Inspirations Mod 1.16.5, 1.15.2 is a Forge mod for Minecraft adding various smaller features to the game. The design is targeted towards vanilla, so instead of game changing features there are many smaller changes.

Inspirations Mod

This mod contains features such as interactive bookshelves, climbable ropes, carpets fitting stairs, and new types of redstone inputs. It is entirely configurable, so each feature can be disabled independently, or you can disable whole modules at once.

Features and Screenshots:

Building Module

The utility module is designed to add useful new tools to aid in survival. Some of these interact with redstone, while others are useful in other ways.


Bookshelves are a decorative block used to hold books. Books can be placed on and removed from the shelf by right clicking, or shift-right clicking with an empty hand will open the GUI.

By the bookshelf can be crafted using any wood type, and the books comes in four variants:

  • Default (top left): randomly sized books which take on the color of the current book in the slot.
  • Rainbow (top right): book colors from red to purple in order
  • Tomes (bottom left): consistent, brown books of the same size
  • Ancient (bottom right): brown and tan books with an adventuring theme

The config file allow adding configuring which items are considered books based on automatic detection and direct overrides.

Inspirations Mod Screenshots 1

Enlightened Bushes

Enlightened bushes are crafted using any leaves and glowstone. They are essentially leaves which produce a small level of light, useful for decorating for holidays. These bushes come in several different colors in addition to the normal lights.

Inspirations Mod Screenshots 2

Inspirations Mod Screenshots 3

Glass Doors and Trapdoors

Glass doors and trapdoors are variants of doors and trapdoors respectively made of glass. They are identical to their wooden counterparts apart from texture and requiring silk touch to pick up after placing.

Inspirations Mod Screenshots 4


Mulch is a craftable falling block made using sticks. It supports most plants which can be placed on dirt or grass, but will not allow saplings.

Mulch comes in eight different colors, which can be crafted by using a different dye at the center of the mulch recipe.

Inspirations Mod Screenshots 5

Inspirations Mod Screenshots 6


Paths are a decorative block similar to carpets. They can be placed on most solid surfaces and provide a small hitbox. Path comes in four variants:

Inspirations Mod Screenshots 7

Bricks: made from brick blocks

Inspirations Mod Screenshots 8

Rocks: made from cobblestone

Inspirations Mod Screenshots 9

Round: made from stone

Inspirations Mod Screenshots 10

Tiles: made from stone bricks

Inspirations Mod Screenshots 11

Rope and Chains

Ropes and chains are decorative forms of ladders. Instead of being placed on the side of a block, it is placed on the bottom. Right clicking a rope or chain with another one of the same type will extend the rope downwards.

Inspirations Mod Screenshots 12

Vine Rope: crafted from vines

Inspirations Mod Screenshots 13

Chains: crafted from iron bars

Inspirations Mod Screenshots 14

Small Flowers

Breaking the bottom block of rose bushes, lilacs, and peony’s with shears will drop two small flowers of the same type. These flowers can have bone meal applied to make them the large version again.

Inspirations Mod Screenshots 15

Compatibility Modules

The compatibility modules serve to make Inspirations features work with other mods

Tough As Nails

When Tough As Nails is loaded, the following features exist:

Dirty Water in Cauldrons

Filling a cauldron will fill with dirty water, which must be filtered to be useable in non-dye recipes. The water can be filtered in the cauldron.

Inspirations Mod Screenshots 16

Juices in Cauldrons

Juices can be made in a cauldron by adding sugar then the relevant ingredient to the cauldron.

Inspirations Mod Screenshots 17

Recipes Module

The recipes module is designed to add new ways to craft.

Anvil Smashing

Anvils landing on blocks may modify the block. Glass is broken, stone is smashed into cobblestone, and many other interactions are added by default.

The config file supports adding new smashing and removing default ones.

Inspirations Mod Screenshots 18

Cauldron Brewing

Right clicking a cauldron which is over a fire block with brewing ingredients will now brew potions inside the cauldron. Any type of potion can be brewed using the same ingredients as a brewing stand.

After brewing, the cauldron can be right clicked with a regular glass bottle, a new splash potion bottle or lingering potion bottle, or arrows to put the potion in a usable form.

Since this feature adds a tile entity to cauldrons, it prevents them from being moved by pistons. For a block with similar behavior, check out the redstone barrel from the utility module.

Inspirations Mod Screenshots 19

Cauldron Dyeing

Right clicking a cauldron with dyes will dye the water the color of the dye. If the water is already dyed, the colors will mix. Dyed water can either be used to dye leather armor by right clicking the cauldron with the armor, or can be bottled.

If the cauldron contains just a single dye rather than multiple dyes mixed, it can additionally be used to dye wool and the bottle of the dyed water functions as a dye itself.

Inspirations Mod Screenshots 20

Cauldron Stew

Mushroom, rabbit, and beetroot stew can all be made in a cauldron. Simply right click the proper ingredients into a water filled cauldron above fire. (mushroom and rabbit stew will require some pre-crafting). If the water is already dyed, the colors will mix.

In addition, this feature adds the ability for more recipes using fluids other than water to be added using the API.

Inspirations Mod Screenshots 21

Dyed Water Bottles

Right clicking a cauldron filled with dyed water allow storing it in a bottle. If the water is pure, or it comes from just one dye, it can be used in crafting in place of dyes.

Additionally, a few extra recipes exist to combine dyed bottles than normal dyes, allowing crafting green and brown.

