Jetpack Addon (1.19) adds a Jetpack to Minecraft PE/Bedrock, along with a fuel system, crafting, exploration, and very interesting new items and blocks, to play in creative mode or survival mode, since everything is completely obtainable.


How to get it?

To get the Jetpack we need some special items as you will see below, it is not a simple recipe but it is not overly complicated either.


Propellants are needed to create the jetpack, here you can see how to craft them.

  • 7 Iron ingots.
  • 1 Yellow dye.
  • 1 Black dye.

Fuel Tank

This object is also a fundamental part of the creation of the jetpack, although it has a small special feature, if you press right-click/hold the screen on mobile devices, you can launch the fuel tank, when it hits any surface it will create an explosion.


To get this item we must get other additional items, as you can see in the picture, we need a bottle of fuel

This is where the exploration part comes in because to get this item we have to find a deposit of petroleum-like this one:

The deposits are naturally generated in the desert, they are a bit rare, but in general, in a normal desert you should find between 1 or 3 of these.

Once we find one, we must extract the oil blocks that are in the hole (Be careful because it is a very sticky block and if you fall, it will be difficult to get out, if you are on it too long you will begin to have nausea…).

In addition to the petroleum, we will also find the solidified soil block, which actually has no special function but be a decorative block.

Once we break the petroleum blocks we will obtain between 0 and 1 item of solidified petroleum.

Now to put it in a bottle we will need a Brewing Stand, in which we will put bottles of water and in the upper part the item of solidified petroleum, at the end of the process we will obtain the bottles of fuel.

This item besides the crafting has a special property, if you drink it (which I do not recommend) you will have an intoxication, the player will get nausea and poison long enough to leave you half a heart.

Having obtained these new items and a few more, you will finally be able to craft the Jetpack.


  • 2 Black dye.
  • 1 Fuel tank.
  • 2 Propellant.
  • 1 Glass pane.
  • 3 Iron ingots

As a result of this crafting, you will get an empty Jetpack, to load it you will have to use a special machine.

Jetpack Stand

This machine is responsible for putting the fuel into the tank of your Jetpack, without it you can not load it, here I show you how to craft it.

  • 2 Black dye.
  • 2 Iron ingots.
  • 1 Redstone dust.
  • 3 White concrete blocks.

When you place it on the ground, hold your empty jetpack in your hand and with it, right click on the Jetpack Stand, this will make you place it there,

After this, you will need a fuel bottle and once again you must right-click with it on the block, this will start the machine that will automatically put the fuel in your Jetpack.

You will notice when it finishes because you have some green indications that were previously red.

How to use it?

  • To use the Jetpack you must equip it in the chest slot, to activate it you must jump, keep pressing the space bar on a PC, on mobile devices keep pressing the jump button, this will make you can fly with it.
  • Once you are in the air over the Hotbar you will see a counter in percentage that will show you how much fuel you have available.
  • “If you run out of fuel in the air, you will simply fall, so pay attention to that.”

Installation Note:

Important for everything to work correctly, you must activate these options when creating the world.

How to install:

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Jetpack Addon (1.19) Download Links

For MCPE/Bedrock Edition 1.19

Behavior: Download from Server 1

Resource: Download from Server 1

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