Anime Blades: Unleashed Addon (1.20, 1.19) brings the mystique of powerful anime swords and katanas into your survival world. These extraordinary weapons are craftable by players in survival mode and come with op magic abilities, enhancing your combat prowess and introducing a new level of excitement to your adventures. With a diverse array of powerful anime swords and katanas at your disposal, unleash devastating attacks, harness elemental powers, and face your foes with the might of legendary blades. Upgrade your arsenal and become the master of Anime Blades Unleashed – where the fusion of anime-inspired weaponry and Minecraft survival awaits!


Blade Storm: Unleash a tempest of blades upon your enemies, dominating the battlefield.

Break Moon: Harness the power of the moon to shatter your foes and illuminate the darkness.

Cricket: Move with the agility and grace of a cricket, striking swiftly and decisively.

Finally End: Bring closure to your battles with this mighty blade, putting an end to adversaries.

Flow Blaze: Control the very essence of fire with this blade, leaving a trail of blazing destruction.

Humming Bird: Dance through the air like a hummingbird, striking with precision and speed.

Infinite Cherry: Summon the beauty of cherry blossoms to overwhelm your enemies in a flurry of petals.

Ksitigarbha: Channel the protective power of Ksitigarbha, the Earth Womb, as you face your adversaries.

Scourge: Unleash a relentless scourge upon your foes, leaving them in awe of your might.

Sleeve Snow: Blanket your enemies in an icy chill with the serene yet deadly Sleeve Snow.

Soul Slash: Tap into the essence of souls, delivering devastating slashes to your adversaries.

The Halberd: Wield this mighty Halberd with precision, striking fear into the hearts of your enemies.

Thunder Fire: Command the forces of thunder and fire, combining two elements for unmatched power.

Wind Cutting: Harness the cutting force of the wind, slicing through your enemies effortlessly.

Craft, conquer, and become the true master of these legendary weapons!


How to install:

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Anime Blades: Unleashed Addon (1.20, 1.19) Download Links

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