Upcycle Mod (1.18.2) allows players to reuse trash items that players gathered from killing mobs such as Rotten Flesh, Spider Eye, and others through an upcycling process. Normally, these items would ineluctably go into the trash or some lava hole due to their lack of function. Many players have tried to hold on to these items and waited for a day where these items could have some real value, yet those days will never come. With Upcycle, however, players can craft a Composter and put these trashed items into the block, creating the bone meal to use in their future demeanors to restore the forest. These days, bone meals are almost crucial in the progression of a game as without them, players could not speed up the process of growing a tree and wood are definitely necessary when it comes to base building.


  • Players can now reuse trashed mobs’ items to create Bone Meals through a composter.



Minecraft Forge

How to install:

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For Minecraft 1.18.2

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