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Pixelmon Friends Mod (1.12.2) allows players to learn about their friends’ activities in-game. For example, whenever their peers catch a rare or evolve a Pokemon, they will be notified, thus creating a connection in the game’s progression. Compared to not knowing anything about what is going on in their multiplayer servers, players are granted the prospect of competing and racing toward getting the best pokemon ever, thus allowing them to have a friendly banter against each other. Such a prospect of competing would not only make the game more interesting for all parties, but it would also keep players engaged in the game for much longer as they realize that they are not alone in the world of Pixelmon. At the same time, players can add new friends to their friend list and talk to them later in the world of pixelmon.

Normal commands

The commands below can be used with either /friend or /friends.

  • /friend: Lists the available normal commands for Pixelmon Friends.
  • /friend add <player>: Adds the specified player to the user’s friend list
  • /friend list: Lists all players currently on the user’s friend list, along with their win/loss ratios.
  • /friend mute: Disables notifications from Pixelmon Friends.
  • /friend remove <player>: Removes the specified player from the user’s friend list.
  • /friend status: Shows whether the user has notifications enabled (“Normal”) or disabled (“Muted”). Also shows the number of players on the user’s friend list and the number of players who have added the user to their friend lists.
  • /friend unmute: Enables notifications from Pixelmon Friends.

Admin commands

The following commands are intended for server admins to manage players’ friend lists.

  • /friendsadmin: Lists the available admin commands for Pixelmon Friends.
  • /friendsadmin add <player1> <player2>: Adds player2 to player1‘s friend list.
  • /friendsadmin listfollowers <player>: Lists all players that have added the specified player to their friend lists
  • /friendsadmin listfollowings <player>: Lists all players that the specified player has added to his/her friend list.
  • /friendsadmin remove <player1> <player2>: Removes player2 from player1‘s friend list.


  • Players will be able to know about each other’s progressions such as Pokemon Catching and Evolving.
  • Players can add each other to the friend list.



Minecraft Forge

Pixelmon Mod

How to install:

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Pixelmon Friends Mod (1.12.2) Download Links:

For Minecraft 1.12.2

Forge Version: Download from Server 1Download from Server 2

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