PokémonMD Mod 1.7.10 adds new friendly and hostile mobs and useful items to enhance Minecraft game play. Although the mod bares the Pokémon name, nearly all mobs are combined with another popular media theme including Starcraft II, Final Fantasy, and Ōkami.

PokémonMD Mod


  • Armored Shinx: A lightly armored mob that zips around the field to attack the player, it is difficult to hit due to the high speed and erratic-ness of the mob. It does not like water but cannot help but fall in on its own sometimes.
  • Bandersnatch Fennekin: An arctic fox that drains the sanity of its targets with Weakness, Blindness, and Slow, it zips across the landscape but its small body lets it avoid fall damage. Despite its cold locations and look, it is still a fire type and can occasionally set the player on fire. Bandersnatch Fennekin comes in two color patterns. The white is in the cold snowy areas and the greenish brown pattern in all other biomes. What it lacks in offensive power it makes up with camouflage and speed.
  • Clay Espurr: This seemingly tiny, harmless mob runs near a player and watches them at range. It casts the status effects Slow, Weakness, but worst of all, Blindness. Blindness makes most battles deadlier, especially in the midst of battle against a melee Clay Commander or Creepers.
  • Clay Litten: A Full Moon mob that shoots streams of slow moving fireballs. The fireballs cannot be deflected but to move slow enough to be avoided. Unfortunately for it, the fireballs harm other hostile mobs which sometimes lead them to attack it. The fireballs do not affect targets immune to fire.
  • Clay Luxio: A fast, heavily armored mob that can take a great deal damage and give a solid amount back, Clay Luxio is nearly on par with Clay Commander Delcatty without its minions. But the Luxio appears as a common spawn under a full moon.
  • Clay Meowth: A slow, weak, seemingly harmless mob; however, it can climb walls and reach places the player retreats to in the face of other Clay figures and Clay Commanders. Alone it is easy to defeat but when teamed with other mobs, it can become more dangerous.
  • Clay Purrloin: A fast but unintelligent mob that can knock a player around, it becomes a greater threat when summoned in a swarm by a Clay Commander.
  • Clay Shinx: A very mobile mob with a decent attack power and durability, the most troubling feature is that when it closes in, it leaps high into the air onto the target. It makes for a surprisingly difficult target to keep off of the player without some practice.
  • Clay Skitty: A primary attacker of the Clay Army mobs, it seeks out players at a decent speed. Though not hurt by water, it tries to avoid it whenever possible.
  • Cujo Furfrou: A fast moving Full Moon mob, Cujo Furfrou has a solid attack power and also inflicts a heavy poison on the target. It has a short, horizontal leap attack. It is close to the most difficult regular hostile mobs to fight in the modification.
  • Cuotl Ekans: Cuotl (koo-aht-l) Ekans is a lightly armored mob that hovers through air. It inflicts poison on contact and can scale walls to reach targets.
  • Demon Vulpix: A mob that attacks with fireballs, increasing its attack rate the closer the player is. Demon Vulpix can easily ravage a poorly equipped or unskilled player with ease. Thankfully, it spawns only spawns at Diamond level in the biomes it spawns in. The Vulpix has no fear of water. Said to be the reincarnation of a Tube Fox from another world, its fear of Wolves may be a distant memory of its defeat at the paws of Ōkami Amaterasu. Naturally, if fears the Okami Poketamables too. Though difficult to defeat, it rewards the player with a generous amount of Experience. One of the best strategies to fight is melee while carefully using cave terrain to put blocks between you and its fireballs.
  • Doomstone Glaceon: An Undead, skeleton Glaceon entombed in ice. It is resistant to knockback and has high health. Despite it is an ice block, it cannot stay afloat. Gravity devastates it, fatal at about 8 blocks high. It does not like sunlight, but instead of simply melting at dawn, it goes up in flames. A hard core way to go.
  • Doomstone Leafeon: A fossilized Leafeon entombed in stone; very durable with high health and knockback resistance. It sinks like a stone in water and will drown… eventually. Gravity is very crippling to this Undead mob, fatal at about 8 blocks high.
