Concept Of Magic, Battle, And Technology (C.O.M.B.A.T.) or COMBAT Mod (1.17.1, 1.16.5) for convenience aims at adding more content to Minecraft. It expands your horizon introducing you to a lot you wish you had but couldn’t.

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There are 3 core focuses of this mod currently:

  • Magic: The point here is to introduce “magic” to your vocabulary. You’ll be able to every cast spells you’ve ever dreamed of but don’t forget that “with great power comes great responsibility”
  • Technology: The point, you probably already know it. Its to introduce machinery and would allow you to have various, no, a hell lot of ways to accomplish any given task.
  • Battle: Oh, this is the favourite part. Here you’ll add various weapons. Spears, daggers you name it, seriously name it. You’ll finally get the variety you deserve.


Introduction to Magic

Did you know that every living thing had the ability to store mana? Basically, magic in its entirety is converting this stored mana into forces and particles that aid you in manipulating and bending the rules of your world to your liking. For now, the only form of magic that exists is the type that can be cast through wands. Magic is actually quite easy and does not require too many steps, but without the right tools it would be impossible to cast magic. After a wile your mana will slowly regenerate.


In order to be a magician, you’ll need a stick (yes, a stick) when put in the crafting grid, it forms the basic wand.

The novice wand is crafted with the basic wand and a tridox gem.

The apprentice wand is crafted the with a blaze rod and a tridox gem.

The advanced wand is crafted by surrounding the apprentice wand with tridox.

The master wand can only be obtained by facing 2 bosses, the Ender Dragon and the Wither. From the Ender Dragon, you will need to collect his breath and from the Wither, you will need a nether star. Combine both items with a gold rod and 6 tridox gems and you have access to the highest tier wand.

The god wand cannot be crafted. It can only be obtained when killing gods, as you have to kill a god to be a god. The Ender Dragon, Wither and Arch Robin have a 10% chance of dropping a god wand as a reward for your valiant efforts. You can go bragging to your wizard friends when you get one

Spells and Scrolls

Spells have different categories as well as ranks. There are 10 categories of spells (Fire, Water, Healing, Mind, Lightning, Wind, Space, Nature, Darkness and Enhancement) and their ranks are the same as the wands. Scrolls contain one spell and can be obtained from the deaths of hostile mobs. The chances of a spell dropping increases fourfold when you have a hand in the mobs death (the drop chance can be edited in config)


These containers of knowledge are essential for every witch / wizard and one shouldn’t be seen without one. These books are crafted by surrounding a book with tridox and they store the spells that you’ve collected throughout your journey. Although wands also store spells, they are disposable and can be replaced, whereas this book is not and losing one is basically the same as throwing that perfect enchanted diamond sword into a pit of lava. These books are one of a kind and should be treated with the best care


It’s basically energy that allows you to manifest various spells in your world. A mage can contain a specific amount of mana which can be calculated by adding 1000 to the amount of experience levels you have multiplied by 100. So basically, if you have 19 experience levels, your total mana capacity will be 2900. A mage will recover 1 mana for every 20 ticks in the game and the amount of mana multiplies by 5 whenever said mage is full.


As you are aware of the 11 types of spells in your game, you should also be aware that you can only cast 5 out of that 11. Each type of spell is divided into a sub-category. Elemental Spells (Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Lightning), Utility Spells (Restoration and Conjuration) and Special Spells (Space, Mind, Nature, Enhancement). A mage can only use 3 Elemental type spells, 1 Utility type spell and 1 Special type spell. The selection of a mage’s affinity is randomized at birth and it can only be re-rendomized on rebirth (You basically have to die and respawn)

Mana Pills

Your aware that you have mana right? Well if you ever find yourself in a pinch, you can use these pills to quickly restore a small amount of your mana, around 50 points if I’m correct. As for the crafting recipe, you’ll simply need one tridox to make 5 pills. PS these pills have various side effects. They don’t show up all the time, but I haven’t used them to find out what they are, so your pretty much on your own when using these

The Nan

Sure the name sounds weird, but there’s a reason why many wizards call this place an oasis. Normally, anybody would regenerate 1 point of mana every second, but here, you gain 10 points of mana instead.


In order to perform magic, you need a wand, a scroll, some mana and a grimoire. You first put the spell in the grimoire by setting the book in your off hand and the scroll in your main hand and right-clicking. The method for adding spells to your wand is fairly the same. You put the wand in your offhand and the grimoire in your main hand right click. Once there is a spell in your wand, you can cast it by right-clicking.

NOTE: Spells in the grimoire cannot be overwritten and once all your slots are exhausted, you’ll need a new book, also, the contents of the scroll is burnt into the grimoire, so choose the grimoire you put the spell wisely. Spells cannot be directly input to the wand, they must first go through the grimoire. You can move back and forth between spells by clicking “B”to go backward and “N” to go froward.


Introduction to Technology

The point of this section is to probably reduce your potential workload ingame or even give you more fun mechanics to play with.

Included Items

This is basically a list of all the items you could craft in the game currently:

  • Torch Levers: Basically what it says, torches as levers.
  • Cardboard paper: The core ingredient to making cardboard boxes
  • Cardboard boxes: Like a shulker box but smaller. Its used to transport items, has 10 inventory slots and all items don’t fall out

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The author: “I’m pretty sure this is self-explanatory, but I will still go on to explain. I’m pretty sure that the sword and trident don’t seem to be enough for your weapons collection. You could add the axes, and it won’t be enough. So the aim is to add more weapons while preserving the vanillas of Minecraft.”

Weapons List

  • Dagger
  • Spear


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Minecraft Forge

How to install:

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