Blooming Nature Mod (1.20.1) overhauls nearly all Vanilla Minecraft Biomes by replacing features with new shapes Trees, new Tree Variants, Flowers and much more. It also adds a few more Animals. The goal was to make the world feel wilder, overgrown, and more alive. This mod only changes Vanilla features by removing and/or replacing them. It doesn’t alter how the world generates or the biome placement.


  • Overhauls all Biomes except Badlands, Mushroom Islands, and Deserts.
  • The Old Growth Birch Forest has been replaced by an Aspen Forest.
  • The Old Growth Pine Taiga has been replaced by a Larch Forest.
  • 26 new flowers such as Bluebells, Foxgloves, and many more.
  • New animals! Bisons, Turkeys, Deers, and more.
  • New stone variants: Laterite and Travertine. You can now craft Mushroom Bricks.
  • New blocks such as Quicksand, Marsh Blocks, and Forest Moss.
  • Lots of new wood sets. If you’re familiar with other [Let’s Do] Mods, you’ll remember these wood colors well. All of them come with unique windows.
  • Chickens have been removed from Forest, Savanna, and Jungle Biomes. Turkeys now spawn in the forest as a replacement.
  • Cows have been removed from Forest Biomes, Savanna, and Jungle Biomes. Bisons now spawn in the savanna as a replacement.
  • Pigs have been removed from Forest Biomes, Savanna, and Jungle Biomes. Boars now spawn in the savanna and forest as a replacement.
  • Vindicators and Pillagers have a small chance to spawn in Dark Forests.
  • Now, the universally disliked beachparty pelicans can be found here.



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