GravityFalls Mod 1.12.2 adds some weapons and tools from the show including: The Memory Gun, the Magnet Gun, Fun Dip, Infinity Pizza, the Infinity-Sided Die, the Laser Arm Cannon, and many more. Most things in this version are not obtainable in survival mode, so it is recommenced that you try this out in creative mode.

GravityFalls Mod

There is also a Gravity Falls Biome filled with huge RedWood Trees and many different minecraft magical mobs and Gnomes (that you do not want to make angry). There are 4 custom structures: The Mystery Shack, the Journal 3 tree, the Bunker, and the UFO, along with crystals and uranium ore!

The advancement allows you to follow the story line of Gravity Falls. Each advancement you get will unlock something – allowing you to continue the story in order. Currently there are 6 advancements, to get the first one you must find a Gravity Falls Biome.

There are now naturally spawning structures – each contains an item that is not craftable.


Working Blocks:

  • Crystal:
    • A crystal that when mined will drop the crystal shard. Spawns on top of grass blocks in Gravity Falls Biomes.
    • RedWoodLogs
    • RedWoodPlanks
    • RedWoodLeaves
    • RedWoodSapling
  • Uranium Ore:
    • This will later be used to power the inter-dimensional portal. Generates between layers 1 and 10 in any biome. A total of 12 uranium ore will be needed for creating the inter-dimensional portal.
  • UraniumTank:
    • Used for holding liquid Uranium
  • UraniumFurnace:
    • Using a bucket of water and 3 uranium ore, this allows you to create a bucket of uranium.

Working Items:

  • Journals 1-3:
    • Each of these can be right clicked to see part of the portal instructions – will later be used to make the inter-dimensional rift.
  • Crystal Shard:
    • Used for crafting the magic flashlight .
  • Grappling Hook:
    • Pulls the player towards the block they are clicking towards – has a limited range.
  • InfinitySidedDie:
    • When you roll this dice just about anything can happen; you can be given a diamond block, be teleported to the nether, or you can just roll an 8.
  • LaserArmCannon:
    • Very similar to a bow except that it shoots in a straight line instead of bending towards the ground. Requires 1 redstone per shot.
  • Latex:
    • When smelted creates rubber.
  • Rubber:
    • Used for making the Hazmat Suit.
  • Memory Gun:
    • If a mob is hit with, it forgets how to punch the player – doesn’t work on some mobs like creepers who don’t punch.
  • LightBulb:
    • Ammo for the Memory Gun
  • Magnet Gun:
    • Pulls the player towards any block that contains iron – has no range limit. Has the ability to pull iron trapdoors out of the ground (like Ford did in season 2 episode 17).
  • Quantum Destabilizer:
    • Instantly kills any mob. Requires 1 diamond per shot.
  • Time Wish:
    • Used for crafting some amazing items
  • Uranium Bucket:
    • Used for transferring liquid uranium from the Uranium Furnace to the Uranium Tank.


  • Infinity Pizza:
  • A slice of pizza that never runs out.
  • Smile Dip:
  • A candy that gives the player haste and speed, but also gives nausea.


  • Dipper’s Armor:
    • Gives Luck when fully equipped
  • Mabel’s Armor:
    • Gives Speed when fully equipped
  • Cloak of Occasional Invisibility:
    • Occasionally makes the player invisible
  • Hazmat Suit:
    • Allows the player to carry uranium without dying of radiation
  • Magical Armor:
    • Each piece of this amazing armor has a unique ability and requires a Time Wish


  • Gnomes:
    • These creatures are mobs that act like zombie pigmen. If you attack one of them, all of the surrounding gnomes will also start to chase you. They usually drop carrots, rarely drop gold, and extremely rarely drop an enchantment table. (Their current ambient sound is just a joke – I’ll change it to a real gnome sound before the final release.) They naturally spawn in the Gravity Falls biome in groups of 10 – 20.
  • Lolph and Dundgren:
    • These guys can drop the Time Tape or Laser Arm Cannon when killed. They have the ability to teleport around at will. You should be well armed if you chose to attack them because they are strong and have a decent amount of health. The two mobs are very similar to each other except that Lolph is a bit faster and Dundgren is a bit stronger.


  • MysteryShack (1980’s):
    • When Ford moved to Gravity Falls in the 80s he needed to build a house to work at. Equipped with stay-out signs, weird contraptions, journal 1, and a secret entrance to an incomplete inter-dimensional portal, this is a great place to call home.
  • Journal 3 Tree:
    • This is the tree that Dipper stumbled upon which opened a door to journal 3. This tree looks very similar to all the other trees, except for having a lever on it – so keep a keen eye if you want to find it. (Since the tree is made out of metal, you can use to magnet gun to find it more easily.)
  • The Bunker:
    • This is where Stanford and F did most of their research in secret. It contains journal 2 and food that will last a lifetime! Currently there is no trap or shapeshifter – so no worries there. It is fairly easy to spot because the entrance is a short redwood tree.
  • The UFO:
    • A UFO landed about 65 million years ago, and has been hidden underneath the soil ever since. There is an entrance right in the center of the crash site if you remove the dirt on top. In the UFO there are 2 Magnet Guns, but watch out for the motion sensors.



GravityFalls Mod Screenshots 1

Journal 3

GravityFalls Mod Screenshots 2

The Gnomes

GravityFalls Mod Screenshots 3

UFO Site

GravityFalls Mod Screenshots 4

Ford’s House

GravityFalls Mod Screenshots 5

Portal Room

GravityFalls Mod Screenshots 6


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