The Methyr Dimension Mod 1.4.7. You enter the Methyr by finding one of the many spawned “Portal Rooms.” In the portal room, is there a Methyr tome that will guide you trough the methyr, it also have a little story about how to get acces to the portal

Once you have entered the Methyr you’ll have to begin ALL over again. Its a whole new world with lots of different ores. In The methyr we got a couple of mobs, and thats: “The Hatilum, The wolfs, The wasps, The salamanders and the evil tree.”

The way that you smelt the ores you find, is simply just make a “Crusher.” The crusher need to be fulled with the ore called “Catum.” Catum work just as normal coal and can be used to make torches. After you have crushed the ore it will give you the shard from the ore chunk.


All The Ores

The Entrance to the portal room in the overworld

Down in the portal showing the methyr tome

The Methyr tome GUI

The opened portal.

The Mobs:

Show Spoiler

(only 1 color for now)


[Sketch of the Hatilum By KarryBird]

(hatilum calf not coded yet)

Hatilum Sketch


Sketch of the wasp by KarryBird

(baby worm not coded yet.)

Wasp Sketch


Sketch of the wolf By KarryBird

(baby not coded yet.)

Wolf Sketch

How to install:

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