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Supernatural! Mod (1.18.2) allows players to explore a new world, where players wouldn’t be able to tell what is real and what is not anymore. In this newfound world, players can follow the way of the Vampire and become one of the most bloodthirsty creatures that ever roamed the earth. Together with powerful abilities that players could gain from vampirism such as projectile defecting, super speed, and inhumane strength, players could conquer the world and explore the new secret supernatural world. There will be 8 variations of Graveyard, where the Ghosts and the Vampires stay domain and fight against one another for years. At the same time, the Ghosts often own valuable armors, animals, and other artifacts that attract travelers from all over the world. However, the only way to get through their defense is to embrace the art of vampirism and become a vampire yourself. However, beware that you will be burnt under the sun once you become a vampire.


  • Players can become a vampire and gain new power.
  • New structures to explore and enemies to battle.



Minecraft Forge

How to install:

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Supernatural! Mod (1.18.2) Download Links:

For Minecraft 1.16.5

Forge Version: Download from Server 1Download from Server 2

For Minecraft 1.18.2

Forge Version: Download from Server 1Download from Server 2

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