Better Mob Addon (1.19) will make mobs a little stronger: each monster will get new abilities, new behaviors, and increase their health or damage. This will make survival more difficult since each mob will be a serious danger in Minecraft Pocket Edition.



This Skeleton is very clever :

  • They choose a bow if their target is far away and wield a sword if the target is close to it.
  • If the player is attacked by it while it holds a sword, it will cause a weak effect. When spawned skeleton will be able to have different sizes if the larger it is, the rarer it.
  • Skeleton will be able to ride a zombie if it sees it (50% chance).

Wither skeleton

  • The wither skeleton will have a skeleton-like mechanism.


Zombie is a common creature and also the most difficult creature at night.

  • In this addon, it’s like a warrior stopping the player, it also allows skeletons to ride on it
  • Increases the rate of baby zombies, can pick up blocks and items
  • They can climb, and when the player attacks it also increases their running speed
  • When they spawn sometimes they get levels, The higher the level, the more power, and loot will increase
  • when villagers are killed by zombies they will definitely become zombies villagers

Drowned Zombie

  • They won’t get burned, and the speed in the water is very fast


Being a nightmare in real life, the spider in the game plays the role of a horse on the battlefield. In this addon, it’s like a real horse.

  • When they spawn they can get
  • Speed (40% chance) 
  • Strength (20% chance) 
  • Regeneration (20% chance) 
  • Invisibility (20% chance) 
  • Use the command /summon spider ~~~ Speed 
  • To summon the spider with the corresponding effect
  •  The moon spider will appear only on the night of the full moon with a higher amount of health and damage and magic than normal spiders // killing it will produce “delicious food”
  •  In addition, on the night of the moon in the night of the full moon, 100% of the spiders will often have children riding on them such as vindicator, skeleton


  • The husk will have a zombie-like mechanism


Minecraft’s most famous mob, was created from the bug of a pig… But from now on they will explode fast// 0.1

  • Reduce time to BOOM!!!
  • They will explode almost instantly if activated by flint and steel.

Hoglin and Zoglin

  • When they attack, they will apply a slow effect on the person they hit.


They will have level same husk and zombie, the higher the level:

  • More health
  • Throw the potion faster.


  • An extremely weak creature of the game, but the level of discomfort is at the top of the game, but in this addon, it’s like a ghost.
  • With blinding on approach, increased damage, and increased flight speed these things make the phantom a real Phantom.


Massive creatures appear and spread nightmares for players on raids in Minecraft. Right now that nightmare will be greatly enhanced in this addon.

  • The amount of health can be from 100 – 150 ravager will be very large & rare. Hitbox will now be equal to the Java version’s hitbox
  • Damage output will now be 20, if the player uses a shield when it attacks, it will be stunned and it will be healed.
  • When Raid has an evoker on him, 100% of that ravager is in large form.


The second most popular and second highest damage melee creature in Minecraft raids.

  • The nature of the vindicator is very complete with disabling the player’s shield, high health, and high damage.
  • When spawning, there will be a very rare chance to form a Vindicator boss, and the amount of damage, and health is increased // standing near people will be blind.


  • Being the Senderman of Minecraft – a complete mob in all aspects, if you stand near Enderman when it is angry you will be blind.

Installation Note:

  • You can change the subpack: Hardcore + realm or Hardcore no realm support.

How to install:

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Better Mob Addon (1.19) Download Links

For Minecraft PE/Bedrock 1.19

mcaddon: Download from server 1 – Download from server 2

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