Craig’s Cosmetics Addon (1.19) – Halloween Edition adds 20+ new armor with custom models as cosmetics. They have 5 rarities as well: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary.


Chances for Cosmetics:

  • 0.01% to 99.9% Cosmetic Piece
  • 39.1% Common
  • 29.3% Uncommon
  • 19.5% Rare
  • 9.7% Epic
  • 2.4% Legendary

Currently, there are 27 cosmetics and 4 cosmetic sets:


1. Sun Hat [Common]

Protects you from The Sun!

2. Furnace Mask [Uncommon]

Protects you from.. extreme heat and lava?

3. Cartographer’s Monocle [Uncommon]

Nothing much. Just looks cool.

4. Fisherman Hat [Common]

Gives the “Old Man” vibes…

5. Fletcher Hat [Common]

Does it make you look like a fletcher?

6. Shepherd Hat [Common]

Baa Baa Black Sheep, have you any wool?

7. Butcher Headband [Common]

Meant for butchering experts.

8. Librarian’s Book [Uncommon]

Looks like a library accident!

9. Steve in a Backpack [Legendary]

It’s so adorable!

10. World’s Tallest Top Hat [Rare]

It’s as tall as 4 blocks!

11 & 12. Blindfold [Common]

You’ve been kidnapped!

13. Beret [Uncommon]

14. Caked On! [Epic]

Birthday Party Disaster!

15. Travelling Backpack [Rare]

Perfect for any adventure!

16. Bater Wucket [Epic]

Oh no, a wucket of bater fell on me

17. Grill Apron [Rare]

I’m not a professional chef, I’m a home-cook!

18. Flower Crown [Uncommon]

Beautiful and Aromatic!

19. Earflap Hat [Rare]

Warms up your…head?

20. Alien Abduction [Epic]

The perfect abduction prank!

Special Comestics

Poppy playtime

1 & 2. GrabPack [Epic]

What’s the time? Playtime!


1. Technoblade’s Crown [Legendary]

Technoblade never dies.


These cosmetics require Craig’s Cosmetics Halloween Edition. A limited-time add-on extension that appears only on Halloween.

1. Ghost Costume [Epic]

I died to fall damage.

2. Frankenstein Costume [Epic]

It’s alive! It’s alive!

3. Mummy Costume [Epic]

*muffled speaking*

Chinese Mythology

1. Dragon Ride [Legendary]


Cosmetics Sets

1. Cowpoke Set [Rare]


2. Chef Set [Uncommon]

Order Up!

3. Builder Set [Rare & Uncommon]

It’s Lunch Time!

4. Homecook Set [Rare & Uncommon]

One homemade burger, Coming up!

Cosmetics Chest

1. Cosmetic Chest

Drops: All Cosmetics excluding Special Cosmetics

2. Wild West Cosmetic Chest

Drops: Cowpoke Cosmetic Set [Cowpoke Hat, Full Cowpoke Vest, Cowpoke Chaps, Cowpoke Boots, Peacemaker]

3. Profession Cosmetic Chest

Drops: Sun Hat, Furnace Mask, Fisherman Hat, Butcher Headband, Chef Cosmetic Set [Chef’s Hat, Chef’s Coat], Builder Cosmetic Set [Hard Hat, Safety Vest & Heavy Duty Gloves, Heavy Duty Slacks, Heavy Duty Boots]

4. Royal Cosmetic Chest

Drops: All cosmetics (chances for special cosmetics double, chances for cosmetic sets triple)

5. Halloween Cosmetic Chest

Drops: All Halloween themed Cosmetics

Crafting Recipes

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Installation Note:

  • To add Halloween cosmetics, download Craig’s Cosmetics: Halloween Edition and activate it above Craig’s Cosmetics.

How to install:

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Craig’s Cosmetics Addon (1.19) Download Links

For Minecraft PE/Bedrock 1.19

mcaddon: Download from server 1Download from server 2

Craig’s Cosmetics Addon

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