MrHusana909’s Computer Addon (1.20) introduces an evolutionary-looking machine called ‘Computer’. This machine is not just a decoration, but also a functional computer that comes with 4 games and 8 apps. To use this machine, you need a computer core. Please note that this addon is only compatible with Minecraft version 1.20.10 and above.


How to make the computers work:

  • You need this item called a wireless PC reactor core
  • As of the newest version, the item was now replaced by a computer core

  • You can only place the computer core, once
  • Can also be upgraded using the new attachments
  • 1 computer core can make more PCs functional in its radius not just 1 [Depends on the upgrades you have]
  • There is a guidebook item in the creative inventory


Electric container

  • used for transport or printer
  • only obtainable on my web


used for duplicating books like:

  • enchanted
  • raw
  • writable
  • written
  • requires raw book

only obtainable on mine web

Wireless mailbox

  • modifiable id via change-id=<1-8>
  • used for transport
  • only obtainable in mine web


  • This is where items brought from mine web spawn
  • obtainable and craftable


  • can be opened by “e-vision app”
  • modifiable id via change-id=<1-8>
  • only obtainable on mine web

Electric door

  • can be opened by the “door-volution app”
  • modifiable id via change-id=<1-8>
  • only obtainable on mine web

Voltdollar vending machine

  • This machine converts your ingots/gems into dollar cards
  • only obtainable in mine web or when you craft a “computer core”

The computer:

  • an evolutional piece of machine

  • it’s desktop

  • it’s settings

You can:

  1. uninstall – this won’t work in built-in apps
  2. modify clock – you can modify the time of the clock
  3. app opening methods – you can choose traditional or simple
  • it’s antivirus

Built-in apps:

F.n.a.a (game)

  • survive in 500 seconds with 350 batteries left
  • type door=<on/off> to open/close doors

A.d.s.a (game)

  • the list of attack types will be shown when choosing a strategy

Baseball (game)

  • type ‘b.a.t’ when the ball is thrown

The dog doin’ (game)

  • virtual pet game gone wrong!!

Mineweb (app)

  • Always start with www.  and end with .bws to search
  • currently lack of webs

Printer (app)

  • requires 2 things, a printer, and an electric container
  • and 1 more thing, books on the printer

Cubox (app)

  • requires 1 thing, electric container
  • if you are transferring ur items type ‘find-id=(the id of mailbox)’ make sure you type the id correctly or else you might end up transferring your item to another mailbox

Doorvolution (app)

  • requires a computer door

Voltdollar (app)

  • This is where you can store/retrieve/view your volt dollars
  • Radiusphere

A Device that works just like a radar app but can only detect one nearest entity

The Radiusphere consists of a sphere-like radar with 3 layers of color innit

  • Green being safe
  • Yellow is an indication that the entity is near
  • Red is an indication that the entity is in your surroundings

You can either detect:

  • [Supernaturals] – ghosts, superheroes, paranormal entities
  • [AI] – Robots, fake players
  • [Dangerous] – Harmful entities
  • Etc

Radiusphere can detect entities from other mods such as:

  • [Asian ghost addon by  LGUNM YT]
  • [Craftkai I and II addon by ItsDarkwolf6]
  • [Siren head V3 addon and Poppy playtime addon by Bendythedemon18]
  • [The unknown figure addon by Landerboss]
  • [Invasion code RED addon by Xndgoat]
  • [After Euler addon by YTLude]
  • [Wither storm addon by Flizer X]
  • E-vision

Mineweb Sites

List of the sites available on mine web:

  • Resource paradise

A Resource shop

  • Flexer jewels

A Jewel shop

  • Workers meat shop

A Meat shop

  • Greenstone craft

A Device shop

  • Security hardware

A Security shop

  • [MrHusana’s weapon addon only] – 8 Bit ammo

Ammunition shop

You can also get the items that are unobtainable from my weapon addon

  • [MrHusana’s vehicles addon only] – Whilz on de Bloks

A Vehicle shop

  • Vehicles are expensive

How to insert the USB, sneak, and interact with the computer while the computer is on the desktop

List of the available USBs:

  • MidasTab – an annoying glitch that only works in mine web
  • Forgorus – a fatal glitch that turns the computer screen into a BSOD screen
  • AgonyMonk – a fatal glitch that turns the computer screen into BSOD screen (and jumpscare)
  • Cmd (app)

  • also don’t type ‘cmd-cmd=delete:crappyos/crapfiles/system69’ in cmd
  • list of commands you can use:
  • gamergodmode=<true/false> – enables cheat in all of the games
  • help – shows the list of commands available
  • install-cd – installs the app from the floppy disk you put
  • eject-cd – ejects the floppy disk out of the computer

How to remove the appliances?

  • Use the computer wrench while pc is turned off
  • you can also use the computer wrench in mailboxes, printers, computer doors, electric containers, etc

How to modify the value in the computer door?

  • Use the PC modification device
  • if you pressed change-id, type “dchange-id=<value>” in chat

Installation Note:

  • Make sure you turn on the Experimental Gameplay.

How to install:

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How To Install Map on Minecraft PE

MrHusana909’s Computer Addon (1.20) Download Links

For Minecraft PE/Bedrock 1.20

mcaddon: Download from server 1Download from server 2

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