  • Forcewind Eelektrik: A lumbering mob that is capable of scaling walls and inflicting slow on the target. It hovers through the air and suffers no fall damage.
  • Grenade Togepi: A weak mob that normally attacks melee. After it is damaged two times, so long as it can see the player, it detonates in an explosion slightly weaker than a Creeper’s. It is one shot by Flint and Steel and has different drops when done so.
  • Infested Deerling: A plague ridden, Undead Deerling, somewhat fast, weak attack, but packs loads of status effects, including: Weakness, Slow, Poison, and Blindness.
  • Proxy Pylon Carbink: Sporting armor tougher than diamond, Proxy Pyon Carbink is fully stationary and immune to knockback. It takes tremendous amount of punishment to take down despite its rather low health. It is extremely susceptible to Poison. It has no offensive abilities other than summoning Zealot Pawniard into battle. It can only warp in up to 10. This Carbink is not the best at warping and sometimes warps its companions into walls. If a player simply wants this mob out of the way, they can drop a block on top of the Carbink and it will warp away (despawn).
  • Scrubby Darmanitan: A devastating mob that spawns under the full moon, Scrubby Darmanitan is a blazing nightmare on a poorly equipped/skilled player. It is fast and has high attack power and fire aspect chance. Thankfully it is a big, glowing bit of red so players will know from a distance one is coming. And players will need that because the Darmanitan has a long sight range (unless it is in a bush, then it laughably can’t see the player standing next to it).
  • Snow Sorceress Braixen: A caster that delivers its statuses at range, it is an imperfect mage and cannot cast them accurately and consistently, but can cast multiple effects at once from time to time. Its status effects include Fire Aspect, Poison, Weakness, Slow, and Blindness. It has no ability to inflict damage directly otherwise.
  • Swordie Mienshao: A highly aggress mob that will even attack other hostiles if they merely bump into Swordie Mienshao. The arm scythes give the mob a slight range on its attack. When it pulls its scythe back to attack, the player can move backwards out of range to avoid it. The mob blends in rather well in the Taiga biomes at night.
  • Tiberium Growlithe: Tiberium (tie-beer-ee-um) Growlithe is a fast, hard hitting mob. It leaps at its targets, sometime moving past them and attacking from behind. Players can have a very troubling time when first facing this mob. It becomes increasingly more dangerous with more than one Tiberium Growlithe attacking at a time.
  • Zealot Pawniard: Its life for Aiur! Despite its weak attack, low health, and light armor, this Pawniard still fights fervently. It is more dangerous in a group summoned by Proxy Pylon Carbink.
  • Zombie Flareon: The slow and frail, Undead Flareon has a devastating attack power with a fire aspect chance. Broad daylight boosts its fire aspect to 100% chance. Put bluntly, it can rape an armored player if they are pinned against this Flareon by something else. The Flareon is hurt by water and cannot survive in rain. A water bucket is a useful weapon until you meet it in abundance in the Nether.
  • Zombie Leafeon: An Undead, fungi infested Leafeon that hits hard and fast. Not the smartest mob but makes up for it with speed and power. It is among the deadliest early game mobs and a strong reason to stay inside.
  • Zombie Umbreon: A tough and durable Undead mob that resists Knockback and packs a slight chance of inflicting an intense poison on a player. Not very fast but can certainly make more frail hostiles difficult to eliminate.
  • Armored Luxray: Heavily armored, if a player is not careful, Armored Luxray will pin them against a wall. In addition to its melee attack, on contact it drops a lightning bolt on top the player. Resistant to knockback, it forces a player to be weary of their surrounding when engaging it. Thankfully, it does not summon companions to battle with it. Despite all its ferocity in combat and appearance, it tragically does not like water.
  • Clay Commander Delcatty: Solid health and heavy armor, Clay Commander Delcatty can sustain tremendous punishment before falling. Every time it takes damage, there is a chance it will spawn another, non-leader or Full Moon clay figure to diversify its attack pattern. Clay Espurr is probably the most dangerous figure it spawns as it can inflict slow and blindness behind the lines of the melee fighters, heavily changing the battle’s outcome if the player is not keen on their surrounds (when was there a Creeper there near you?). Despite its fierce combat potential, it avoids water. Use that to gain an environmental advantage. Just beware that not all clay figures avoid water.
