Venture into the depths of the Nether with the Nether Villager Trader Mod (1.20.1), where a new villager awaits: the enigmatic Nether Trader. Discover him within his eerie Nether mansion, which emerges in warped forest biomes or by setting a respawn anchor as his workstation. Prepare to delve into this new structure, brimming with loot, trades, and secrets waiting to be uncovered. Engage with the Nether Trader, who offers custom trades through his unique profession. Equip yourself with the exclusive Nether armor set, complete with special effects, and wield three formidable weapons, each boasting its own unique abilities. Imbibe a new potion, infused with the essence of the Ghast, for enhanced capabilities in the treacherous Nether realm. With the Nether Villager Trader mod, a wealth of new experiences awaits in the fiery depths.


  • Encounter the Nether Trader, a new villager found in the Nether mansion.
  • Explore the Nether mansion structure, filled with loot, trades, and mysteries.
  • Engage with custom trades from the Nether Trader’s unique profession.
  • Obtain the exclusive Nether armor set, featuring special effects.
  • Wield three powerful weapons with unique abilities.
  • Imbibe a new potion imbued with the essence of the Ghast, granting special effects.



Minecraft Forge

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For Minecraft 1.20.1

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