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Rotten Creatures Mod 1.15.2, 1.14.4 is bringing in a scary, realistic and unique type of zombie. The new zombie collection comes with beautiful texture skin, lifelike movement and behaviour. These creatures aren’t just simple additions to the environment either; they represent a part of their surrounding as well. Some are immune to the sun; some are stronger if they met a particular condition. Every single new zombie will have a different trait where you can either exploit or come up with a better strategy to fight it.

Rotten Creature Mod


Frostbitten Zombies:

  • Drops: Same as regular Zombies.
  • Spawn: Snow Biomes.
  • Frostbitten applies Freeze Effect once it hits a player, you will not be able to move, jump and even open the inventory.
  • Permanent Frost Walk Enchant.
  • Burned is the nemesis of Frostbitten.
  • Freeze Effect es a new effect added by this mod.

Undead Miner:

  • Drops: Ranks distinguish drops
  • Rank C: 1-2 Rotten Flesh, 2 Cobblestone, 1 Iron Ore, 2 Coal.
  • Rank B: 1-2 Rotten Flesh, 2 Cobblestone, 1 Gold Ore, 1 Iron Ore, 2 Coal.
  • Rank A: 1-2 Rotten Flesh, 2 Cobblestone, 1 Diamond, 1 Gold Ore, 2 Iron Ore, 3 Coal.
  • All Ranks have a rare chance to drop their pickaxe.
  • Spawn: Only in Undergrounds.


  • Drops: 1-2 Rotten Flesh, 1 Brown Dye (rare).
  • Spawn: Swamp Biomes.
  • Swampy applies Blindness and Poison at the same time when he hits a player.
  • Has an 80% chance to drop a small cloud effect area with Poison II.


  • Drops: 1-2 Rotten Flesh, 1 Magma Block, 1 Magma Cream.
  • Spawn: All the Nether.
  • Setting player on fire once hit.
  • Turns into an Obsidian Burned if touch water
  • Strength and speed increases if low health
  • Emits light.
  • Rain doesn’t seem good to Burned.
  • Cold is his nemesis.

Rotten Eskimo:

  • Drops: 1-2 Rotten Flesh, 1 Leather, 1-2 Raw Cod.
  • Spawn: Rare chance to spawn in Snow Biomes.
  • Applies Slowness II when it hits a player.
  • Has a chance to drop a Raw Cod.


  • Drops: 1-2 Rotten Flesh, 1-2 Paper, 4-5 golden nuggets.
  • Spawn: Rare chance to spawn in Desert Biomes.
  • Mummy applies Hunger III when it hits a player.
  • When he is tracking a entity, he has a rare chance to spawn a beetle.
  • If this mob dies, 2 or 3 beetles spawns.

Dead Beard:

  • Drops: 1-2 Rotten Flesh and the same loot as the treasure chest of the Shipwreck.
  • Spawn: Beach Biomes. (Extremely Rare)
  • He has Knockback Resistance.
  • If this zombie moves, he has a chance to spawn Zombie Pirates or Skeleton Pirates.
  • When Dead Beard has low health, he takes out a TNT barrel, and he will explode in 5 seconds. If he explodes, the drops don’t appear.
  • Zombie Pirates and Skeleton Pirates disappear after 30 seconds.
  • Normal drops: 1-2 Rotten Flesh, 1-2 Bones.
  • During Thunderstorm: 100% chance to drop a Trident with: Channeling I, Riptide I or without enchantment.
  • Without Thunderstorm: 10% chance to drop a normal Trident.


  • Spawn: All the overworld during Thunderstorm. (Extremely Rare).
  • He applies Channelled Effect when he hits a player.
  • If lightning strikes him, his life is restored.
  • He can infect/convert zombies. (Zombie turns into Zap, the new entity offspring of Immortal).
  • When he has low health, different lightning bolt appear near him and his speed increases.
  • Immortal moves randomly when hit.
  • He can perform a “dash attack”. When this attack ends, his life is restored.


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Rotten Creatures Mod 1.15.2, 1.14.4 Download Links:

For Minecraft 1.14.4

Download from Server 1Download from Server 2

For Minecraft 1.15.2

Download from Server 1Download from Server 2

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