When playing Minecraft, gamers always seek the most beautiful, grand, and unique bases. Why not consider some Minecraft house ideas that Sforum shares in this article to prepare for your next world?

If you’re not into custom Minecraft maps introduced by Sforum and prefer the classic style, this article will help you explore new house designs for your world.

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6. Lake-floating Minecraft Houses

The idea for these Minecraft houses came to the author while exploring YouTube in recent days. Some people in the West are embracing the “off-grid” lifestyle, meaning staying away from society and living independently in houses they build on the water, growing their own food, and minimizing environmental waste. These houses are constructed from various materials, from discarded boats to wood, plastic, barrels, and more.

If you ever find yourself thinking about “going fishing in the countryside,” a floating Minecraft house on the lake is worth trying. Simply choose a large lake with picturesque surroundings, perhaps amidst a field of flowers or a marsh, and start building your house. There’s no need for any planning, as the beauty of this type of house lies in its spontaneity: build as you think, use what you have, as those who live “off-grid” in real life rarely have the luxury of choosing the materials they need.

7. Treehouse in the Forest

Many gamers build beautiful treehouse structures in games, so why not harness this talent in Minecraft? If you want to feel like an Elf in the Minecraft world, build a base or even an entire village on the branches of the forest trees. Connect them with each other using ropes, spiral staircases, or suspension bridges, and you’ll have a famous tourist spot. Previously, gamers needed to be cautious about monsters appearing on the dark branches, but now, with Minecraft 1.18, monsters only appear at a brightness level of 0.

Additionally, there’s another variant of a Minecraft base: build a really tall, curving tree and hang your base beneath it. This method requires skill in coordinating blocks in Minecraft to create a sturdy tree trunk, with beautiful branches and a way to enter the house. YouTuber GoodTimesWithScar has built a stunning base in this style. The drawback of this type of house is its limited space; you’ll need farms (for chickens, crops, etc.) since you can’t grow and raise everything within your base.

8. Post-Apocalyptic Base

The desolation of the Minecraft world is truly suitable for a post-apocalyptic setting. Unleash your imagination with this idea. An imposing base on the rooftop of an abandoned skyscraper. A stranded cargo ship transformed into a refuge for survivors. Fallout-style underground bunkers. A secret base in an ancient forest. A makeshift town built under an old bridge. And much more!

There are countless ways to turn this Minecraft house idea into reality, and you don’t even need much imagination because there are plenty of sources to reference. All you need is patience and a lot of wood to simulate the chaotic, neglected feel of a post-apocalyptic world.

9. “Eat Fur in the Hole”

When starting a Minecraft world, 100% of gamers have to dig a hole to survive the first night. Instead of searching for new locations to build a grand base once you’re prosperous, why not develop your old hole into a truly luxurious and cosy base? This is truly feasible with Minecraft 1.18, as the underground caves now look extremely majestic and beautiful. There’s enough space for you to build multi-layer bases, connected with all sorts of corridors, suspension bridges, escalators, or any movement method you want to apply.

This method also has another advantage; when building entirely underground, you don’t have to pay attention to the exterior. Instead, gamers only need to focus on decorating the interior to make it beautiful. Occasionally, you’ll have the opportunity to build a suspension bridge or a window opening into a crack in the ground and decorate that crack with other Minecraft house-building ideas shared by Sforum. These things always remind the author of the group’s journey into the underground in Doraemon!

10. Suspended Base

This is the most dangerous and challenging type of base to build. You’ll need some method to access your base without using legs – if it’s a staircase, it turns into a seemingly ordinary tower. Skilled Redstone gamers can use Ender Pearls to enter the base, or else you’ll need Elytra wings. In return for this complexity, you’ll have a unique Minecraft base that few can build.

In terms of appearance, Sforum also has various Minecraft house-building ideas that you can use. A floating hot air balloon, a spaceship or an alien’s flying saucer, a rocket taking off, or a giant bird clutching a block of stone are ideas you can refer to.

11. Conclusion

So, 9minecraft has shared a total of 10 unique and interesting Minecraft house-building ideas with you in this series of articles. If you’re playing on PC, you can combine your favourite ideas with the Shaders we introduced earlier to make the world even more dazzling. If you’ve used any of these ideas or created a beautiful base, share it with 9minecraft and other readers for admiration and amazement in the comments section at the end of the article!

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