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No Tree Punching Mod 1.16.5, 1.15.2 is a Minecraft mod meant to add a little more believability to your first few minutes of minecraft play. It also adds the extra challenge that when you break a block with the wrong tool, it takes much longer to mine, and won’t drop anything. Two new tools, Knives and Mattocks are added to help deal with this requirement. A lot of features are heavily inspired by the original TerraFirmaCraft.

No Tree Punching Mod

This mod uses JEI’s information feature as a method of documentation, as well as the online wiki. It includes full JEI recipe viewing support, as well as Craft Tweaker integration for custom recipe changes.


  • Blocks must be broken with the correct tool to get a drop.
  • Blocks will take longer when not broken with the correct tool.
  • Metal pickaxes will drop items from dirt type materials.
  • Adds Crude Pickaxe, Shovel, and Axe.
  • Adds Saws, and Mattocks.
  • Firestarter and Firepit.
  • Cobblestone for all the stone variants, including those from Quark and Rustic.
  • Stones will appear based on the underground material (ideally used with Quark revamped stone gen or similar).

Screenshots and Crafting Recipes:


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A bellows is a compressible sack of air used to forge oxygen into the Forge / Blast Furnace.

The side with the dark hole is where the air comes out. This must be placed against a Tuyere or a Blast Furnace block for the bellows to work properly. To compress the bellows, supply a redstone signal. The bellows will compress when it first receives a signal, and expand when it no longer does.

Blast Furnace

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The blast furnace is used to turn iron into steel. It is a small expandable multiblock structure.

No Tree Punching Mod Features 1

To start, you need the blast furnace block. Right clicking will open the GUI, showing the current temperature, charcoal, and input and output slots. To add charcoal, it must be placed up to three blocks above the blast furnace, and surrounded in a ‘+’ shape by solid stone type blocks. Below is an example of a maximum size blast furnace (there is three layers of charcoal inside the stone bricks.)

No Tree Punching Mod Features 2

To light the blast furnace, right click with a flint and steel or firestarter. It will start to consume charcoal, heating up as it does so. To add additional heat, place a bellows, facing into the blast furnace block and toggle it.

No Tree Punching Mod Features 3

Charcoal Forge

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The charcoal forge is a way to reach high enough temperatures to smelt ores into ingots. To create it, place at least one charcoal in a Charcoal Pile. Then surround it on all four horizontal sides with stone type blocks. Finally, light the forge by right clicking it with a Fire starter or Flint and Steel.

No Tree Punching Mod Features 4

A forge will slowly consume charcoal while burning. It will also slowly increase in temperature, visible by the temperature gauge to the left of the GUI. When it reaches a high enough temperature, it will start smelting objects in the input (left) slot and place them in the output (right) slot. The charcoal bar at the bottom shows how much fuel is remaining in the charcoal pile.

No Tree Punching Mod Features 5

If the charcoal pile becomes low, the forge has a chance to burn out when trying to consume more fuel. To avoid this, keep the forge full of charcoal while it is burning.

Charcoal forges will start converting ore into ingots when they reach a certain temperature. The temperature required for each ore / metal is different depending on the metal. You can see the required temperature in JEI when looking at the recipe. Below are the temperatures required for common modded metal ores.

  • 300 °C – Tin
  • 400 °C – Lead, Zinc
  • 700 °C – Aluminium
  • 900 °C – Silver
  • 950 °C – Bronze
  • 1000 °C – Copper – Note that temperatures greater than 1000 °C require a Tuyere
  • 1100 °C – Gold
  • 1400 °C – Nickel
  • 1500 °C – Iron

Flint Shards

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Flint Shards are required to create most crude tools, including a fire starter. To create them, right click with a piece of flint on a stone surface (such as an exposed piece of rock). You will hear the rock crack, and potentially break into two flint shards.

