Decorative Christmas Addon (1.19) adds different Christmas blocks that the player can interact with. Change the face, pose or scarf of a snowman, change the color of the gifts and get something special this Christmas! The author all like to customize the things they use, from the style to the color, and that is the main objective of this addon. The goal is to be able to customize the decorations for this Christmas.



  • Snowman are blocks.
  • These snowman are a very good decoration since you can change the expression of his face, change the pose and even add and remove scarves of the color that you like the most.

  • There are 4 face variants for the snowman. You can change the face using a carrot.

  • There are 6 pose variants for the snowmen. You can change the pose using a stick.

  • There are 16 colored scarves that just as you can use yourself, you can add to a snowman.

  • The author’s character wearing a lime-colored scarf.

  • At the moment you can only obtain the scarves through the creative inventory. There is no recipe yet to make these.

  • You can also remove the scarf using scissors.

You can make the snowman on the crafting table like this:

  • Ingredients: Snow, Black Wool, and Sticks

Table Chandelier

  • You can light the chandelier using flint and steel.

  • And you can also put out the chandelier using a bottle of water. The chandelier will return the empty bottle to you.

Here is the recipe to make a chandelier:

  • Ingredients: Blaze Rods and Candles

Christmas Wreath

  • The Christmas wreath is used to decorate the walls.
  • This does not have a recipe yet.


  • Socks with the face of Santa Claus, Snowman, and Penguin. They are used to decorate the walls.
  • Soon they will have an interesting function!
  • At the moment these do not have a recipe.

Reindeer and Sled

  • Reindeer are friendly animals that you can ride and even fly with!

Flying Reindeer

  • Sleighs can also fly, but unlike reindeer, two players can ride on this one.
  • To pick up the sled you must give it a gold ingot.

  • Two players flying on a sled.

  • You can add the sleigh to a Reindeer, it will appear tied with a rope.

  • You can carry the sleigh attached to your reindeer while you fly.
  • If your reindeer takes damage, you can heal it by feeding it wheat or other food. The same thing that consumes a horse.
  • At the moment, reindeer are not generated naturally, much fewer sleighs. You will need to take them from the creative inventory.


  • Candies can regenerate the player’s hunger a bit.
  • You can find these in gifts.


  • That look like simple cardboard boxes, right?

  • But you can add a paper of the color you want and these will have a nice Christmas design.

  • Now they went from being simple cardboard boxes to being beautiful gifts.

  • There are three different sizes, the small gift, the medium/long gift, and the big gift. Each one can be set to the 16 colors that are in Minecraft.

  • To create the colored papers it is as simple as adding paper, glowstone powder and a dye.
  • The order of the ingredients does not matter.

Here are the gift recipes:

  • The small gift is made with sugar cane, wood (of almost any kind), and a diamond. To make medium/long and large gifts you must use small gifts.

  • Gifts can give you random things. The number of items will depend on the size of the gift, as well as the value of the item.
  • The picture only shows a few things that the gifts will give you when you destroy them. Other things are not shown in the pictures.

Christmas Star

  • A star to light up the Christmas tree.
  • Soon it will have more functions.

Ginger Blocks

  • Blocks made of gingerbread to build.

  • At the moment there are only 4 ginger blocks, which are normal ginger, ginger bricks, chiselled ginger bricks, and ginger pillar; the latter adapts to the rotation of both the floor, walls, and ceiling.

Candy Cane Blocks

  • Candy cane blocks to decorate. These adapt to the rotation of floors, walls, and ceilings.
  • At the moment there is no way to obtain them.


  • Santa’s hat and reindeer antlers are in the helmet section.
  • Currently, you can only get reindeer antlers when a reindeer dies.

Plush Snowman

  • You can use a stick to change the pose of these. You can also use a carrot to change the face.

Installation Note:

  • Make sure you have both of these options enabled. Holiday creator features and MoLang features.

How to install:

  • The file is compressed in two ways, ZIP as the main one and MCADDON as the second option.
  • In case you are on an Android device you will have to move the folders to the following path:
  • Android / data / com.mojang.minecraftpe / files /games / com.mojang /
  • Once you are in these folders, you are going to move the one with “BP” in the name to the “behavior_packs” folder. Then move to the “resource_packs” folder the folder that has the name “RP”.
  • If your device does not allow you to modify the content of these folders then rename the file, and remove the “.zip” so that only “.mcaddon” remains, in your file manager select the addon file, select the option to open and choose the “Minecraft” application. The game will open and the addon will be imported automatically.

Decorative Christmas Addon (1.19) Download Links

For Minecraft PE/Bedrock 1.19

mcaddon: Download from server 1Download from server 2

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