  • Clay Commander Liepard: What this mob lacks in smarts it makes up for in speed and power and the ability to summon other Clay figures when it is damaged. Out in the open, this Liepard will force a fight on a player once it gets close, extremely difficult to retreat from. Oddly, the Clay figures it summons can hinder it as much as help it. They can make the Liepard have a difficult time attacking the player if its minions are in the way. But the rarely summoned Clay Espurr can dampen the battle with Blindness and Slow. The Liepard is best engaged in ways where it cannot make use of its leap attack such as lured over a two block deep body of water.
  • Clay Commander Meowstic-M: A ranged caster of many status effects including Weakness, Blindness, and Digging Slowness, it can also cast nausea but as an odd side effect, it boosts the player’s attack power. The Meowstic carries one damaging attack, “Psychic.” The mob raises its ears when it is channeling the attack. When it wags its ears forward, the target it tossed in the air and damaged. This Clay Commander can more easily summon Clay figures into battle than other Commanders. It does not like water.
  • Dark Glass Manectric: A troublesome mob that randomly switches between a melee and a kamikaze attack pattern, it emphasizes melee but when it does detonate, its explosion is more potent than a Creeper’s. When it is getting ready to detonate, the mob stops, looks forward, and makes a sound of cracking glass. It can also inflict slow on its melee attack, making it difficult to keep a distance when it does switch to an explosive attack. The player must use care in melee-ing this mob. Dark Glass Manectric’s detonation timer does not always reset when the player moves out of range until it switches back to its melee attack.
  • Vegnagun Dustox: A very difficult mob to engage without good gear, Vegnagun Dustox randomly chooses between two different, ranged arrow attacks. One is a shotgun blast of three arrows. The spread adds some challenge to avoiding the attack but as is with Minecraft, the damage does not stack if hit by more than one. For its second attack, the mob flies up into the air and launches a volley of arrows as it descends. Considering this mob spawns under a full moon in an area where other Full Moon mobs spawn with their long sight range and potent attack power, this can make the battle much more dangerous. There is not a lot of cover and Vegnagun Dustox has a long range. It is not recommended fighting this mob in a straight up melee fight. Yet the true rewards of fighting this mob are not available unless the player uses a looting enchanted sword as the killing blow.
  • Verktora Mightyena: Verktora (verk-tohr-ah) Mightyena: A very fast, Undead mob with Fire Aspect and inflicts blindness. It does suffer from Knockback and can be kept at bay with carefully timed attacks. Otherwise this two headed beast could decimate a poorly skill/equipped player in the Nether.
  • Voorst Mightyena: Voorst (voo-rst) Mightyena: Immune to fire and resistant to knockback, this two headed beast can force a player to retreat or use cunning use of the environment. The Mightyena packs high health and immunity to poison and slow.
  • Bloodmoon Ninetales: On nights of the full moon, there is a chance this Minor Boss mob will spawn and sometimes she does not come alone. She can be a tough fight and next to impossible to fight completely melee yet she is the only mob in the modification to guarantee the item drop required to obtain a Poketamable. Players who have an unexpected encounter out in the field do not have to worry too much about an aggressive attack. Before her health drops to below 50%, her attacks are more to harass than actually fight. Her aggression changes immediately when crossing 50% health. But beware! Do not think this is a one on one fight. Other mobs of the night, particularly other Full Moon mobs are likely to join the battle. The player could be poisoned by Cujo Furfrou, blinded by Clay Espurr, nauseated by Clay Commander Meowstic-M, or other invasive mob effects. Bloodmoon Ninetales can agro other hostile mobs against it but in the case of melee ones, particularly Clay Luxio, they could prompt her to teleport around the field, making it harder to keep Bloodmoon Ninetales in one place, thus inviting even more mobs to the fight.


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Crafting Recipes:

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