GTNH Mixins Mod (1.7.10) is a library that provides mixin functionality:

  • Includes a shadowed Sponge Powered Mixins fork – Currently 0.8.5-GTNH
  • Shades the required libraries that previously made 0.8.5 challenging to use with MC 1.7.10
  • Shades MixinExtras
  • Adds two additional loading strategies for mixins, inspired by Mixin Booter Legacy
    • IEarlyMixinLoader – For Mixins targetting Minecraft, Forge, and CoreMods [Note: Currently also requires IFMLLoadingPlugin for FML to force early loading]
    • ILateMixinLoader & @LateMixin – For mixins that target other (non core) mods. Requires both the interface and the Annotation due to limitations in the 1.7.10 ASMDataTable


Minecraft Forge

How to install:

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GTNH Mixins Mod (1.7.10) Download Links

For Minecraft 1.7.10

Forge version: Download from Server 1

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