The world was once a thriving place, with Humans and Lycans living together in peace but in recent years the world has been overrun with diseases, and the governments of the world have chosen to blame the Lycans for the death toll. Lycan Hunters were deployed to hunt down any Werewolves and kill them so all Lycans went into hiding. The death toll still increased so the Humans went underground and decided to leave the Lycan Hunters to their work, Lycan Hunters are now in every corner of the world looking for Werewolves. You will have to be in the skin of a werewolf and try to survive in Minecraft with the True Survival – Rise of the Lycans Addon (1.19).


  • You will start in your world as a normal player but instead of the normal Creepers and Zombies trying to kill you, you will have Werewolves!
  • At night time the Werewolves will roam free looking for fresh meat… That means you!
  • They will attack hard and fast so be on the lookout.
  • By day they wivert back to their Human form but still try to hunt you down.
  • Lycan Hunters will try to kill you when you are in Human Form or Wolf Form, they will leave you alone when you are a Normal Human.


  • If you get attacked by a Werewolf you will have just 60 seconds before the infection takes hold and you become a Werewolf yourself.
  • If this does happen, every night timeinvoluntarilynvoluntary become a Werewolf yourself and try to survive till morning.
  • When morning comes you will transform to your Human form until the next night.


Dark Grey Lycan

  • At Day Time

  • At Night Time

Red Lycan

  • At Day Time

  • A Night Time

Wolfsbane Plants

  • You will have to harvest Wolfsbane Flowers from the Savanna to craft a Wolfsbane potion.
  • W60-second 60 second period of infection you can take a Wolfsbane Potion to counter the infection this willfrom  stop you becoming a Werewolf. If a Werewolf attacks you again you will have to take another potion.

Being a Werewolf

  • Being a Werewolf and running fast and free may sound good but you have to consider the negatives:
  • You will not be able to hold anything in your inventowhilst in Wolf form and anything you do have on you will disappear upon transforming.
  • Although the Werewolves will leave you alone, the Lycan Hunters will be hot on your trail trying anything they can to kill you.
  • You will never really be able to harvest food, mine fo,r diamonds or build a house because the secondcomes moon come up all your items are gone. You will have to keep an eye on the sky at all times and how do you do that when mining?
  • As you can not hold anything on you whilst in Wolf form, simply killing Cows, Sheep or Pigs will restore your Saturation

  • When you kill a Werewolf they wivert back to their human form, you can use any sword (Not Wooden) to loot their Corpse to try and Harvest their Heart.
  • If you find a Lycan Heart you can craft it into Lycan Blood

  • With a few Wolfsba,ne Flowers you can craft a Lycan Cure that will completely reset your lycanthropy and you will be human again.

Lycan Hunters

  • These guys will be on lookout look out for Werewolves, either in Human or Wolf form, not a full-fledged fledged Werewolves but they will keep the damage coming with the sheer number of them around.


Installation Note:

  • Warning: you will need to start a new world for the newest version of the addon to take effect, this is due to the player.json being edited and the way the Werewolf Works being changed.
  • Some Experimental Features will need to be active for this add-on to work and it uses the Player.json so other add-ons may not be compatible.
  • Install Both packs as you would normally and enjoy.

How to install:

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True Survival – Rise of the Lycans Addon (1.19) Download Links

For Minecraft PE/Bedrock 1.19

Behavior: Download from Server 1

Resource: Download from Server 1

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