Extra Creatures Mod 1.12.2, 1.12 adds more mobs to your world. Most of them can be quite… lethal.

Extra Creatures Mod


The Fire Whirl:

  • Type: Monster
  • HP: 16(8 hearts)
  • Attack: contact: 4(burn), melee: 6(fire)+7(burn)+x(fall)
  • Drops: Blaze Powder(0-2, if killed by player)
  • Abilities: Slow Fall, No knockback, Only susceptible to water, magic and explosion damage
  • Behavior: Aggressive(all not fire immune)
  • Spawn: Nether

This mob spawns in the nether less commonly than pigmen. It consists of a whirling mass of flames. Since it has no solid form it can ONLY be damaged by water, magic and explosion damage. It is aggressive vs any mob that isn’t fire resistant and can make quite a massacre if it slips into the overworld. It’s attacks will throw the victim into the air like an iron golem. The best strategy is to drink a fire resistance potion as the whirls will ignore you and ones that are already targeting you will be unable to do damage. If you manage to kill one of these it will drop blaze powder.

Bombardier Beetle:

  • Type: Creature, Arthropod
  • HP: 16(8 hearts)
  • Attack: melee: 2(prey only), explosion: 1-59
  • Drops: Gunpowder(0-2), Spider Eye(0-1, if killed by player)
  • Abilities: Wall Climb, Explosive Defense
  • Behavior: Passive, Predator(cats, parrots)
  • Spawn: Jungle

The Bombardier Beetle can be found roaming the jungle looking for its prey. It feeds on ocelots and parrots, being completely passive to everything else. If attacked the Bombardier beetle will produce an explosion with the strength of TNT and then flee. The explosion is released only if the attacker is in melee range and the blow did not kill the beetle. Bombardier beetles are immune to their own explosions. The beetles use vibrant colors and a creeper face mark on their back to warn of approaching creatures.


  • Type: Creature
  • HP: 20(10 hearts)
  • Attack: Melee: 2+4(venom)
  • Drops: Leather(0-1)
  • Abilities: Swim
  • Behavior: Neutral, Predator(squids)
  • Spawn: Swamp

This weird hybrid between a beaver and a duck roams the swamp looking for prey. Its an able swimmer but not very graceful. If attacked the Beaver-Duck will defend using its venom and its friends.

Mega Moose:

  • Type: Creature
  • HP: 80(40 hearts)
  • Attack: Melee: 10+4(venom)
  • Drops: Leather(8-24, if killed by player), Beef(16-32, if killed by player), bone(4-16, if killed by player)
  • Abilities: Graze(+2 HP)
  • Behavior: Neutral
  • Spawn: Taiga, Cold Taiga, Mega Taiga
  • Weakness: Fall Damage

This proud beast can be seen grazing in the taiga. It is known for its temper and will use its venomous saber fangs to dispatch of any annoyances that get too close. Taking this beast out is anything but easy but comes with a great reward.


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