Thaumic Augmentation Mod (1.12.2) is a Thaumcraft addon for Minecraft that expands on the base mod with content that not only seamlessly blends in with the magic already there, but expands on it too with new Focus Effects, Casting Gauntlets with additional upgrades, powerful weapons, Warded objects that are unbreakable to all those except yourself, additions to Golemancy, and perhaps even long forgotten secrets that may hint at the greater truth behind the dark side of Thaumaturgy known as the Eldritch.

All of the content in this mod is contained in the “Thaumic Augmentation” tab in the Thaumonomicon, on the right side of the book. It will appear after completing the “First Steps” research. Please note that some research is hidden at first – playing through the regular Thaumcraft research will make them appear.


  • Upgraded Caster’s Gauntlets, one made of thaumium and another made of void metal.
  • Gauntlet Augmentation, a branch of research that allows you to apply customizable upgrades to your advanced gauntlet of choice to further improve its ability to cast spells.
  • Warded Arcana, reworked and expanded on from Thaumcraft 3/4. Blocks that only you can interact with and break them, unless you provide direct access for those you trust. This includes doors, trapdoors, a chest, three key types, pressure plates and buttons.
  • The Warding Focus Effect, reworked from Thaumcraft 4. Allows you to Ward relatively simple blocks (basically anything outside of very complex machines or devices) so that they are nigh-indestructible, even to you, until you remove the Ward.
  • A Seal Copier, which allows you to copy settings from particular seals and paste them to other seals in the world.
  • The Secure Seal. Essentially the Guard Seal, but instead makes combat-capable Golems attack anything they see as opposed to anything that enters a specified area.
  • Light Focus Effect, which allows you to place a permanent magical light source with configurable intensity wherever you want.
  • Water Focus Effect, completing the roster of elemental spells. Has a variety of uses including putting out fires, cooling lava and filling up cauldrons.
  • The Autocaster, reworked from Thaumcraft 5. Automatically fire spell foci placed within it at targets of your choosing. In essence, a turret that can fire spells instead of arrows, using vis to cast them.
  • The Vis Regenerator, which allows you to replenish vis in the local aura, albeit a little slowly. Be careful in areas with lots of Flux though…
  • Morphic Tools and Armour, a way to give any item or piece of armour the appearance of another.
  • The Primal Cutter, the Primal Crusher’s pointier cousin, reimagined from Thaumcraft 2. Very sharp, very deadly, and even comes with some additional tricks. It’s also effective as an axe.
  • Void Thaumaturge Boots, for the mage who finds his Boots of the Traveller to be underwhelming, and who wants to run and jump even faster and higher than before.
  • The Thaumostatic Harness, reworked from Thaumcraft 3/4/5. Now worn as a bauble in the chest slot, it allows the player to fly freely so long as it’s charged with vis. Can also be upgraded further to improve its speed or its stability.
  • The Elytra Harness, another type of flight harness that improves the functionality of the vanilla elytra. Damage resistant and can be given decorative patterns with vanilla and thaumcraft banners. You may even be able to use it for more than mere gliding after an appropriate amount of research…
  • Fortified Glass, blast resistant glass with the appearance of Warded Glass from Thaumcraft 4, good for base defense or decoration.
  • Starfield Glass, a window into the world seen on the other side of a Flux Rift or through a magic mirror, now safely held within a single block of glass.
  • The Item Grate, originally from Thaumcraft 4. A simple device that allows items to pass through while blocking everything else, and can be closed to block everything.
  • Robes of the Adept. An upgraded version of standard Thaumaturge’s Robes, offering a better vis discount, additional protection and the ability to look like a proper Thaumaturge.
  • Glass Essentia Tubes. Essentia Tubes that you can see essentia flowing through.
  • The Celestial Observer. A telescope that automatically performs scans of the sun, moon and stars for you when fed paper, helping you out in your theorycrafting endeavours.
  • The secrets of the Eldritch, reimagined for Thaumcraft 6. A vast Emptiness with dark forces hidden within is waiting to be challenged, but with enough dedication you may be able to use these forces for yourself.



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