Have you ever thought that only having two different types of apples to choose from was bland and boring? Have you had thoughs moments when you wanted to devour all of you worthless diamonds?  Or have you just wanted to use all of that luxury dirt you’ve been storing away for just this special occasion?

In Apples+ Mod (1.16.5, 1.15.2) you will be able to create a much newer and larger diversity of apple creations. So far there is 81 new apples created. There will be more to come but if you would like to suggest new apple ideas go ahead and comment down below. Almost every type of new apple has a special effect to go with it.  The apples that do not have an effect will soon, they are going to be having the super special effects.



Proof of Concept:




After: (It is pretty much invulnerability, it just is displayed as resistance one)


Mod Showcases:

Apples Mod Recipes:


All but a few apples a made by surrounding the apple by there corresponding item, which i think should be relatively easy to figure out in game.  If not try out Not Enough Items or another recipe mod.

Example: Dirt apple is 8 blocks of dirt surrounding a normal apple

Warning: The Ender Pearl Apple, Egg Apple, and Gunpowder Apple are using experimental code and may be buggy or could cause problems with your game, use at your own risk.

What each apple does:

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  • Apple Apple = Full Heal
  • Apple Arrow = Hurt Player
  • Apple Beacon = Jump Boost(Will be improved)
  • Apple Bed = Nothing(Will change time to day)
  • Apple Bedrock = Haste 15
  • Apple Blazerod =Fire Resistance
  • Apple Book = Nothing(Will Improve Enchanting)
  • Apple Bone = Nothing(Will Grow all crops around you)
  • Apple Bread = Nothing its just a food item
  • Apple Brick = Slowness 3 (Your full of bricks what do you think would happen)
  • Apple Cake = Full Heal
  • Apple Carrot = Night Vision
  • Apple Chain = Protection 4
  • Apple Chicken = Poison(Don’t eat raw chicken!)
  • Apple Clay = Dig Slowdown 2
  • Apple Coal = Blindness
  • Apple Cooked Fish = Nothing its just food
  • Apple Cookie = Absorption(Because cookies are awesome)
  • Apple Diamond = Regeneration 12
  • Apple Eaten = Nothing(You just waste a gold apple on it)
  • Apple Emerald = Teleport somewhere special >;D
  • Apple Ender Pearl = Teleport at your will for ever and ever…
  • Apple Experience = Free Exp
  • Apple Fermented Spider Eye = Nausea
  • Apple Feather = Jump Boost(Because you got feather wings)
  • Apple Fireball = Cast Magical Fire Balls upon you foes…
  • Apple Fish = The Fish King grants his bounty upon thee…
  • Apple Flint = Weakness 3(A stomach full of razor sharp rock)
  • Apple Flowers = Get Bless by the lich kings fair maden…
  • Apple Ghast Tear = Regeneration 4
  • Apple Glowstone = Night Vision
  • Apple Gold Nugget = Super Health Regen (Be careful though, its time is short)
  • Apple Gravel = Weakness 6
  • Apple Gunpowder = Follow in the footsteps of you favorite exploding friends…
  • Apple Ice = Water Breathing 2
  • Apple Invisible = Invisibility
  • Apple Lapis Lazuli = (Up coming feature but I’ll give you a hint, ” 4 apples “)
  • Apple Leather = Resistance 1
  • Apple Melon Slice = Nothing its just food…
  • Apple Melon Block = Nothing its just food…
  • Apple Milk = Cures Potion Effects
  • Apple Netherbrick = Weakness(You ate bricks you found in hell…)
  • Apple Netherrack = Self Warmer…
  • Apple Nether Star = Invulnerability
  • Apple Nether Wart = Random Effect
  • Apple Paper = Speed 3 (Your as light as paper)
  • Apple Porkchop Cooked = Nothing its just food…
  • Apple Raw Porkchop = Poison(Don’t eat raw food…)
  • Apple Potato = Nausea(PPPOOOTTTAAATTTOOO)
  • Apple Potato Baked = Nothing its just food…
  • Apple Potato Poisonous = Poison 3
  • Apple Quartz = Haste
  • Apple Record = Nothing(I need a song about apples…)
  • Apple Redstone = Nothing(Will trigger redstone within 3 blocks of the player)
  • Apple Rotten Flesh = Hunger 3
  • Apple Ruby = Water Breathing
  • Apple Saddle = Nothing(Will Spawn a Saddled Pig)
  • Apple Seeds = Nothing(Will plant wheat in a 5×5 grid of the player on tilled soil)
  • Apple SlimeBall = Slowness 3
  • Apple Snowball = Can’t Move(Brain is Frozen, can’t process movement)
  • Apple SoulSand = Nothing(Will spawn a ghost)
  • Apple Glistering Melon = Dissabled for now…
  • Apple Spider Eye = Poison 8
  • Apple Steve = A desire to feed on the steve kind
  • Apple Stick = Whatever the first person who says what it should be in the comments below…
  • Apple String = Hurt Player
  • Apple Sugar = Speed 3
  • Apple Sugar Cane = Speed 6
  • Apple Wheat = Heals 5 hearts
  • Apple Dirt = Wither
  • Apple Iron = Resistance 2
  • Apple Wood = Digging Slowness 2
  • Apple Stone = Resistance
  • Apple Circle = Its only used to craft a secret, can you figure it out?


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