Tired of running out of space in your inventory? Tired of not having a work table when you go to the mines? Tired of running out of torches in the mines? Well, don’t worry anymore because here we bring you the addon with the solution to your problems, Adventurer Backpack Addon (1.19) adds a multipurpose backpack that stores your objects, gives you lighting, and gives you a mobile crafting table.


  • This addon adds a backpack that does not occupy any armor slot, here is a demonstration:

  • This one has basic crafting, it is not very difficult to craft, here is an image of the crafting:

  • This would be the crafting system:

  • This would be the storage system:

  • This is the lighting system:

  • For the backpack to be seen on your back, the item must be located in the main inventory.
  • It doesn’t matter which main inventory slot the item is in, the important thing is that it’s in the main inventory.

New Version Compatible

  • A new version was added that is compatible with other addons, and in this new version for the backpack to be displayed on your back you must place it in this part of the inventory:

  • Everything else remains the same.

How to make each of the backpack systems work?

You can see that in each of the previous videos, but here is the explanation:

  • The crafting system works when the backpack item is equipped in your hand and you interact under your feet.
  • The lighting system works when the item is in the main inventory, if the item is in the secondary inventory it will not light up.
  • The storage system works by keeping the item pressed inside the inventory if you are on android and you will get some blue arrows and which means that you can already put objects in the backpack and take them out it is the opposite, in the case of windows 10 you simply have to grab the item place it by clicking on the backpack item.
  • This item is anti-fire, which means that it cannot be burned by anything and this is to keep your items protected in case it dies by fire.
  • The backpack has a capacity of 15 items.
  • The backpack contains a small animation in the flashlight that when walking it will lean back simulating movement.

Installation Note:

  • Make sure you activated Experimental Gameplay.

How to install:

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Adventurer Backpack Addon (1.19) Download Links

For Minecraft PE/Bedrock 1.19

mcaddon: Download from Server 1

mcaddon (multiplayer): Download from Server 1

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