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Straw Golem Mod 1.12.2 adds a spawnable straw golem. It’s a very weak golem and flees whenever hostile mobs come nearby, but it can harvest full grown crops (however it can’t pick up drop). It’s a farmer.

Straw Golem Mod


  • In the configuration page of this mod, you may found some optional feature. For now, there is only one: The replantEnabled flag (false by default) allow your straw golem to turn any harvested crop into its fresh-planted (age set to zero) state. So, you just need a 5×5 field of potatoes, a drop-collector system and a straw golem and then UNLIMITED POTATOES. In my humble opinion this feature is too game-breaking, that’s why it’s deactivated by default.


Straw Golem 101: A picture’s worth a thousand words. Just put that Pumpkin on that Hay Bale

Straw Golem Mod Screenshots 1

The Straw Golem: In this picture we can see a quite unpleased straw golem in all its might

Straw Golem Mod Screenshots 2

Working Straw Golem: Once a straw golem start to harvest, nothing can stop it

Straw Golem Mod Screenshots 3

Straw Golem Mod Screenshots 4

Straw Golem Mod Screenshots 5

Straw Golem Mod Screenshots 6

Straw Golem Mod Screenshots 7

Straw Golem Mod Screenshots 8

Straw Golem Mod Screenshots 9

Straw Golem Mod Screenshots 10

Straw Golem Mod Screenshots 11

Getting Started:

  • To create your first handy straw golem (or any straw golem) you have to place a Pumpkin on top of a Hay Bale, or viceversa you have to place a Hay Bale below a Pumpkin.
  • Then your fresh-spawned straw golem, after a moment of reflexion about the life, the universe and everything, will start to harvest the nearest full grown crop for you. But be aware, because your handy straw golem is unable to pick up any drop, so you have to create an alternative method to collect the havested crop.


Minecraft Forge

How to install:

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Straw Golem Mod 1.12.2 Download Links:

For Minecraft 1.12.2

Download from Server 1Download from Server 2

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