Bleach Vibes Mod (1.16.5) introduces many aspects of the manga, “Bleach” into the game. Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of spiritual energy and supernatural powers, as you choose from 6 different races: humans, shinigami, hollows, arrancars, quincy, and vizards. Each race comes with its own unique abilities and strengths, adding a whole new dimension to your Minecraft gameplay. But that’s not all, you’ll also have access to a robust system of class separation and leveling up, allowing you to develop your character’s skills and unlock powerful new abilities. And of course, what would the world of Bleach be without its iconic spiritual swords? With this mod, you’ll be able to wield your own sword, with appearance and damage depending on your class and skill level.


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You can activate a bankai with every type, but not every type has different abilities; however, every bankai gives you buffed damage and resistance.

Type 0:

  • Gives you random type of zanpakuto

Type 1:

  • Shikai steals reishi on hit

Type 2 (Sode no Shirayuki/ Hakka no Togame): 

  • The right-click creates a freezing wave.
    • Shift+right click freezes everything within a radius, and targeted mobs are frozen for some time.
    • Bankai is a stronger version.
    • Activation of Bankai freezes everything in range.Type 3 (Engetsu):
      • Deals bonus damage on hit (damage is increased by the damage that your body received)
      • Ignites enemies
      • Right click uses Getsuga Tenshō

Type 4 (Senbonzakura):

  • Makes your zanpakuto shatter into sakura leaves and they will follow your cursor.
  • While blocking you’re making the leaves return.
  • Bankai has a larger range.

Type 5 (Zangetsu):

  • Right-click creates a Getsuga Tenshō attack.
  • Bankai gives the user a speed buff.
  • Bankai has stronger Getsuga Tenshō.

Type 6 (Custom):

  • Right-click creates a weak shadow attack.
  • When the user has less than 15hp, he gains bonus resistance.
  • Bankai deals damage and debuffs others in the area.

Type 7 (Wabisuke):

  • Stacks a slowing effect on hit.
  • Bankai slows everyone in range.
  • Bankai gives this zanpakuto the ability to prevent you from dying, however this ability consumes 200 reishi.

 Type 8 (Gonryōmaru):

  • switch you with target

Type 9(Kyōka Suigetsu):

  • Activating shikai puts every mob within range under hypnosis.
  • If mob or player under hypnosis tries to attack the user, with direct hit, who has his Zanpakuto in (main) hand, damage gets canceled and attacker is rotated by 180 degrees.
  • In bankai, if owner gets hurt by anything and any target exist in radius of 10 blocks, damage gets redirected to the nearest target and target will be teleported to the owner of this type

Type 10(Sōgyo no Kotowari):

  • If you’re blocking in shikai and you get hurt, blocking gets canceled and damage will be send back but stronger

Type 11(Hihiō Zabimaru):

  • Has a bonus after damage on hit.
  • Right click creates a wave attack
  • In bankai this zanpakuto transforms into a huge snake that deals damage to everything it touches.

Type 12(Hyōrinmaru):

  • Right-click creates an Ice attack.
  • Bankai adds you wings, and makes your ice attack stronger

Type 13:

  • right click is dash
  • shift + right click creates flame pillars
  • has passive flame attack that deals damage to everyone around you
  • in bankai has 4 abilities, shift + right click to switch them
  1.  flame around you but stronger then in shikai
  2. summons undead
  3. all flames are concentrated in the tip of the sword, makes explotion attack on hit, deals huge bonus damage
  4. instant flame slash that cost lot of reishi and deals huge damage

Type 14:

  • Red slash on right click

Type 15:

  • has two abilities, right click and shift+right click
  • one sets a point
  • other one makes black explotion on the point
  • in bankai it has 4 abilities, shift+right click to change them
  • every ability is passive attack with different effects, they are based on seasons

Type 16:

  • getsuga tensho on right click
  • bankai gives speed buff
  • bankai has red getsuga tensho with bigger damage

Type 17:

  • right click exchange your health with nearest target
  • in bankai gives user ability to mute others abilities like bankai, hado skills, vizards mask etc… works only on players

