yCreatures Savanna Addon (1.19) is an amazing super complete add-on that brings even more fun to your Minecraft worlds! This addon includes more than 100 species of animals. More than a hundred new mobs that will surround the user in the game. Some mobs are quite cute, and some will try to quickly enjoy exotic food in the form of a player. Each animal received unique textures, behavior, and model.



Small Mammals and Termites:

Aardvarks are insectivorous mammals and hunt termites, they have the ability to dig termite nests to expel and eat them! You can tame them using termite snacks!

Warthog are cute but they are also aggressive if you get too close they will get scared and run after you! They also love termites and you can also use thermite snacks to tame them! They also graze…

Pangolins!! They are fun and love to roll, or not, if you or another big animal gets close to it, it will startle and start to roll, until it moves away from “danger” when they are rolling they are not able to take external damage, but they deal damage and trample everything that crosses their path! You can tame them using termite snacks!

Honey Badger is a curious animal, so small and so brave he will hunt snakes, small birds, and helpless chicks, also to having resistant skin and not suffering damage from bee stings, insects, and immune poison effects! You can tame them using Honeycomb!

Termites! They live almost all the time inside their nests, and come out sometimes to cut baobab wood, their favorite! You can kick them out of their nest too, but they’ll come together to attack you! When they leave their nests they will go looking for the nearest baobab wood and will cut it, turning it into a block of eggs, or rather, nymphs! These nymphs will gnaw the wood until they become adults, and then you can get 2 termites, that’s how the reproduction of this little insect works!


Eagles, almost all the time are flying in the sky, and they land sometimes! The ospreys can submerge to hunt salmon and other fish, while the black eagle has a great vision able to catch small animals! They sometimes drop their feathers when they’re flying, save them, you’ll need this later if you want to have a pet eagle!

On top of the giant baobabs are they, the baby eagles! Resting in its nest, which you must incubate! Using eagle feathers in a nest it will generate a chick after some time, this chick is hungry and will beg for food several times, you must feed them until they grow, and then you will be able to tame them as adults! (Use salmon for baby ospreys and meat for baby eagles) Later you can tame them with the same items mentioned above, and then you can also use them to get some special abilities with your eagles!

Fast and fun, ostriches are there for you to have a new friend who serves you as a mount, and takes you to places much faster and more dynamically! They lay eggs and can be tamed using melon seeds!

African stork… curious hunting bird, that eats many different types of food that is thrown at them! You can tame them using salmon! They lay eggs sometimes!


Lionesses and Lions! They are hunters, strong and challenging, as well as very fast! You can tame them using some kind of meat, if you manage to get close, of course, you can die a few times in the process but don’t give up… They will defend you bravely! They also eat the meat dropped by their prey!

There are also white lions and lionesses, very rare, but not impossible to find! If you defeat a white lion he may drop you a disc from the savanna!

Cheetahs are so fast that you will be completely unable to run away if you provoke one of them! So keep your distance, don’t be fooled by their cute meows! You can tame them using raw mutton!

Specialists in hunting jumps, they attack birds and make great leaps to catch them if necessary! Tame this cute kitty using raw chicken!


Nile crocodiles are very aggressive and can hunt you from afar, just like any other animals, they even get along well with turtles and hippos! You can tame them with salmon! If you breed them they will lay eggs on the ground!

Tortoises have a monotonous life, they only hide in their hull if you approach them, and they walk along the savanna very slowly, almost stopping… They are also capable of laying eggs if you breed them! You can tame them using sugar cane!

Monitor lizards are fast and apply the effect of rot to you and your prey! They break eggs they find on the way, and you can also catch them in the mouth! You can tame them using raw rabbit! And yes, they also lay eggs…

Cobras! They use their VERY poisonous spit as their main form of attack, don’t provoke! By killing them you can get their eggs! You can tame them using raw rabbit!

There are also vipers! They don’t spit, but they are also poisonous, and they also drop their eggs, as well as being tamed with raw rabbit!


Let’s meet the carnage queens! They don’t spare anything, they kill and eat the leftovers, they can be tamed with raw sheep, and they always walk in groups walking together on the savanna!

Wild dogs also always walk together, they are a little fearful but also have great attack potential, they collect the bones left by their prey! And you can tame them using raw rabbit!

Big Mammals:

Elephants!! They are beautiful and have cute and unusual behaviors, as well as MANY natural animations that make these animals so charming! You can ride on tamed elephants, and you can also offer them buckets of water for them to bathe, or leaves of any kind, they eat with the help of their trunk leaves and regain lost life! And you can tame them using cake!

How strong is a bite? Hippos are here to show that they can eat whole melons just by biting! They eat melons to regain their health, they pick them up from the ground, but you can also offer them directly by interacting with it! You can tame them using… MELON BLOCK for sure! They love melon…

You will be thrown for several blocks if you provoke a rhino, they just graze, and they don’t like you, so don’t approach! But if you do, you can use apples to tame him!

Giraffes, tall and beautiful, walk in groups of 2 to 5 giraffes, you can tame them using leaves, they love acacia leaves!

Antelopes and Herbivores:

In general, they are very similar, you just have to be careful when approaching the ones that have horns and that are big! They will usually run away from you or attack you! But you can keep them from doing one of two things just by wearing a zebra camouflage coat! All of these can be tamed using hay block!


Baobab Wood Set! Note that there are some variants of Baobab blocks that are like Nymph wood and Infested wood! Nymph wood becomes infested wood as nymphs feed! The infested woods if they are broken or interacted with will generate from 1 to 4 termites, which were the conversion of the nymphs that were there! There are also baobab twigs, which over time produce mucus fruits, which in turn can be harvested and used as food, when eating, it will result in seeds, which can be sweated to make mucus oil, which serves to regenerate the life of your tamed animals!

Strata and Packed Coarse Dirt are new rocks spawning on the savanna, they have some block and texture variants!

Unoccupied termite nests can be occupied by a termite, Occupied nests can release a termite sometimes, which will stay close to the nest and return with sawdust, turning it into a sawdust nest, which you can interact with to collect the sawdust!

Sawdust bedding is a block that allows you to breed your animals if there are at least 9 blocks nearby!

Eagle nests, patterned carpets, and surface rocks are also part of the addon!

Lots of items! But let’s highlight the function of the main ones:

Loyalty Medal, use it on tamed animals, and then they will follow you!

Habitat Medal, use it on tamed animals and make that position your pet’s preferred home, and then it won’t move away from there, until the medal is removed! (Habitat Medal still working and may not work properly)

Zebra camouflage coat, use as a chest plate to prevent antelopes from running away from you, or from attacking you!

World Generation:

(Download the addon and discover for yourself every feature the addon adds to the entire savanna biome!)

More creatures will be added soon! News is coming!


Installation Note:

  • “WILD UPDATE” is optional, you do not need to activate it to play the addon, the others must be active!

How to install:

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