When playing Minecraft, gamers always seek the most beautiful, grand, and unique bases. Why not consider some Minecraft house ideas that Sforum shares in this article to prepare for your next world?

If you’re not into custom Minecraft maps introduced by Sforum and prefer the classic style, this article will help you explore new house designs for your world.

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1. Hobbit House

Minecraft is perhaps the only game that allows you to build Hobbit-style houses like those in Lord of the Rings. These cozy little homes, nestled in lush hills, create a warm and tranquil atmosphere that no other Minecraft house can replicate. They are also easy to build, as you don’t need to climb, gather rare materials, or venture into dangerous areas. All you need is wood, dirt, stone, and leaves to create your own Hobbit haven.

If there’s any challenge in building a Hobbit house, it’s probably creating the round doors you often see in the movies. No worries, just look at the illustrations in this section, and you’ll be able to create a beautifully round entrance. We believe this type of house is perfect for mobile gamers, as it can be quickly and easily constructed, without straining your device with resource-intensive tasks.

2. Fantasy Cottage

If you’re playing Minecraft, why not leave the mundane real world behind and venture into the realms of fantasy in your imagination? A Minecraft house made of wood and stone, adorned with green moss and vines, with a small flower garden and the cozy warmth of a smoking chimney, is a base many gamers desire. Building them requires choosing a suitable color palette, perhaps complementary colors to create an aesthetically pleasing look.

Don’t forget to add a few custom-made trees around your house. Use colorful wool or even clay blocks to craft tree leaves; they will enhance the sense of imagination in the world around you. But if you’re not skilled at tree-making, you can always plant a large oak tree right next to your house. You might have to plant it a few times to get the perfect one, but it’s worth it as the failed attempts can serve as materials for expanding your house in the future.

3. Underwater Scientific Base

A Minecraft base located on the ocean floor is undoubtedly one of the most commonly used ideas, but that doesn’t mean it’s outdated. Building underwater is a significant challenge because players need a way to deal with the immense water pressure in their structure.

Bubbles are one solution, but they are not easy to obtain, so using sand or dirt to fill up the space in your base and then digging it out is a more convenient method. If you find coral reefs with complex terrain to build, you’ll have a base with breathtaking views that are worth sharing with friends on Facebook or Twitter!

4. Village on Both Sides of a Ravine

In Minecraft version 1.18, Mojang has made mountains and deep ravines in the game look much more beautiful and majestic than ever before. Therefore, adventurers who like a challenge can build Minecraft houses on both sides of ravines, connecting various structures with suspension bridges, walkways, columns, and rope ladders. This will give you a sense of adventure and thrill, even within your own base, something that we believe many gamers will love.

Additionally, building this base is especially fun when playing with friends. Your group can create a village on both sides of the ravine and have a good laugh when someone accidentally falls off (or gets blown up by a Creeper) and ends up as a pile of items at the bottom of the ravine. It’s guaranteed to be 100% hilarious, as the author has experienced this many times! If you can maximize your view distance when playing on PC, you’ll see a stunning and unique village.

5. Igloo Snow Shelter

This structure has been in Minecraft for a while, but it’s relatively small in size. Why not unleash your imagination and build an entire base with igloos? You can construct a single igloo and dig down into the ground to expand it or connect multiple igloos to create an Eskimo-style village.

The challenge with this type of Minecraft house is the scarcity of resources, as snowy tundras typically lack materials for you to use. However, once completed, you’ll feel like you’ve triumphed over nature, owning a splendid sanctuary fit for a king amidst a world of white.


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