No Tree Punching Mod Features 6

Flint (Crude) Tools

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Flint tools are all made with flint shards, sticks, and plant string. They are the first tool you are likely to obtain.

No Tree Punching Mod Features 7

Flint tools have the same mining level as a wooden tool, and are almost as slow as mining by hand (apart from the incorrect tool slowness multiplier). There are currently four flint tools (above, from left to right): Crude Knife, Hatchet, Pickaxe, and Shovel. Of these, the shovel and pickaxe require a crafting table to create, while the knife and hatchet can be made in a 2×2 grid.

Fire Pit and Fire Starter

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A fire pit is created by throwing some lumber (Any log), some smaller pieces (three sticks), and some kindling (plant string) onto a block, then right clicking and holding with a fire starter. Smoke particles will appear, and then after a second, the items will be consumed and a fire pit will appear.

No Tree Punching Mod Features 8

Fire pits give off light when lit. While lit, they will constantly try and burn fuel, but at a much slower rate than a furnace. The downside is that, being cooler than a furnace, they can’t burn fuel with a high burn time (such as coal), and are only able to cook food, not smelt ingots or other materials. They can cook food at approximately half the speed of a furnace. Additionally, sticks can be burned in a fire pit to create torches. They will burn very quickly.

No Tree Punching Mod Features 9

A fire pit can be extinguished by right clicking on it with a piece of sand, or by exposure to rain. A fire pit can be re-lit by right clicking on it with a fire starter, but this requires the fire pit to have some fuel in its fuel slot before it will re-light.


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The grindstone is used to grind items into dusts or other byproducts. To use a grindstone, you will need the grindstone block, and also a grinding wheel. Right click with the grind wheel, or place it in the top slot. If the grindstone has a wheel, and a valid input, right clicking the top of the grindstone block will start it grinding.

No Tree Punching Mod Features 10

The main use of the grindstone is to grind tin and copper ores into dusts, which can then be mixed to create bronze, an predecessor to iron. However, it can also be used to create flint shards, dyes, blaze powder, and a few other things.


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Knives are one of the new tool types. They function as low damage swords, and as basic cutting tools. They have a speed modifier against blocks such as leaves, and will drop extra items when breaking plant type blocks: Leaves have roughly twice the chance to drop sticks, Tall grass will drop plant fibers.

Knives can also be used to cut material down. To cut something, hold a knife in one hand, the item you want to cut in the other, and then right click. If the object is a valid knife recipe, it will be cut, and the resultant item(s) will drop on the ground. Use JEI to see the full list of items that can be cut with a knife.

Loose Rocks

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Loose Rocks are found lying on the ground at random. They appear in different varieties based on the stone immediately underground. (Ideally used with Quark’s Revamped Stone Gen or similar.)

Stones come in a few plain stone, andesite, diorite, and granite varieties. If Quark is loaded, limestone and marble will have stones. If Rustic is loaded, slate will have a stone variant.

Stones can be broken with a hand, and drop a small rock item. This can then be placed back on the ground.

Stones can be used to craft flint shards, by cutting them with a knife. They can also be used to craft their respective cobblestone.

Plant Fibers

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Plant Fibers are pieces of grass or other plants that are used to make a weak string. Three plant fibers will create one plant string in the crafting grid. This string is used to make crude tools. It can also be used in place of string in many recipes.

Plant fibers can be gathered by breaking tall grass, and double tall grass, with any knife. They can also be created from many other forms of plant matter by cutting them with a knife. (See Knife Cutting)


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A Tuyere is a small pipe, which can be inserted into a block of cobblestone to provide air to the bottom of a Charcoal Forge. To use, right click on a cobblestone block (of any type) and the tuyere will be inserted. Breaking the block will drop the tuyere and the original block.

The tuyere, when acting as a wall to a charcoal forge, will funnel air from a bellows into the forge. A forge with bellows will be able to reach max temperature, required to smelt certian metals, and alloys.

