Do you yearn for Nether Star Shard Mod (1.20.1), but your withering patience wilts at the sheer volume of skulls needed? Worry not, weary warrior, for Nether Star Shard cleaves that celestial core into bite-sized chunks, unlocking automation potential previously shrouded in endless grinding. Wither-wrangling on autopilot! No more bone-chilling hunts for skull-toting skeletons. Each fallen foe has a 0.05% chance to cough up a precious shard, your ticket to automated Netherstar mastery. Crafting convenience at your fingertips. Combine four shards in the crafting grid, and bam! A Netherstar ready to fuel your fiery inventions. Need to unwind? Decraft any unwanted stars back into bite-sized bits for storage or future use.


  • Fragment the Netherstar: Split Netherstars into 4 manageable shards for easier automation.
  • Automated Wither Farming: Wither Skeletons have a chance to drop shards, unlocking automated star collection.
  • Craft & Decraft: Combine 4 shards to create a Netherstar, or de-craft stars back into shards for storage.
  • Unleash Creative Potential: Perfect for mods like Create, enabling powerful and inventive contraptions.
  • Versatility: Useful for automation, quest rewards, and general item storage.



Minecraft Forge

How to install:

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For Minecraft 1.20.1

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