• Are you tired of boring dungeons with even more boring loot?
  • Do you want more variety in mineshaft and stronghold loot?
  • Do you wish sometimes you’d get something useful from digging through mounds and mounds of dirt?
  • Do you wish a chance to recover some of that glass you placed?
  • Do you want to be able to put torches on the back of stairs?
  • If the answer to any of these questions was “yes” then SparcsTweaks is the Mod for you.

This is a minimalist mod that only tweaks a few key features of the game to make it a bit more rewarding and exciting.


Torches can now be attached to the back of stair blocks:

Sparcs Tweaks Mod

Beware of dungeons with creeper spawners!

Sparcs Tweaks Mod

Sometimes you’ll get a cave spider spawner instead of a regular spider spawner:

Sparcs Tweaks Mod

Dungeons are now a jackpot of amazing items! Sample Loot:

Sparcs Tweaks Mod
Sparcs Tweaks Mod
Sparcs Tweaks Mod
Sparcs Tweaks Mod
Sparcs Tweaks Mod

More variety in mineshaft loot:

Sparcs Tweaks Mod

More variety in Stronghold loot:

Sparcs Tweaks Mod

More variety in Stronghold library loot:

Sparcs Tweaks Mod
Sparcs Tweaks Mod

The changes made by this mod are as follows:

World tweaks:

  • Added a 1% chance of finding a bone when breaking dirt/grass blocks (up to about
  • 50% with Fortune III enchantment)
  • Increased chance of finding flint to 12.5% when breaking gravel blocks
  • Dungeon spawners are an equal chance of Zombie, Skeleton or Spider (formerly 50% chance of Zombie spawner)
  • Added a 10% chance of recovering a glass when broken (both blocks and panes now)
  • Added mineshaft loot
  • Added items to stronghold loft loot: bow, arrows, and diamond sword
  • Added items to stronghold library loot: paintings, blaze rod, ghast tear, netherwart, glass bottles and netherquartz
  • Spider spawners in dungeons carry a 10% chance of being a cave spider spawner instead of a normal spider
  • Dungeons now have a 1/10 chance of having a creeper spawner (approach with caution… and armor!)
  • You can attach torches to the back of stairs (including inverse stairs)
  • EnderPearl drops increased by 1 (1-3 normally rather than 0-2)
  • Added smelting of rotten flesh into leather
  • Water buckets work in the Nether, but lava evaporates water
  • Endermen also drop the block they are carrying
  • Witch huts contain a chest with random potions and ingredients
  • Cave spider spawners in mineshafts reduced by nearly 1/2
  • Chicken drop feathers randomly

Dungeon treasure:

  • Increased quantity of items in chest
  • Decreased chances of finding a saddle (don’t you have enough already?)
  • Possible iron stack size doubled
  • Wheat stack maximum size increased from 3 to 6 pieces (but still can find more than one stack)
  • If found, cocoa beans quantity increased drastically
  • Several new items added:
    • gold ingots
    • diamonds
    • lapis
    • red apples
    • bones
    • lightstone dust
    • bow
    • arrows
    • diamond sword
    • books
    • chain armor
    • diamond armor
    • slime balls
    • watermelon seeds
    • pumpkin seeds
    • compass
    • clock
    • chicken eggs
    • 9 more music disks (plus improved chance of finding one)
    • small chance that bow, armor or diamond sword are enchanted
    • random enchanted shovels, axes and pickaxes (wood, stone, gold, iron, diamond)
    • random potions! Includes potions not brewable!
    • Bottles o Enchantment (very rare)
    • Fire charges
    • Emeralds
    • potatoes
    • carrots
    • netherquartz

Mineshaft treasure added:

  • minecarts
  • storage minecarts
  • torches
  • powered rails
  • detector rails
  • smooth stone
  • hoppers
  • hopper carts

How to install:

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Rev 12

  • Updated to Minecraft 1.5.2
  • Fixed a bug that can cause errors when using a Fortune 4 or higher enchantments

For Minecraft 1.5.2

Non Forge version:

For Minecraft 1.5.1

Non Forge version:

Forge version:

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