No Tree Punching Mod Features 11

With a Tuyere and bellows, a charcoal forge can reach its maximum temperature of 1500°C. This is required to smelt Iron into ingots, and also most alloys.

Wooden Gear

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Wooden gears are crafting ingredients for a number of other blocks, including the bellows, grindstone, and grind wheel.

No Tree Punching Mod Features 12

Charcoal Pit

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The Charcoal pit is not a block. Rather, it is a way of creating charcoal from wood. To start, you will need a fair amount of logs, some non-flammable, full blocks, and a source of fire (Flint and Steel or a Fire starter).

To start, place your logs in log piles, by shift right clicking the logs onto the ground. Each log pile, when opened, can hold sixteen logs. The more logs, the more efficient the charcoal pit will be, in terms of Charcoal gained per log. On average you can expect 16 logs to turn into 7 ~ 8 charcoal.

No Tree Punching Mod Features 13

Next, you should cover all your log piles with a non-flammable, full block. If there are any log piles with sides left uncovered, they will have a high chance of bursting into flames during the conversion process, letting in dangerous oxygen that will cause your charcoal pit turn into a blazing fire. This is bad.

No Tree Punching Mod Features 14

Leave one space open, and on that log, right click with a Fire starter or Flint and Steel. This will light the charcoal pit on fire. Immediately after it lights, cover the exposed log pile with some more blocks. If you have done everything correctly, you should see smoke start to percolate upwards through your cover blocks.

No Tree Punching Mod Features 15

After smoke stops appearing, and the charcoal pit stops making a burning sound, you can dig it up, and retrieve the valuable charcoal underneath.

No Tree Punching Mod Features 16

Vanilla Changes

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Block Breaking Changes

When breaking blocks with your fists, or the incorrect tool, blocks will take slower to mine, and not drop anything. The multiplier for the mining speed is based on the effective tool:

  • pickaxe = 8x
  • axe = 5x
  • shovel / default modifier = 3x

There are exceptions to this rule. Leaves, gravel, and rocks will always drop when broken with your hands. Also, any block can be set to override this feature via the config setting BREAKABLE.

Modified Block Drops

There are a few extra drops that can be obtained with no tool. These are the following:

  • Leaves: Has a 20% chance of dropping a stick, increased to 50% when using a knife
  • Tall Grass: Has a 70% chance of dropping plant fibers.
  • Stone / Andesite / Granite / Diorite: Will drop three rocks when mined with a pickaxe instead of the block or cobblestone

Modified Recipes

  • A number of recipes have been removed or changed. These include: All wooden and stone tools, crafting logs into planks and planks into sticks. NoTreePunching will also try and remove wood conversion recipes from Biome o Plenty, Traverse, and Rustic, if they are loaded.

Getting Started:

  • When starting a new world, there are a few tasks you will need to complete. Find and punch some gravel to get flint by a river or lake, pick up some rocks lying on the ground, and break leaves to get some sticks, and also find some exposed stone. This is all you will need to get started.
  • Start right clicking your flint on a piece of stone. Eventually it might break into flint shards, which you can use to craft a flint knife. Knives can be used for two main things: They can cut plant material for extra drops (Leaves drop more sticks, and long grass can drop plant fibers). They can also be used to cut items down. To cut an item, hold a knife in one hand and the item to be cut in the other, and then right click.
  • The first thing you will want to cut is some rocks, to make more flint shards. With sticks, flint, and some plant fibers you can now make a crude axe. Now you can gather some logs. To cut logs down into planks, or more sticks, you have to use your axe in the crafting grid.
  • With a crafting table you can make yourself a crude shovel and pickaxe, and prepare to go mining. Note that stone will break into smaller stone pieces, which you need to piece back together to make cobblestone. You can also make a cozy firepit, made by tossing three sticks, plant string, and a log and clicking and holding with a fire starter. These can be used to cook food, and also make easy torches.


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How to install:

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For Minecraft 1.16.5

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