Wards Mod 1.16.5, 1.15.2 allows you to use those enchanted books you have lying around and put them to good use. This mod only comes with one block: the ward. A ward block draws enchantments from an enchanted book to ward an area, providing buffs for the player and damaging mobs.

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Wards support up to two enchantments: a primary and secondary one. Wards will always pick the strongest two enchantments, regardless of the enchantment’s rareness. That means it will always favor Efficiency IV and Protection III over Mending. Enchanted books with three of the same max level enchantments can still be used, and the ward will simply choose the top two. See the sidebar on the right to see what each enchantment does in the ward’s passive and active actions.
Right-click a ward while holding an enchanted book to place it on the ward. Right-click again to take the book back.

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Wards cannot function without power! They are fueled by lapis lazuli and must be occasionally refueled. Each lapis can power an activated ward for exactly one Minecraft day, and a ward can hold up to 5 lapis lazulis’ worth of power (5 days). A ward is active as soon as an enchanted book is placed on it. Inactive wards only drain power at 1/10th the normal rate. Firing at targets takes up 0.5 seconds worth of power. Wards deactivate when out of fuel.


A ward’s working range is based on the level of its primary enchantment. A ward’s range is 5 plus two times the level of the primary enchantment, capped at 15. For example, a ward with Looting II will extend its magic up to 9 blocks away in every direction.


Wards draw magic from its enchanted book to create a zone of enchantment. Placing a ward within 15 blocks of another ward will interfere with its magical properties, deactivating both of them. Wards with overlapping zones will pulse Redstone particles in the direction of the interfering ward. Inactive wards do not interfere with nearby wards.

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Powering a ward with a redstone current of a power level higher than 1 will disable its expel magic function. Powering a ward with a strong current (power level > 12) disables the ward entirely.
Right-clicking a ward with a stick toggles display mode, which disables all ward functions.
Right-clicking a ward with a command block (as an OP) toggles admin mode, which only allows OPed players to switch enchanted books and disables the ward’s passive power consumption.


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