three iron ingots.
  • Attack speed: 2,2
  • Attack damage: 4,0


  • You can craft Chokuto with string, a stick, a piece of white wool and 2 iron blocks, or you could trade with tenten for Chokuto.
  • Attack speed: 1,6
  • Attack damage: 9,0


  • You can craft senbons with three iron ingots.
  • Attack damage: 3,5


  • The cleaver you can make with a stick, an iron block, and three iron ingots
  • Attack speed: 1,0
  • Attack damage: 12


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  • Itachi:Itachi Has a chance to spawn anywhere on the map With an increased Chance Near a jinchuriki And he has 2 skills or 3 First one: Genjetsu he uses the base genjetsu skill to stun the player and he cannot move or use Jutsu’s, Second: Self crows Jutsu He summons crows and becomes invisible for a couple seconds And cannot be damaged within that form [And Beware Itachi Can spam this skill And Genjutsu] And he can Drop The Mangekyo Sharingan with a 20% chance
  • Zabuza:Zabuza also has the Chance to spawn anywhere on the map with an increased spawn chance Near a jinchuriki [Beware this is not confirmed yet] And has 1 skill [this is also not confirmed yet] and he has the weapon Kubikiribocho And drops it when he is defeated And his skill are, Hiding in mist jutsu: He uses a exact replica of Hidden in mist jutsu And blinds the player So it is reccommended to say a fair bit of Distance while fighting him And use Ranged Jutsu And you can Also Fight with Weapons If ranged Jutsu Isn’t Your Cup of tea.
  • Pain:Pain Is not confirmed to spawn And can only be Spawned In Creative Mode [This is not confirmed yet again] He has all the base skills Of the rinnegan, Almighty push aka Shinra Tensai And Almighty pull And maybe planetery devastation.


How to use:

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Getting started/ Basic knowledge:

  • To start your journey you will first need to craft one kunai and one shuriken, this will give you the ninja advancement. After you have completed that you will have to hit hostile mobs with your hands, or take damage in order to gather ninjaxp, which is essentially your chakra, 2 ninjaxp is equal to 1 chakra, and there is a maximum of 100,000 ninjaxp or 50,000 chakra. Once you have reached 300 ninjaxp and have 10 vanilla Minecraft levels you will be given your nature release(s), a ninjutsu release, and you have a 30% chance to be a medical ninja. After you reach 300 ninjaxp you will have a 0.1% chance of achieving a random kekkei genkai every second, so everyone is guaranteed a kekkei genkai.

How to find and train jutsu/ Keybinds:

  • To find and use jutsu you will first need to find jutsu scrolls, these can be found in dungeon chests, end city chests, mineshaft chests, and nether fortress chests. You just have to right click the scroll and then click learn and you will have the jutsu, though it will say 0/150 or some other number. This is the jutsuxp. Jutsuxp is the amount of xp required to use the jutsu, so if it says 0/150 that means you need 150 jutsuxp in order to even use the jutsu. To gain jutsuxp you must switch to the justsu you want to train, and then hit hostile mobs with the jutsu item that has the jutsu selected either in your main hand or your offhand. To switch to a jutsu you must use a keybind, in your keybind settings you will find 4 keybinds, jutsu button 1,2,3 and switch jutsu. The switch jutsu is used to switch between different jutsu on a certain item, or between the stages of Susanoo/ Tailed beast mode. Jutsu button 1,2,3 are purely used for people with dojutsu such as the sharingan, byakugan, rinnegan, and tenseigan.

Kekkei Genkai/ Dojutsu (Sharingan, rinnegan, byakugan):

  • This leads into my next point, kekkei genkai/ dojutsu. Dojutsu count as a kekkei genkai, so you cannot naturally obtain a normal kekkei genkai and eyes, it’s one or the other. Moving on to sharingan, when you obtain the sharingan it will be in its default form, in order to evolve your sharingan to the mangekyo sharingan you will need to use something called a team scroll, you will have to have another player join your team scroll by right clicking the team scroll, making a team, dropping that team scroll to them, and then having them join your team. Once you are on the same team, your teammate will have to die within a 10 block range of you. Once they die you will obtain the mangekyo sharingan. The mangekyo sharingan is a helmet, which gives around 50+ armor, so not similar to other mods. We have chosen it to be this way and that will not be changing. To get the eternal mangkeyo sharingan you will need to obtain a medical scroll, then obtian the mangkeyo sharingan of another player and combine it with yours. These steps do require you to play with another person, so if you were planning to play the mod only by yourself I am sorry. Once you have the mangkeyo sharingan you can evolve it into the rinnegan, this can be done by eating a white zetsu flesh while having the eternal mangkeyo sharingan on your head. You can change that rinnegan into a rinnesharingan by eating a chakra fruit which currently cannot be obtained naturally. Now moving on to byakugan, byakugan can be evolved into the tenseigan, this can be done by combining other palyer’s byakugan with yours in the medical scroll. You will need to combine around 4 to evolve it into the tenseigan, and will need about 4 more to obtian the tenseigan chakra mode. Eyes can be stolen in this mod, if another player dies their eyes will drop and you can use them, beware though because stolen eyes will take 3 times more chakra to use and will lose durability at 3 times the rate they normally do.

Tailed Beasts/ Jinchurikis:

  • Now moving onto tailed beasts, a player could naturally become a jinchuriki for a tailed beast when they reach 300 ninjaxp but it is a very small chance. Tailed beasts will not spawn naturally in a singleplayer world and you will have to spawn them yourself. Once you have spawned a tailed beast and want to seal it you will need to use the four symbols sealing jutsu, I will not go into great detail about the sealing because it is quite complicated, if you want to see how to do it check out my hour long showcase of the mod, you can find the part detailing how to seal tailed beasts towards the end of the video. Once you are a jinchuriki for a tailed beast you can go into the tailed beast mode by clicking jutsu button 2, you should not be wearing any dojutsu while doing this. After clicking jutsu button 2 you will be put in the uncontrolled first form, you will need around 3600 jutsuxp to be able to control this stage and enter the next stage which is controlled stage 1. Then you will need another 4800 jutsuxp to enter the uncontrolled stage 2. Then 3600 to control stage 2. Then 4800 to achieve the tailed beast transformation. Jutsuxp can be gained while in this state simply by sitting there, you don’t have to do anything special but occasionally activate the tailed beast mode to gain jutsuxp. While in the tailed beast form you can click jutsu button 3 to shoot a tailed beast bomb, note this will only happen in stage 2 and during the tailed beast transformation.


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