It never hurts to wear some accessories to be the envy of others. Well, today we bring you Animated Hats Addon (1.19), with designs specially created for your happiness and satisfaction. The addon introduces new types of headgear with animations that can be worn instead of a helmet. With them, your character will look more fun and better.


  • This is an early version of the addon, that is to say, there is still a lot to add so that we can be satisfied with the result.
  • You can craft them at crafting table in survival or by commands by typing /give @s pps: in your game chat.

All the Animated Hats

  • Hat with flower: This wonderful hat is the envy of beachgoers, ideal for walking in the sun.

  • Hat with propellers: This hat is the typical hat that we all wanted as children, colorful, cheerful, and with propellers.

  • Aura hat: Wow, it looks like an angel dropped it… Why don’t you use it? you would look good

  • UFO hat: Apparently, some tiny aliens are trying to brainwash you. While they’re at it, you can show off your flying hat.

  • Crown hat: Fit for a great king, forged from the gold of the deep mines

  • Tiara hat: The essential accessory of any princess, adorned with beautiful and colorful diamonds

  • Top hat: Good morning sir, I think you forgot this.

  • Simple cap: A common cap, to go for a walk in the park.

  • Special Bee hat: A magical hat, made of quality soil, pretty flowers, and a cute little bee.

  • Diamond block hat

  • Glass block hat

  • Grass block hat

  • Observer hat

  • Piston hat

  • Redstone lamp hat

  • Redstone ore hat

  • Stone hat

Crafting Recipes:

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  • You can make your hats at the crafting table. Compatible with survival.
  • For this, you must make the hats table

  • And with this, you can unlock the crafts of all the amazing hats (click the spoiler to see crafting recipes):
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  • You can find the hats in the creative inventory next to the helmets.


Aura hat looks great and it spins too

You can use the crown hat to cosplay as a King

Wanna become a kid in Minecraft?

This hat has a flower with a bee spinning around it!

Who is ready for a Magic show?

The most fun hat is the UFO hat. Do you think so?

Installation Note:

  • You must enable these options in your game for the addon to work properly.

How to install:

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Animated Hats Addon (1.19) Download Links

For Minecraft PE/Bedrock 1.19

Behavior: Download from Server 1

Resource: Download from Server 1

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