Better With Addons Mod 1.12.2, 1.11.2 aims to bring back new and old Better than Wolves addons, updating them to newer versions of Forge, for use with Better With Mods. Also has some extra content.

Better With Addons Mod


Alicio Trees

Alicio Trees can be planted on any suitable soil. They will make a terrifying sound when they grow to maturity. Alicio Trees secrete a blood-red sap that attracts animals. In order for them to attract (read: spawn) animals, its grotesque face must be fed with items. See below for a table of food values.

Better With Addons Mod Features 1

The wood that Alicio Trees produce when chopped is unfortunately too spongy to be used for anything but fuel, but its terrifying face can be placed elsewhere as decoration.

Better With Addons Mod Features 2

Banner Detector

The Banner Detector does exactly what you think it does. It can see Banners up to a certain distance. Whether the banners are placed or on people’s heads doesn’t matter to it. It can also see past most transparent-ish blocks.

When placed next to lattice under the influence of a worldscale, it won’t be able to be broken. You can have the same effect by placing it behind iron bars. The container for the banner it uses as comparison can only be accessed from the back of the detector.

Better With Addons Mod Features 3


Better With Addons Mod Features 4

The Chute is just like a Filtered Hopper, a box with a hole in it, but the Chute has several holes. When items are thrown into the top, they will pop out of the holes on the bottom, as one might expect:

Better With Addons Mod Features 5

Clogging outputs of the Chute with blocks will do just what you think it will do:

Better With Addons Mod Features 6

The Chute also has a mechanical input on the bottom. This will change the redistribution to something slightly more desirable:

Better With Addons Mod Features 7

Finally, for balance reasons and to mirror Filtered Hopper behavior, the chute has a restriction: It cannot input into inventories when unpowered.

Better With Addons Mod Features 8

Magma Verus

You see this loser?

Better With Addons Mod Features 9

Murder him. Do it. The voices command you to.

Better With Addons Mod Features 10

In addition to the ordinary drops, you’ll get some Magma Cream Verus. Craft 4 of it in a square to make a Magma Verus block.

Better With Addons Mod Features 11

These work almost exactly like ordinary Magma Blocks, but they will deal magic damage instead of fire damage. Don’t walk on them. If you fly over them with an Elytra, you will gain a significant vertical boost, without the use of any Firework Rockets! Fireworks are for dweebs, anyway.

Miscellaneous Tweaks

The Butcher thing: Attacking a mob with some sharp thing, an axe or a sword should suffice, while they’re standing on a chopping block (or several, it won’t discriminate. Build a cool butcher shop!!) will splatter the chopping blocks with the blood of the lamb and make a huge mess in general, but you’ll get a short strength buff.

Better With Addons Mod Features 12

The Bannerman: You know how mobs have this awesome feature that lets them wear banners in their helmet slot? Have you ever tried to drop a banner into your helmet slot? Yeah. How about we fix that. Simply shift-rightclick a placed banner to put it on your head. To instill courage in your fellow men, to ward off the foreign hordes.

Better With Addons Mod Features 13

Thorny Vines

Thorny vines are an alien hybrid growth of cactus and rosebushes. They can be planted on either sand or mossy stonebricks. They will grow quite quickly and attempt to “hug” and grow around structures like walls, castles and enchanted wizard towers.

Better With Addons Mod Features 14

They will frequently end in thorny roses, which can be used to synthesize even more seeds. The thorny vines will do significant damage to mobs and players, but will not destroy items. The vines themselves can be harvested for a green material named Midori.

If Quark is installed, Midori must be popped in a cauldron/furnace to make Midori blocks.

Better With Addons Mod Features 15


The Worldscale is a structure that helps protect territories in a anarchism/faction wars type setting, to encourage building aboveground and not just hiding near bedrock layer.

First off, you will need Worldscale ore. Worldscale ore spawns at specific locations in the world, based on the seed. It will slowly spawn over time as the chunk it would spawn in is loaded. A Worldscale deposit lasts forever, but there’s only a finite amount of them in the world to incentivize conflict/secrecy.

Better With Addons Mod Features 16

Mining this ore takes quite a bit of time, and when fully embedded in rock, you will be unable to harvest it completely. To harvest it, it must be exposed to the elements. Harvesting the ore successfully will drop some shards. The shards will resonate with nearby deposits and can be used to locate the others.

Better With Addons Mod Features 17

The polished Worldscale is the centerpiece of the structure. To function, it must have any banner placed on top of it. The more complex the banner design, the better, as it will be more difficult to counterfeit.

Better With Addons Mod Features 18

Merely placing the worldscale will protect the chunk it is in. To protect more chunks, it can be extended in a flat plane shape. The individual scale pieces are not required to be connected to the centerpiece. Two worldscales cannot claim the same chunks, when attempted, the block on the more recently placed worldscale will fracture, showing that a chunk cannot be claimed (this does not destroy the scale, and it can be mined as usual)

Better With Addons Mod Features 19

An active worldscale will inhibit blockbreaking in all claimed chunks. Blocks will be much harder to break, whether a suitable tool is used or not. There is no change to blast resistance of individual blocks, so explosions can still be used to blast through walls. Containers will also remain unprotected, there’s other mods that can fill that purpose.

This effect can be negated by wearing a copy of the banner placed on the centerpiece on your head.

Better With Addons Mod Features 20

Only in the influence area of a worldscale, Lattice blocks can be placed to increase the hardness (read: time to break) of adjacent blocks. In theory this is intended to make lesser building materials like stone viable for building protective structures, but this will require more tweaking in the future.

Better With Addons Mod Features 21


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