Ever wanted to expand the End dimension with an End Update? Ender Awakening Addon (1.19, 1.18) adds new biomes, mobs, item, blocks, and more to the End to improve the bland experience of exploring the dimension. You will experience wet swampy biomes with giant mushroom trees to dense forest biomes. You will also find new dangerous mobs to make your journey harder, new blocks to build with, and new items to collect and use!



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Depraved Wetlands

Wet swamp-like biome with giant mushroom trees and depraved vegetation. Watch your step or you may be impaled by phreyium spikes!

Chorus Forest

Forest biome filled with dense trees, occasional ponds, and colorful ferns.

Velvium Expanse

Flat expansive biome with water geysers, boulders, twisting vines, pink chorus trees, and void liquid pools.


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The Blastling, when looked at, will start firing goo projectiles that catch mobs and players on fire when hit. It will also cause nearby Blastlings to become hostile and attack.

Spawns in Velvium Expanse biomes.


The Watchling, when looked at, will cause any nearby Endermen to become hostile and attack. This process will repeat each time the Watchling is looked at so it is best to take it out first.

Spawns in Chorus Forest biomes.

Void Glider

The Void Glider will attack on sight, unless the player is wearing a carved pumpkin. They can be mounted by wearing a carved pumpkin and interacting with a saddle and can be used to traverse gaps between End islands.

Spawns in Velvium Expanse & Chorus Forest biomes.

Endsect Swarm

The Endsect Swarm will attack players on sight resulting in a poison effect. They spawn in large groups and can become a nuisance, especially when bridging from island to island where you can easily be knocked off into the void.

Spawns in Depraved Wetlands biome.


It’s just a colorful fish… Can be killed for food. Spawns in any water source in the End.


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Crashed Endship (3 biome variants)

What could of happened? A single chest with loot can be found inside, but the elytra is missing.

Ruined End Shrine (3 biome variants)

Some sort of shrine overgrown from time with an unknown use, guarded by Shulkers. A single chest with loot can be found in the center; perhaps it is an offering, to whom..?

Notable Blocks

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Void Liquid

Gooish liquid block that damages mobs (except Blastlings) with fatal poison and weakness when stood on.

Does not flow like normal liquid do to addon limitations.

Phreyium Spikes

Spikes hidden in phreyium that will impale any mob that steps on it, inflicting a ton of damage and a poison effect.

Can destroy items that fall on it.

Notable Items

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Eye of Shadows

When used, it will cause the player to become invisible and gain strength 3 for 30 seconds.

Has a cooldown and can only be used 4 times before breaking.

Found in any treasure chest in the End.


Installation Note:

These settings must be enabled for the addon to work!

How to install:

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Ender Awakening Addon (1.19, 1.18) Download Links

For MCPE/Bedrock 1.19, 1.18

Behavior: Download from server 1Download from server 2

Resource: Download from server 1 – Download from server 2

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