Type 18:

  • Slash based zanpakuto
  • Will have 8 different skills soon

Type 19:

  • shikai right click switch velocity of all entities in range and rotates them
  • bankai can still use shikai ability + it can switch position of everyone in range

Type 20:

  • shikai right click deals damage to everyone in range if they are holding weapon (sword type)
  • + in bankai it spawns for short time murasama that is agressive to everyone

Type 21:

  • shikai right click makes player ride minazuki
  • bankai right click creates slash of blood that acts like poison

Type 22:

  • shikai has bigger range on left click and it can also hits more targets at once
  • bankai has special attack that can be activated with right click once the dragon at the top blade is fully red

Type 23:

  • shikai heals user with every hit
  • bankai adds bonus 20% resistance, otherwise same as shikai

Type 24:

  • shikai right click targets all entities in range, teleports user to them one by one and deals damage every time and sends targets flying
  • bankai gives speed to the use
  • right click in bankai is same as shikai but stronger, does not send targets flying but it does freeze them for few seconds and heal user for every target

Type 25:

  • shikai:
  • Bushogoma: Deal damage to target and sends him flying on right click
  • Takaoni: little bonus damage on hit to everyone who is lower in Y axis than user
  • Kageoni: right click spawns shadow sword under target
  • Irooni: huge bonus damage on hit but user also receive bigger damage when he is hurt
  • Daruma-san: right click teleports user to the target
  • bankai:
  • act 1: everyone who has higher health than user will receive damage
  • act 2: everyone in range of the user will receive small passive damage and black particles will spawn under them
  • act 3: everyone will start drowning in water and they reiryoku will be reduced, targets user too
  • act 4: target will receive huge damage but user will lost 70% of his reiryoku at the moment


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Player can start as hollow or become hollow when he exit body as human or quincy and his soul chain will disconnect from his body.

  • less than 1000 reishi is classic hollow
  • more than 1000 reishi, player will become menos grande
  • more than 1750 reishi, player will become vasto lorde
  • more than 2500 reishi, player will become arrancar and he can now use “resurrection” by pressing “ability use (V)”


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to obtain shikai player needs:

  • 700+ reishi
  • have less than 15 health points (hp)
  • get damaged
  • after player will see his zanpakuto name in chat, he can use shikai


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bankai can be obtained by:

  • 2000+ reishi
  • hitting hit box (down block) of tenshitai block
  • after that players needs to defeat mob that will be spawned before time limits end

Player can obtain mugetsu by:

  • 4000+ reishi
  • having type 5 zanpakuto
  • hitting hit box (down block) of tenshitai block
  • defeating zangetsu
  • to activate mugetsu, press V (key for activating bankai and shikai) in bankai
  • after activating mugetsu once, it will start to reduce player max reishi until it reach zero, after that player can obtain part of his powers back if he will use reishi sword


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Player can become vizard by using command or when starting as human or quincy.

  • if player start as human or quincy, first thing he needs to do is to exit gigai (physical body)
  • human can exit gigai via death, quincy needs to use shinigami badge, badge can human use too
  • if player exit body via shinigami badge, he needs to get far away enough from body so soul chain disconnect and his reishi start to increase
  • at this step I recommend waiting while watching stats in menu, after while, hollow points will start to increase little
  • at this moment, player needs to touch cube with red string particle
  • after that player will become shinigami but visored one (has some hollow points)
  • after player gets bankai, every time he use it is chance that hollow will try to take over
  • at this moment player needs to spam J (keybind is named focus)
  • after beating hollow many times (last time it ask player to press J 51 times)
  • player will be now able to put on and down hollow mask



  • /set_reiryoku (number) (player name)
  • /set_zanpakuto_type (number 1-13) (player name)
  • /set_race (human/quinci/shinigami/hollow/vizard) (player name)
  • /set_zanpakuto_name (new name) (player name)
  • /set_shikai (true/false) (player name)
  • /set_bankai (true/false) (player name)
  • /reset_stats (player name)


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