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Do you want more ore in Minecraft, which is used not only for crafting armor and equipment? Then use the (M)Ore Addon (1.19), which contains more than 27 types of new ores. Well, yeah! Yet, this one is unique. This one doesn’t just add Armor and tools! It even adds special and distinctive uses to each of its 27 Ores! But not just ores, Crystals, or even Alloys are also here! Regarding information about items, the author did not describe the items since all information about them will be in the description of the items themselves. Look at the screenshots below which demonstrate this.


The list of Elements:

Overworld Elements


  • Sulfur is one of the most common ores in (M)ore!
  • Its only purpose is the Sulfuric Coal and to craft Gun powder It can also be used for many Decoration blocks


  • Tin is more Iron ore.
  • It has Armor and Tools just slightly better than Iron and has a Golem!


  • Now Lead is a bit special. It’s pretty rare and needs similar steps from Netherite to craft the Lead ingot


  • Electrum is a fairly common ore that has a Fast and strong Golem.


  • Carbon 37 and Carbon 38 are the most useless ones yet are still pretty rare


  • It is similar to quartz!
  • Maybe Quartz for the overworld?


  • Aluminum is as common as Tin and has about the same uses but differently


  • Sodium is similar to Copper, just with different Colors


  • Cesium is more of a light source that emits more light than a torch and is more of a decoration


  • Last but probably not least. Rubidium! Its Armor and Tools are Explosion resistance.

Nether Ores


  • It’s pretty common and the first Nether ore! It only has one use, yet it’s a very important use!


  • Lithium is similar to Sodium and has about the same behavior


  • Potassium which isn’t just used for tools and armor similar to Netherite which is immune to explosions and makes the Player immune to them!
  • Itself is just weaker and a lot more common


  • And the probably most useless one is Zirconium. It’s only used for new Lanterns which will scare away mobs!


  • Onyx has more durability than Netherite but is only stronger than diamond but not as good as Netherite.
  • Onyx’s only use, for now, is Armor and Tools (And Also the Artefact but who knows if that does count-)


  • When mined and picked up you only have a few moments before it explodes! (Potassium will not protect you against it)
  • It can be used for very strong tools and will explode when mining/Hitting something. (You should wear Potassium armor when using them)
  • It can also be used for an Explosive Core to make new Tnt and a bundle that can protect your items very well!

Alloys Ores


  • Duralumin is the most resistant of all the elements in (M)ore and is an Alloy out of Manganese, Copper, and Aluminum.


  • Bronze is next, which is an alloy of Copper and Tin.
  • The Speciality of the Bronze is that it was used to make Status.

Rose Gold

  • Rose gold is similar to Duralumin.
  • The difference is that the Tools and armor are less resistant, yet very strong and fast.
  • They are an Alloy of Copper and Gold.

Crystals Ores


  • Turquoise is a nether crystal that spawns pretty uncommon.


  • Smithsonite is a Geode that spawns rarely in the nether.


  • Resonite is a unique crystal that spawns only in the Warped Forest!


  • Jasper is an Overworld crystal, which its only use are artifacts that have given special effects

Diamond Obsidian

  • Diamond obsidian Ore doesn’t much count as a Crystal, but the same with the Pearl. It’s just a new way to get diamonds!


  • Pearl isn’t really a crystal. It spawns in Oceans and its only use is decorations

Crystal Diamond

  • Last but not least is crystallized diamonds! These can be turned into cut variants!

Other things


  • Now for one of the last Parts.. 7 of the Metals will have Lanterns and Chains Which include: Tin, Manganese, Aluminum, Rose Gold, Bronze, Sodium, and Lithium!

Golem head

  • And Why metals if there are no Golems? 13 of the “metals” Even have Golem’s heads which will be used for Golems! Electrum Aluminum Bronze Tin Rose Gold Carbon 37/38 Cesium, Lithium, Sodium, Rubidium, Potassium, and Duralumin!


  • Lithium, Cesium, and Sodium have TNT! Lithium is the weakest and Cesium the strongest!


  • And with that! 3 of them even have their Furnace which each smelts different things instantly, it uses Sulfuric Coal Tin (Smelts stuff like a stone to smooth stone or sand to glass) Aluminum (Smelts raw ores and raw ore blocks), and Bronze (which smelts food, yet it gives 2x more).

Other things part 2

A really “other” category is these bad boys:

  • The Jasper Artefacts can be made from certain elements and each gives special effects, the Bundles can be made from 4 Elements and each gives the Item special protection!
  • The Aluminum and Rose Gold Apple, Carrot, beetroot, and Sweet berries do not have to be explained.
  • The Calm Quartz is made from Turquoise Crystals which give special effects and even remove some.
  • The Smithsonite rings have special effects when held offhand.

Tools and Armor

Last but not least… Tools and Armor:

  • Even if (M)ore adds more than 20 new Ores/Crystals/etc doesn’t mean each one has Armor Only 8 have tools only 7 have Armor!
  • And Onyx is the only ones that actually their only use being the Armor and tools and doesn’t have special abilities.
  • Yet it’s better than Diamond.

And that is all about it! Hope you enjoy it!

This addon is compatible with the following addons:

Installation Note:

  • You need to turn on all Experimental Gameplay Features (except GameTest Framework)

How to install:

How To Install Mod / Addon on Minecraft PE

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(M)Ore Addon (1.19) Download Links

For Minecraft PE/Bedrock 1.19

Behavior (v6.3): Download from Server 1Download from Server 2

Resource (v6.3): Download from Server 1Download from Server 2

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