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ZeiyoCraft Mod 1.12.2, 1.11.2 basically adds simple things to make Minecraft more diversified. These “things” can be ores, foods, alcohols or even a “security system”. It also adds various features such as chairs, keys, alcohols and drugs.

ZeiyoCraft Mod


  • New ores : Ruby, Sapphire, Onyx, Copper, Tin, Silver
  • Added alloys : Steel, Bronze, Electrum
  • Weapons, armors and tools are included !
  • New crops : Grape, Barley and Hemp
  • New food (chocolate cake, apple pie, and many others…)
  • Added alcohols and drugs (hemp, beer, wine, cider and vodka)
  • A security system (with keys)
  • Sittable chairs
  • Added some crafts (saddle, etc…)
  • Added uncraftables coins (for servers)

Screenshots and Crafting Recipes:


The mod actually adds 9 ores : Copper, Tin, Silver, Ruby, Sapphire, Nacre, Jade, Onyx and Amethyst. The first three can all be found in the overworld and are as common as the iron ore (or less) , however you cannot craft armors or tools with these ores. Sapphire can only be found in cold/ frozen biomes ,and it is rarer than diamond. The ruby, meanwhile can only be found in desert and arid biomes, and it is also rarer than diamond, Jade is the same as ruby and sapphire but in in dense or “special” forests biomes (such as jungles, swamps, etc..). Next we have nacre, it can only be found in the ocean floor.In the nether we can find Onyx ore and finally Amethyst ore are located in the End.These 6 last ores produces armors, weapons and tools all slightly better than diamond’s ones, moreover when you wear a full set of one of those 6 ores, you get a bonus effect.

ZeiyoCraft Mod 1


ZeiyoCraft Mod 2
ZeiyoCraft Mod 3
ZeiyoCraft Mod 4
ZeiyoCraft Mod 5
ZeiyoCraft Mod 6
ZeiyoCraft Mod 7


Three alloys have been added to the game, they allow the creation of armors, tools and weapons. Because they use 2 metals in their creation the armors, weapons and tools made of alloys are lasting, effective and sharp.

ZeiyoCraft Mod 8

Steel is made of iron and coal, he keeps most of iron’s characteristics but improve durability.

ZeiyoCraft Mod 9
ZeiyoCraft Mod 10

Made of tin and copper, bronze tools, weapons and armors are better than iron one in each field, except enchatability.

ZeiyoCraft Mod 11
ZeiyoCraft Mod 12

The Electrum is an alloy made of silver and gold, it is the best alloy in the game from a far, it is the perfect intermediate between iron and diamond, moreover his composition in gold may grant you great enchantments.

ZeiyoCraft Mod 13
ZeiyoCraft Mod 14

Food, crops and alcohol

Food, crops and alcohols have been added to the game to improve the diversity of this aspect of the game which is, according to me not sufficiently exploited

ZeiyoCraft Mod 15

Hard-boiled eggs, nothing complex.

ZeiyoCraft Mod 16

Apple pie, nothing complex again.

ZeiyoCraft Mod 17

Purified flesh, that unlike his rotten version does not cause side effects.

ZeiyoCraft Mod 18

Vegetable stew, expensive but very nourishing !

ZeiyoCraft Mod 19

Chocolate cake,the difficulty of his creation is offset by his delicious taste

ZeiyoCraft Mod 20

Vodka extract, made of cooked poisonous potato and will later able you to create the eponymous alcohol

ZeiyoCraft Mod 21

The barley seeds can be found in grass like wheat seeds. His cereal can be turn into malt.

ZeiyoCraft Mod 22
ZeiyoCraft Mod 23

Grape seeds are also hidden in the grass. Grape can be eat or use to make wine.

ZeiyoCraft Mod 24

The hemp will allow you further to smoke and to forget your Minecraft problems. Hemp seeds are another time hidden in grass along with the other seeds.

ZeiyoCraft Mod 25

Three new alcohols can be crafted with a tankard, perhaps you have a headache, but who refuse a good beer ?

ZeiyoCraft Mod 26

We can observe, from left to right, beer, win and cider. And just below, vodka

ZeiyoCraft Mod 27
ZeiyoCraft Mod 28


Everything that does not match with another category.

Waraxes have been added to the game, More powerful than a common axe but slower than these ones.You can also chop down trees with waraxes .

ZeiyoCraft Mod 29
ZeiyoCraft Mod 30

If you want to smoke the hemp previously harvested, you will need to craft a smoking pipe :

ZeiyoCraft Mod 31

When it is done fill it with hemp:

You will need to right click a bit more than usual to smoke it but when it is done, your health will regenerate a little but the world might appear… different.

ZeiyoCraft Mod 32

Chairs have been added, allowing you to savour the whole new food the mod provides you

ZeiyoCraft Mod 33
ZeiyoCraft Mod 34

A sort of security system has been added, allowing you to lock your chests, dispensers, furnaces and others “TileEntityLockable”.

ZeiyoCraft Mod 35

The key is the main element of the security system (qui par ailleurs est inspiré de celui présent dans Minecraft). To lock anything, craft a key, rename it with an anvil, and the key’s name will be your “password” once your chests will be locked

ZeiyoCraft Mod 36

Once the key has been renamed, right lick on whatever you want to lock.

ZeiyoCraft Mod 37

Here it is, your chest has been locked, and you will need your key in your hand or inventory whenever you want to open it.


Minecraft Forge

How to install:

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ZeiyoCraft Mod 1.12.2, 1.11.2 Download Links

For Minecraft 1.10.2

Download from Server 1Download from Server 2

For Minecraft 1.11.2, 1.11

Download from Server 1Download from Server 2

For Minecraft 1.12.2, 1.12.1, 1.12

Download from Server 1Download from Server 2

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