More Bows 2 Mod 1.7.10 adds in a large variety of powerful bows for those who love ranged combat! Some include special abilities too.

More Bows 2 Mod

Tired of using the same old, wooden bow that takes forever to use, and never seems to last long enough? Well, guess who’s lucky day it is. Yours! This mod adds new bows into the game that are all different and have advantages over the other.


Reinforced Bow: Does slightly more damage than the vanilla bow and also has a little better durability.


Iron Bow: Slightly more durable than the reinforced bow, does a little more damage and also has a slightly faster drawback as well.


Golden Bow: Deals MASSIVE damage, has impresive drawback but the only downside is that it has really lame durability.


Crystal Bow: The best bow in the mod so far. Really high damage, nearly twice bigger durability than the iron bow and very wuick drawback.


Flame Bow: More Damage and same drawback as the Iron Bow, shoots flaming arrows.


Emerald Bow: The best one in the mod so far. All its attributes are better then the crystal bow’s but its pretty pricey requiring 3 emerald blocks.


Obsidian Bow: This one might not be as strong or fast as the other ones but if you want a bow that will last you a really long time then this one is for you. It has a massive durability (1821) and if enchanted with unnbreaking III it will be almost unbreakable.


Frost Bow: Has really slow drawback but it gives enemies the slowness debuff when you hit them. It also should be able to spawn a snow block but this doesnt work at the moment.


Steel Bow: The Steel Bow has the same attributes as the Iron Bow but it can also knock enemies really far away as well without needing the knockback enchantment.


How to get Steel for the Steel Bow:


Healing Bow: The Healing Bow can heal any allie or enemy back up to full health. The recipe is also really expensive but if you have the resources definately craft yourself one


Legia Bow: Shoots 3 arrows at once and also has really good power and durability.


Glass Bow: Really good early game bow. Has the same drawback and power as the cystal bow the durability is only 8


The Creative Tab for the bows:


Quartz Bow: Same damage as the iron bow but it also gives the Weakness II debuff for 15 seconds

More Bows 2 Mod Screenshots 1

Lapis Bow: Better damage than the iron bow and worse than the gold bow. It is also meant to have great enchantability but that doesnt work at the moment.

More Bows 2 Mod Screenshots 2

Poison Bow: It doesnt have good damage but it gives the Poison II debuff for 5 seconds.

More Bows 2 Mod Screenshots 3

Explosive Bow: It also doesnt have great damage but it also creates an explosion which can also damage other entities close to the one you shoot.

More Bows 2 Mod Screenshots 4

Darkness Bow: Iron Bow-level damage and it also gives the Blindness debuff for 5 seconds.

More Bows 2 Mod Screenshots 5

How to get the Dark Quartz:

More Bows 2 Mod Screenshots 6

Puke Night’s Bow: Gives the Nausea effect for 10 seconds.

More Bows 2 Mod Screenshots 7

Fatiguing Bow: Gives the Mining Fatigue II effect for 30 seconds.

More Bows 2 Mod Screenshots 8

Rockhead Bow: Has the worst stats of all the bows but it is unbreakable. Crafted with rockhead shards.

More Bows 2 Mod Screenshots 9

How to get Rockead Shards:

More Bows 2 Mod Screenshots 10

Ultimate Judgement: Inflicts massive damage to hostile mobs, but it is harmless to passive ones. Craftable with Sacred Ivory.

More Bows 2 Mod Screenshots 11

Inferno Gate: Creates a fiery explosion around the target. Craftable using cursed Blaze Rods.

More Bows 2 Mod Screenshots 12

Thunder Law: If used when raining, it summons lightning on the target (currently invisible due to a bug). Crafted using Lightning’s Splitter

More Bows 2 Mod Screenshots 13

How to find Sacred Ivory, Cursed Blaze Rod and Lightning’s Splitter:

  • Lightning’s Splitter: Spawns in jungle dungeon chests
  • Cursed Blaze Rod: Spawns in pyramid chests
  • Sacred Ivory: Spawns in stronghold chests

More Bows 2 Mod Screenshots 14


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How to install:

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