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Netherending Ores Mod 1.12.2 is a Yet another mod that adds ores and furnace conversion recipes to the Nether and the End.

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Ore Generation
Other mods such as CoFH World will be needed to control the ore spawning. Sample configs are provided for CoFH World. Extract the ore generation configs from the provided zip file to config\cofh\world\ of your modpack instance in order to use them. The End uses similar settings to the Nether but reduced size/count as the height range of naturally generated End Stone is far less.

The furnace recipes to smelt the nether/end ores to the closest ore dictionary matching ore. The amount of ore block outputted varies based on the recipe multiplier in the config. Ores which do not originate in the Overworld, act like silk touched versions of their overworld ores recipe wise, this is done for balance but is reconfigurable.

Machine Processing
Basic recipes for Tinkers’ Construct, Thermal Expansion, IC2 and Mekanism are available to directly process the ores. Deeper support for more advanced recipes and machines will be added in a future update. Thermal Expansion recipes have config settings that can compensate for augments for balance. Integration can be disabled in the config if not wanted.

Ore List
The following is a list of currently supported ores, dimensions, and ore graphics source.

  • Coal | Nether/End | Vanilla
  • Diamond | Nether/End | Vanilla
  • Emerald | Nether/End | Vanilla
  • Gold | Nether/End | Vanilla
  • Iron | Nether/End | Vanilla
  • Lapis | Nether/End | Vanilla
  • Redstone | Nether/End | Vanilla
  • Quartz | Overworld/End | Vanilla
  • Aluminum | Nether/End | Thermal Foundation
  • Copper | Nether/End | Thermal Foundation
  • Iridium | Nether/End | Thermal Foundation
  • Lead | Nether/End | Thermal Foundation
  • Mithril | Nether/End | Thermal Foundation
  • Nickel | Nether/End | Thermal Foundation
  • Platinum | Nether/End | Thermal Foundation
  • Silver | Nether/End | Thermal Foundation
  • Tin | Nether/End | Thermal Foundation
  • Certus Quartz | Nether/End | Applied Energistics
  • Charged Certus Quartz | Nether/End | Applied Energistics
  • Osmium | Nether/End | Mekanism
  • Uranium | Nether/End | Original art (based off iron)
  • Yellorite | Nether/End | Extreme Reactors
  • Zinc | Nether/End | Railcraft
  • Dilithium | Nether/End | Matter Overdrive
  • Titanium | Nether/End | Matter Overdrive
  • Ardite | Overworld/End | Tinkers’ Construct
  • Cobalt | Overworld/End | Tinkers’ Construct


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Minecraft Forge

CoFH World (for control the ore spawning)

How to install:

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Netherending Ores Mod 1.12.2 Download Links:

For Minecraft 1.12.2

Download from Server 1 – Download from Server 2

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