Inspirations Mod Screenshots 22

More Cauldron Recipes

Inspirations adds additional recipes upon right clicking a cauldron, including cleaning sticky pistons and wetting sponges. There is additionally a config to add more recipes

Inspirations Mod Screenshots 23

Tweaks Module

The tweaks module is designed to add or change vanilla features. It currently consists of the following features.

Better Cauldron Item Model

Cauldrons now use their 3D model for the inventory item instead of the 2D sprite.

Inspirations Mod Screenshots 24

Better Flower Pots

Flower pots can now hold any type of flower, including modded flowers. This uses a general check to determine if a block is a flower, but additional flowers can be added using the config.

Inspirations Mod Screenshots 25

Colored Enchanted Book Ribbons

The ribbon on enchanted books is now colored based on the enchantment rarity. Common enchantments are red, uncommon orange, rare green, and very rare purple.

Inspirations Mod Screenshots 26

Desaddle Pigs

Holding shift and right clicking on a saddled pig will remove the saddle.

Inspirations Mod Screenshots 27

Dispensers Place Anvils

This feature was designed to work along side anvil smashing to allow unique automation. Dispensers will attempt to place an anvil instead of firing it.

Inspirations Mod Screenshots 28

Fitted Carpets

Carpets placed on stairs now take the shape of stairs instead of remaining flat.

Inspirations Mod Screenshots 29

Flower Pot Comparator

Flower pots will emit a comparator signal, with the following values:

  • 0: empty
  • 1: mushroom
  • 4: fern
  • 7: flower
  • 10: dead bush
  • 12: sapling
  • 15: cactus

Inspirations Mod Screenshots 30

Harvest Hanging Vines

When shearing vines, any vines supported by that vine will also be sheared instead of destroyed.

Inspirations Mod Screenshots 31


Heartbeets rarely drop from fully grown beetroot crops. When eaten, they give 5 seconds of regeneration and restore slightly more hunger than normal beetroots. They can additionally be used in a brewing stand to make a potion of regeneration.

Inspirations Mod Screenshots 32

Melon Shearing

Breaking a melon block with shears will cause it to drop all nine melon slices, like in the Pocket Edition.

Inspirations Mod Screenshots 33

More Bone Meal

Bone meal now has two additional uses:

  • Using bone meal on sand has a chance to produce dead bushes
  • Using bone meal on mycelium has a chance to produce red or brown mushrooms

Inspirations Mod Screenshots 34

More Potions

Some unbrewable vanilla potions now have a recipe:

  • Potions of haste can be brewed using a new silverfish drop, silverfish powder
  • Potions of fatigue can be brewed using a potion of haste and a fermented spider eye
  • Potions of hunger can be brewed using a potion of regeneration and a fermented spider eye
  • Potions of levitation can be brewed using a potion of leaping and a fermented spider eye
  • Potions of resistance can be brewed using a shulker shell
  • Potions of blindness can be brewed using an ink sac
  • Potions of decay can be brewed using a new wither skeleton drop, withered bones.

Inspirations Mod Screenshots 35

Utility Module

The utility module is designed to add useful new tools to aid in survival. Some of these interact with redstone, while others are useful in other ways.

Bricks Buttons

Bricks buttons are buttons which look like a full brick block. One of the bricks on the block is slightly pressed in, and right clicking that brick will produce a redstone pulse.

This block comes in either clay brick or nether brick variants.

Inspirations Mod Screenshots 36

Carpeted Trapdoor

Crafting a carpet with a wooden trapdoor will create a carpeted trapdoor. When closed, this looks almost identical to a carpet block, but can be opened to reveal a secret passageway.

Inspirations Mod Screenshots 37

Charged Arrow

Charged arrows are a variant of arrows crafted using redstone instead of flint. They will do less damage, but if they hit a block it will produce a redstone pulse lasting about 1 second.

Inspirations Mod Screenshots 38

Lock and Key

The lock is an item which can be used to lock supported containers. To use, it simply needs to be renamed in an anvil then the container must be right clicked with the lock.

A locked container can only be opened using an item which has the same name as the lock, so a lock named “Password” requires a key named “Password”.

A lock can be removed by shift-right clicking on the container with a key that has the same name as the lock.

Inspirations Mod Screenshots 39

Torch Lever

Torch levers are levers which take the appearance of a torch. They have a slight red tint at the base of the texture, and can be right clicked to produce redstone power similar to a lever.

Inspirations Mod Screenshots 40

Trapped Book

Placing a trapped book in a bookshelf will cause it to emit redstone power. The strength of the power is based on the slot of the book, from a strength of 2 at slot 1 to a strength of 15 at slot 14. This feature requires bookshelves from the building module to be enabled.

Inspirations Mod Screenshots 41

Redstone Barrel

Redstone barrels are a block that can emit a configurable redstone signal, while still being movable by pistons. Right clicking the block with redstone will increase the level of redstone and the comparator signal, while right clicking it with any other item will decrease the level.

Inspirations Mod Screenshots 42

Redstone Charger

The redstone charger is an item which can be used on a block to produce a quick redstone pulse. This pulse will “strongly power” the block that was right clicked and weakly power surrounding blocks.

The pulse will last for about 1 second, or the same length as a button. If sneaking when right clicking though, the pulse will only last 1 redstone tick.

Inspirations Mod Screenshots 43

Redstone Torch Lever

The redstone torch lever is similar to a lever, except it only emits redstone power into the block it is on. Additionally, it is highly sensitive to redstone changes, meaning if it receives redstone power on any side it will toggle it’s state.

Inspirations Mod Screenshots 44


Minecraft Forge

Mantle Mod

Tough As Nails Mod (Optional)

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